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by MasterVG782

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FAQ/Walkthrough by MasterVG782

Updated: 12/21/15

This FAQ is copyrighted (c) by Jarrod Garripoli. You can e-mail me at mastervgamer782 (at) hotmail (dot) com if you have any questions or if you feel something is wrong in the guide. You can also send a PM to me on GameFAQs, but that requires a GameFAQs user account on your part.

This guide is for private and personal use only. No part or whole of this document shall be reproduced in any form whatsoever. This document is free and may not used for any commercial uses, unless it has my permission. This document may not be altered without permission from the author. Only GameFAQs and Gamewise.co are allowed to host this FAQ/Walkthrough.

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To Do List

  • Item World
  • Quests
  • Squads
  • Classes (Monster and DLC Uniques)
  • Evilities (Classes and Chara World ones)
  • Skills
  • Netherworld Research
  • Miscellaneous Info (Hospital Rewards, Dark Assembly, etc.)


Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, which is designed to guide you through everything the game has to offer. If you've never played a Disgaea game before, then you are in for a treat. They are tactical role-playing games, with an emphasis on stats and leveling. In fact, a majority of the fans of this series will state that the true game doesn't start until after you finish the main story and get into the postgame content. Despite the title, Disgaea 5 is actually the sixth main entry in the series, not counting the ports that were present on DS, PSP and Vita.


Disgaea 5 is a turn-based, tactical role-playing game that is known for its high numbers and insane number of hours that it offers. There are a lot of mechanics in play, most of them returning from older titles, but there are also some new things introduced with this title. The overall flow of the game is still the same as previous entries, where players are returned to a central hub after finishing a map. They can do all sorts of things in the hub, like buy/sell equipment and items, create new characters, power up skills, access the Item World and a lot more. When they want to continue the main story or fight another battle, they talk to a NPC called the Dimension Prinny.

Battle Basics

On any given map, you will see a blue circle on the ground, which is called your Base Panel. Press X on this to bring up a list of your characters and selecting one will let you bring that character onto the map. From here, you will have a variety of options on what to do with that character. Move allows you to move your character anywhere within its range of movement, Attack does a normal attack (range depending on the weapon equipped), Special lets you perform a skill, Lift allows you to pick up an enemy/ally next to you (turns to Throw if you have someone lifted), Defend puts that character into a defensive stance, Item allows you to use an item from your inventory, Equip lets you change your equipment, Status lets you look at your character's stats.

At the beginning of the game, you can only send out 10 units from your Base Panel per map. Any character that is killed in action counts towards that total, but you can put a character back in by making them land on the Base Panel, which allows you to send out the same unit again or a completely new one. Characters that have taken an action and can still move are unable to return to the Base Panel.

Every character in the game, including enemies, will get the chance to move and perform an action once per turn. Choosing Attack or using a skill will not perform it immediately, but will put an "A" icon over that particular character's head. Press Triangle to bring up the menu and either choose Execute or End Turn in order for the actions to take place. Choosing the latter will send it over to the enemy's turn. The goal of the majority of battles is to eliminate all of the enemies on the map, but if your allotment of characters are all killed (10 at the start), then you will receive a Game Over.

Stats & Ailments

There are a good amount of stats that are important to any character and this little section will detail what they are.

MoveHow many panels the unit can move; Can be increased by equipping Shoes
JumpShows the elevation a character can move to; Can be increased by equipping Shoes
RangeThe unit's attack distance; 1 means that they can only attack adjacent enemies, while 2 means they can hit enemies up to 2 panels away
ThrowIndicates how many panels away you will be able to throw (Monsters have a Mon-Toss command, similar to Throw)
CounterShows how many times a character can counterattack; Performing an action will decrease this number, so a Counter of 1 becomes 0 after attacking
CriticalDetermines the percentage that a character can inflict critical damage
HPA character's health; If reduced to 0, the character is killed and unable to return to that battle
SPA character's Special Power; This is required to perform skills and spells
ATKA character's attack power; Physical attacks usually rely on this
DEFA character's physical defense
INTA character's intelligence; Magical attacks usually rely on this
RESA character's magical defense; Healing spells increase in power with this
HITA character's hit rating; Affects accuracy, as well as damage done by Bows and Guns
SPDA character's speed; Affects the unit's evasion, as well as damage done by Fists and Guns
ResistancesEvery character has a resistance to four elements, as well as each of the weapon types in the game; Higher the number, the less damage you will take; A negative number indicates a weakness

In addition to the above, you will encounter something during battles that are called status ailments. These things can change the flow of battle and there are seven different types. All ailments can be cured by either using a Fairy Dust item or the Espoir skill.

