Famous Quote

  • Lost Soldier: It's reckless of you to invade the territory of the Lost. I don't know which Netherworld you're from, but we're gonna put you in your place.
    Prinny: Madam Seraphina! At this rate, they're gonna annihilate us, dood!
    Seraphina: Wh- What did you just say!? I will not abide being annihilated! One sardine for 20 hours of labor! That was our agreement! Now put your backs into it! Your soft, squishy backs!
    Prinny: One sardine to fight a merciless battle isn't a fair trade, dood! First of all, it's impossible for us to defeat Demon Emperor Void Dark on our own, dood!
    Seraphina: Hmmm... Though it's against my upbringing to sully my own hands, this once I shall unleash my Overload power, Balor Gaze-!

    Contributed By: Bass_X0.

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Connection to Other Media

  • The animation that happens when you use Bow skill "Sword Inferno" seems to be the world created by Archer's Noble Phantasm."Unlimited Blade Works" from the anime "Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works".

    Contributed By: Z6980.

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  • During the Preview for Chapter 5, Usalia says "Starting next week, we'll debut our new show, Magical Girl Usalia Magica!". That is a clear reference to the anime, "Magical Girl Madoka Magica".

    Contributed By: Z6980.

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  • The axe "Attaxe on Titan" is a clear reference to the anime "Attack on Titan".

    Contributed By: Z6980.

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