PoisonDeals up to 20% damage to the unit inflicted every turn until it's healed
SleepPuts the character to sleep, making them unable to move or act; Any attack received while sleeping is a critical
ParalyzeCharacter cannot move; Their SPD becomes 1 and they cannot evade attacks
AmnesiaCharacter cannot use any skills and their INT becomes 1
WeakenCannot earn any EXP or Mana; Stats are reduced by 30%
ShrinkWill be unable to attack nor use skills; Can still move, lift and throw
CharmInflicted characters will attack their own allies

Geo Effects

Not far into the game, you will run into colored panels on the maps, which are called Geo Panels. There will also be little pyramids called Geo Symbols, which usually are placed on the panels, giving them something called Geo Effects. A red symbol on a red panel will affect every single one, meaning anyone standing on red panels will receive that Geo Effect. Not all of the Geo Effects are good, as there are some negative ones, thus it's important to look at them to see if they are beneficial or not. Note that there are some Geo Symbols that can move, although you won't run into these during story maps.

You have a few options with which to deal with Geo Symbols. You can send a character next to one, lift it and throw it either onto another Geo Panel color or on a panel that doesn't have a color. Destroying them is another option, and something that can be quite good in certain situations. Destroying a blue symbol on a blue panel will do nothing, but destroying a red symbol on a blue panel will make all of the blue panels turn red. There's one special symbol that is Null, which will remove all of the panels when it's destroyed on one (ex. destroying one on red will remove all of the red panels). Any units (both friendly and enemy) standing on any panels that are changing colors will take damage, and if you happen to remove all of the Geo Panels on the map, then an "explosion" occurs that will damage all enemies. Setting off a good Geo Chain can fill up the Bonus Gauge by a lot, so always keep a lookout for these opportunities.

Netherworld Services

Although there are only a few NPCs available at the beginning of the game, soon enough you will have a lot of them filling your Pocket Netherworld, to the point that it can be a little daunting and confusing. This little section here will list them all, as well as say when they unlock during the game and include a short description detailing what they offer.

Dimensional PrinnyDefaultAllows you to visit maps
HospitalDefaultHeals/revives characters, at the cost of HL
MemoriesDefaultView Events, Skits and CG you've gotten
DataDefaultView items you've obtained, as well as plenty of other records
Weapon/Item ShopsDefaultBuy/sell items
RecruiterEpisode 1Allows you to create new characters
Quest ShopEpisode 1Do quests that offer various rewards
Innocent ShopEpisode 2Can move innocents around on items, as well as put them in Innocent Farm (latter unlocks in Episode 9)
Skill ShopEpisode 2Can strengthen skills, as well as learn new Evilities
Squad ShopEpisode 3Assign character to squads, receiving the benefits of those squads.
Dark (Strategy) AssemblyEpisode 3Can pass various bills
Interrogation RoomEpisode 3Can interrogate prisoners
Item WorldEpisode 3Can dive into items to strengthen them
Cheat ShopPass Dark Assembly billAllows you to adjust sliders for various things, as well as a lot of other functions
Map EditorPass Dark Assembly billCan create custom maps
Nether Research SquadEpisode 4Can send characters to research other Netherworlds, getting you
Curry ShopEpisode 5Place items from your inventory to create curry, granting various effects
Chara WorldEpisode 6Can strengthen characters using this
Netherworld Edit ShopEpisode 7Can edit your Pocket Netherworld
Alchemy ShopFinish main storyCan create items from a predetermined list

Episode 1 - Prelude to Vengeance

Welcome to the first episode of the game, which is basically an introduction to the basic elements that you will use throughout your journey. If you're familiar with the series, then you have the option to skip the tutorials on the stages that have them, but you should watch them if you happen to be new to the series or to get a refresher. You'll notice an exclamation mark above characters' heads in the base area, which means you'll get a skit should you talk to them. These usually occur after every battle, so it's a good idea to return to the base and see if any occur. Note that the characters shown in the upper right of the screen will trigger the skit.

You can find the free chests at the following locations:

  • Right in front of the shops
  • Behind the Dimensional Prinny
  • In between the Memories and Data NPCs

There isn't much you can do right now, so go to the Dimensional Prinny and pick the only option available to you.

Dried Up Wasteland

Lv. 1 Fighter (x2)--Wild Cry
Lv. 1 Fury Fatalist (x2)--Fury

This stage is a tutorial to the battle system, introducing you to bringing characters out of the Base Panel, attacking with your characters, and the combo system, as well as Team Attacks. Feel free to listen to the tutorial if you've never played a Disgaea game, or just want to hear the characters' voices. Once that is finished (or you skip it), the real battle will begin, against two Fighters and two Fury Fatalists. Considering Killia starts off at level 3, you shouldn't have any trouble at all in defeating these enemies, although you'll want to get some EXP with your other characters.

Second Visit

On subsequent visits to this map, you will be fighting four Prinnies instead of the above enemies.

After completing a battle, you're shown the Bonus List, which consists of prizes you can win by filling up the Bonus Gauge during battle. The more you attack with combos, with an emphasis on an enemy dying during one, the Bonus Gauge will fill more. New to Disgaea 5 are the One Time Bonuses, which are basically items you can get by maxing the Bonus Gauge for the first time in a battle. The prize will remain there until you get it, so you can always come back at a later time if you're having trouble.

Another new addition to Disgaea is the MVP system, which highlights the characters who contributed the most to filling the Bonus Gauge during battle. These characters will receive bonus EXP and Mana.

You will be required to create at least one new character after the first battle. Go talk to the Recruiter to see what kind of characters you can make. You will need HL, the game's currency, in order to make new characters (instead of Mana as in the previous games in the series) and the Recruiter NPC will go through all available options, pointing out their usefulness. For now, let's make a Witch and a Cleric, since the former uses elemental spells and the latter will be able to heal characters in battle (plus she learns Espoir, a nice spell that cures status ailments). After choosing the name, pick the capability, which determines how many bonus points you can add to that character's stats; you NEVER want to pick Good-for-Nothing, as it requires you to remove five points. Don't forget to equip your new recruits. When you're ready, go to the Dimension Prinny and choose the next map.

Shriveled Vein

Lv. 2 LoganThimble, Pot LidPro Tosser
Lv. 1 Fury Fatalist (x2)Water Pistol, Wrinkly ClothesFury
Lv. 1 Fighter (x2)Driftwood Bow, Wrinkly ClothesWar Cry

The tutorial for this battle consists of Lifting and Throwing, a very essential tool that will come in handy later on in the game. You will want to use this to reach out of range enemies or chests, or even tossing enemies out of reach of your more fragile characters. Now onto the actual battle, which looks a little more menacing than the first one, as the Fighters and Fury Fatalists have ranged weapons. Seraphina can stand on the one barrel right in front of you to snipe the Fighter standing on the ledge. The rest of your troops can go off to the right to deal with the other Fighter, then go up to defeat the Fury Fatalists. All that's left is to defeat Logan to finish the battle.

After the map has been cleared, you will unlock the Quest Shop. These quests will have you performing certain things in the game, such as getting a certain item or killing a certain number of a specific enemy. Rewards can vary, but the best ones you can get are unlocking new classes. These Quests are in a different color than the rest and will always be at the top of the unfinished list. These ones don't repeat, but the normal ones do, so keep a lookout for any that might have a nice reward.

Arid Blood Zone

Lv. 2 Imp (x2)Medal of Unworth, Pot LidBullying
Lv. 2 Petite Orc (x4)Paw Gloves, Wrinkly ClothesGroup Strategy
Lv. 2 HealerJust a Stick, Pot LidExpert Hands

This is definitely a slightly more challenging battle than the last two, as you have a total of seven enemies to deal with. Don't fret, though, as you can usually single out most of the enemies, making it much more manageable. Start by going after the Orc and Imp close to your Base Panel, then move to the upper left corner and start killing the Orcs there. It's likely that the Healer will begin moving to the platform with the other Imp, but don't worry, as she doesn't know any attacks other than her staff. Be careful of the Imps, as they know Fire, but this battle should prove to be very uneventful.

Immovable Atrium

Lv. 3 Petite Orc (x5)Sharp Claw, Pot LidGroup Strategy
Lv. 3 Lady FighterToy Bow, Pot LidAssault Attack
Lv. 2 Imp (x2)Unfortunate MedalBullying

You get a brief explanation about Evilities at the beginning of the battle, which are basically like passive skills that each character has. For now, there's only one Evility per character and you get told about both Killia's and Seraphina's. One of the first things you'll notice is that the enemies hit a tiny bit harder than usual, which is because their level is now increasing a bit. So, don't charge head-on into the enemy and use that Healer/Cleric you created to mend your wounds. Other than the Lady Fighter with the bow, the rest of the enemies are ones you've already fought and they don't have any new tricks.

Sterile Atrium

Lv. 4 Petite Orc (x5)Sharp Bone, Pot LidGroup Strategy
Lv. 4 Imp (x2)Unfortunate Medal, Pot LidBullying
Lv. 4 FighterRusted Sword, Pot LidWild Cry
Lv. 5 Red MagnusNail Bat, Brawny MuscleSuper Crush

It's time for another mechanic to be taught to you, this time being Revenge Mode and Overload Skills. As you or your allies take damage, the Revenge Gauge (to the left of the character portrait when hovering over them) will fill up; it also increases if an ally dies or you defeat an enemy in Revenge Mode. When you enter this mode, your critical rate becomes 100%, the SP cost for all skills becomes 1, and the damage you receive is reduced by 25%. Also, Overlords can use Overloads in Revenge Mode, with Red Magnus' in full view.

Red Magnus is a neutral enemy, meaning he will attack you if you get too close, but he will also attack the enemies (and vice versa). For now, it's best to stay away from him because of him being in Revenge Mode and having activated his Overload, Super Olympia. Not only does his size increase, but so does his stats, so stay away for fear of him one-shotting your characters. Concentrate on the Orc in front of you and try to bait the other enemies into coming lower. Try not to group your characters together in a single line, as the Fighter knows Blade Rush, a skill that hits a few spaces in a straight line. The battle will end when all of the normal enemies have been defeated.

Losing this battle will cause you to experience one of the Bad Endings. Fortunately, this Bad Ending does not put you on a new game cycle, instead putting you back in the Pocket Netherworld before this battle.

Red Magnus will join your party after clearing the battle. Magnus comes with an axe and should probably be kept using it. Make sure you equip some glasses on him, as axes tend to reduce HIT.

Episode 2 - Demon General

At the beginning of the second episode, the Innocent Shop and Skill Shop are now open for business. The former lets you move Innocents on items around to other items, as well as combine them. However, in order to combine them, you will have to subdue them, which requires defeating them when they show up in the Item World, something you don't have access to yet. The Skill Shop allows you to power up skills, as well as learn new Evilities and convert unneeded ones into Mana.

The following Quests have been added to the Quests Shop:

  • Pranking Footsteps
  • Orc Pride
  • Let's See a Skill!
  • Let's Use Skills
  • Enhancing Skills

You can find the free chests at the following locations:

  • At the top area with the couch and TV
  • Next to one of the stairs leading to where Data and Memories NPCs are location
  • In the open in the area with all of the tables

In order to open up the next area, you'll need to talk to some of the Prinnies around your base. When they mention Spirit Interment, you can go to the Dimension Prinny to head to the next area.

Companion Zone

Lv. 5 Imp (x2)Medal of the Weak, Thin CapeBullying
Lv. 5 Zombie (x2)Hooked Claw, Thin CapePredation
Geo SymbolGeo Effect
GreenEnemy Boost +50%
YellowAlly Boost +50%
NullEXP +50%

This level will introduce you to Geo Symbols, Geo Panels and Geo Effects. If you've never played a Disgaea game before, it's highly advisable that you watch the tutorial to get a grasp on this concept, as it will be used throughout the game. For now, you have the Enemy Boost +50% sitting on the central area, where the enemies are sitting. That's a big no-no, as their attack and defense will increase by 50% as long as they are standing on those green tiles. So, start the battle by bringing out a ranged attacker and destroying the green Geo Symbol, making the blue area turn green, which makes that entire area now Ally Boost +50%.

You now have to make a choice here, as the Ally Boost effect will be extremely beneficial in clearing the stage without any problems, since there's only four enemies. Destroying the yellow Geo Symbol will spread the EXP +50% effect across the entire map, making it so that any enemies defeating while sitting on that color will grant more experience. It's entirely up to you what you want to do, as the slightly extra EXP will help, especially with lower level characters. Another thing you can do is have a character move next to the EXP Geo Symbol, pick it up and then toss it onto the area affected by the Ally Boost effect, essentially giving you two beneficial effects.

Power Leveling

This map represents your first real method in leveling up your characters, but it should be held off until you begin the third episode and unlock the Dark Assembly. Note that on second visits, you will have an extra Zombie to deal with, but everything else remains the same. Do the same thing as above, destroying the Enemy Boost symbol, then toss the EXP one onto the middle area. Once you've done this, make a tower with your characters, putting the strongest defensive one at the bottom. Now, just kill the enemies and go to the Cheat Shop to adjust the enemy strength until you can level to around 50-60.

Darkfall Memorial

Lv. 5 Novice Skull (x2)Wooden Cane, Thin CapeMagic Bundle
Lv. 5 Red MageWooden Cane Thin CapeMagic Moderation
Lv. 5 Zombie (x3)Hooked Claw, Thin CapePredation
Lv. 6 Green Slime (x3)Hooked Claw, Thin CapeGel Body

This could be a challenging stage, solely because of the Green Slimes on the north end of the map. Not only do their Evility, Gel Body, decreases non-elemental damage by 50%, they also have high innate resistances to Fists, Guns, Swords, Spears and Bows. They are essentially one of the more defensive creatures in the game, but they have on glaring weakness, elemental attacks. Hopefully, you've been building up a Mage or Skull, as you will need them here, unless you want to rely on Red Magnus and his axe for the majority of attacks on the Slimes. Note that the Mage and Skulls have Fire as their spell, so you can use Seraphina and Red Magnus, as well as anyone else with high fire resistance, to tank through their spells and get to them.

You will receive a new ally, Christo, after completing this battle. He's more of a healer/mage type character, but only comes with Heal right off the bat.

Death Promenade

Lv. 7 Green Slime (x4)Hooked Claw, Thin CapeGel Body
Lv. 7 Zombie (x2)Hooked Claw, Thin CapeBullying
Lv. 8 Thief (x2)Battle Gavel, Cotton BandanaThief Skills
Lv. 8 Imp (x2)Distasteful Medal, Cotton BandanaPredation
Geo SymbolsGeo Effect
RedMovement +1
GreenMovement +1
YellowMovement +1
PurpleMovement +1
BlueAlly Boost +50%
NullEXP +50%

This stage is like a gauntlet, as there's only one path to the top, where you'll find some enemies guarding the path. The stairs all have Geo Panels, but there are no effects. Each of the landings, though, has a Geo Symbol sitting on them. Four of the six are Movement +1, while the third is an Ally Boost +50% and the one on top is an EXP +50%. As you make your way up the map, you can toss these on the panels to help out your party, especially the Ally Boost one. As for enemies, there are sets of two enemies each in between each area with the Geo Symbol. You have the Green Slimes from the previous battle making their appearance again, as well as Zombies and Imps (they have the Star magic spell). The only new enemy type here are the Thieves, who are fairly weak on their own, with the two in this battle equipped with Axes, which lower your defense when hit by them.

Deplorable Tombstone

Lv. 9 Red Mage (x3)Magician's Stick, Cotton BandanaMagic Moderation
Lv. 8 Lady Fighter (x3)Thorny Bow, Cotton BandanaAssault Attack
Lv. 9 HereticMagician's Stick, Cotton BandanaMedical Heal
Lv. 8 Zombie (x2)Crab Pincer, Cotton BandanaPredation
Geo SymbolsGeo Effects
RedHL +50%
GreenDEF +50%
BlueRecovery 20%
NullATK -50%
One-Time Bonus
Secret Scroll: Heal

What may look like a challenging battle is made a bit simple due to the Geo Symbol by your Base Panel. As you will notice at the start, all but two of the enemies are standing on Geo Panels that grant them DEF +50% and Recovery 20% effects. Most of the enemies are in the middle, with two Zombies in the back on either side and two Red Mages on either side by your Base Panel. The first thing you should do is get rid of the those two Red Mages near your base, then pick up the Geo Symbol right behind you (ATK -50%) and throw it onto the yellow Geo Panel in the middle.

This will make things much more manageable should the enemies there try to attack. Now, bring two characters and go up one of the sides, defeating the Zombie in the corner. Throw that character with the other to where the green Geo Symbol is located. Destroy that symbol and it will set off a chain reaction, not only filling up the Bonus Gauge to the max (you get a Heal scroll as your One Time Bonus), but also severely damaging the remaining enemies on the screen. Clean up after this and you're good to go.

Coffin of Spirits

Lv. 7 GeeseDistasteful Medal, Cotton BandanaEvil Eye
Lv. 10 Zombie (x2)Crab Pincer, Cotton BandanaPredation
Lv. 9 Zombie (x6)Crab Pincer, Cotton BandanaPredation
Geo SymbolsGeo Effects
NullEnemy Level Up 10%

Another annoying battle, with you having to act quick before things get out of hand. Geese, the boss for this map, is standing on a Geo Panel with the effect of Enemy Level Up 10%. This means that after every turn of his, he will level up by 10% of his current level. While this is only one level for a few turns, before long, it will increase by a lot, so your first order of business is to destroy the Geo Symbol behind him. The only way to get to the symbol before it has a chance to do anything is to toss a character over there, but you need to make sure they can reach the symbol with an attack on their turn, as well as have enough power to destroy it.

Remember that it's highly likely that the character sent to destroy the Geo Symbol will likely be killed, as well as anyone else thrown in the chain, so used lesser important characters to do this task. After doing this, you will be left with nothing but Zombies and the not-as-strong-as-it-could-be boss. There's no special tactics left for this, as you simply need to be strong enough to defeat them all without being defeated yourself.

Episode 3 - His Name is Zeroken

At the beginning of this episode, two new things will unlock at your base, the Squad Shop and the Strategy Assembly. The former lets you put characters into groups that serve specific functions, like being able to capture enemies or grant extra abilities inside of your base. The latter has the same function as the Dark Assembly and others from previous games, where you can pass bills for a lot of different things. One thing you should definitely pass in the Dark Assembly is the cheat bill towards the bottom, which unlocks the Cheat Shop. This wonderful service will allow you to adjust sliders (EXP, Mana, Money, Weapon Mastery and Skill EXP) to increase/decrease the five options. You have to decrease one in order to increase another. The second page in the Cheat Shop (press R1 to access it) allows you to adjust the enemy strength by adding stars, making them stronger if you wish.

The following Quests are now available:

  • Throwing Overlord!
  • Secret to Jiggling
  • Let's Dance
  • Is Anyone Strong?
  • Prideful Hardness
  • Study Together?
  • Heal Me...
  • I'm a Pro Thief
  • Nin Nin Nin
  • 1 HL Savings

You can find the free chests at the following locations:

  • Right behind the Hospital NPC
  • On one of the pillars leading up to the room at the top
  • Behind the hedge in the large area down the stairs near the Innocent Shop

You'll be introduced to Netherworld Effects with this world, which basically means that all or some of the maps will have an overlaying effect. For example, Poisondice will have it so if you land in the purple liquid stuff and are standing on it when your turn is over, then you will be poisoned. It's a wise idea to purchase the Poison Vaccine for all participating members, which costs 200 Mana. Doing this will basically make the Netherworld Effect pointless, allowing you to worry on fighting the enemies.

Poison Beach

Lv. 10 Mischief (x3)Underling's Medal, Festival ClothesBullying
Lv. 10 Alraune (x4)Underling's Medal, Festival ClothesSweet Aroma
Lv. 10 Catsaber (x5)Spider Thread, Festival ClothesWeakening Aura
Lv. 10 Zeroken (Neutral)Forehead Flicker, Festival ClothesFlowing Water

You're introduced to Netherworld Effects starting with this battle. Each Netherworld can have its own effect, which might be something simple like poisoning a character if they stand in a certain spot, like with this Netherworld. Of course, this only works on enemies that don't fly, like the Mischief ones in this battle. Luckily, you have a little help with the enemies, who don't seem to care about resting in the poison waters here, as well as in the form of Zeroken. He will likely take care of one or two enemies before he perishes himself, helping to lift the burden on your end.

Of course, things won't be easy on you, as the Catsabers have an annoying Evility here, which will cut the damage you do to them with humanoid enemies by 30%. This is a pain because most of your big units are likely humanoid, so you just need to lay it on thick until they die. The Alraunes also have an annoying Evility, only if they decide to group up and stay by each other's side. This Evility will heal them for around 20% of their max HP, so try to quickly take them out before they undo your damage. Start the battle by going after the two Catsabers near your Base Panel, then go after the ones that are likely crossing the poison waters. From here, you can lure the Alraunes away from each other and just clean up the rest.

Toxic Depot

Lv. 12 FighterVersatile Billhook, Festival ClothesWild Cry
Lv. 12 Lady FighterBardiche, Festival ClothesAssault Attack
Lv. 11 Catsaber (x8)Spider Thread, Festival ClothesWeakening Aura
Lv. 11 Mischief (x5)Underling's Medal, Festival ClothesBullying

The first thing you should know is that the Fighter and Lady Fighter by your Base Panel don't seem to actually fight you, although they can counterattack, so take them out first before dealing with any of the other enemies. As for the Catsabers on the rafts, you can lure them to your side without having to step into the poison area by getting inside of their movement range. If you have a Healer or Cleric with the Shield spell, then you can take one of your meatier characters and use them as a tank to lure them over, where you can wipe them all out. The only thing remaining now are the Mischief monsters on the other side. You can either move your characters across by using the rafts or get a big tower and throw your strongest ones over. The only problem with moving them over is that it's likely the Mischief enemies will use their ranged skills to pick them off one-by-one.

The Interrogation Room is now unlocked for use. Enemies you capture or that surrender can be interrogated here by assigning a person to the Interrogation Squad. Use one of the five options available to whittle down the prisoners' SP until it is completely empty. Note you only have five tries to do this before having to complete a battle to refresh those chances. Prisoners who have had their SP reduced to 0 can be used in one of three ways.

Normally, when leveling Squads with prisoners, their actual level is the amount of experience that is applied. When you've interrogated them, their name turns blue and this experience is increased. The second thing you can do is make them join your party, but you can only do this if you have their respective class and rank unlocked. The last thing is to turn them into a Magic Extract, which is take some of the stats. Using this item on a character of your own will increase those stats, which persists through Reincarnations.


Lv. 13 Catsaber (x4)Spider Thread, Festival ClothesWeakening Aura
Lv. 10 Mischief (x4)Underling's Medal, Festival ClothesBullying
Lv. 13 Archer (x2)Longbow, Festival ClothesSupport Attack
Lv. 13 Warrior (x2)Versatile Billhook, Festival ClothesWild Cry

Christo will talk about the Capture Squad and prisoners at the beginning of the battle, so pay attention to what he's saying if you have an interest. Basically, placing characters in the Support Squad will give them a special skill that lets them capture enemies, turning them into prisoners. You can then use the prisoners, as described above in the Interrogation Room excerpt. Onto the battle itself, the map is pretty open and doesn't have a lot of room for you to maneuver across the poison waters. If you've heeded the advice given at the beginning of the episode, having the Poison Vaccine Evility equipped will make things go much smoother.

You have the same types of monsters here, with the Catsabers and Mischief imps, and you should be used to Warriors by now. The Archers are probably something new, though, and as you guessed from the name of the unit, they use ranged attacks. Their Evility is called Support Attack and can potentially be dangerous, as if they are in range when another enemy attacks you, then they will proceed to attack you with a normal one. On the enemy's first turn, one of the Catsabers will Magichange and combine with the Archers' weapons. This will increase their stats by a bit, so they should definitely be one of the first enemies you deal with as you make your way across the poison.

Although the game doesn't talk about it, Magichange makes it so monsters turn into weapons that stack up with a humanoid's current weapon, increasing their stats. Every monster in the game has a certain weapon they change into, such as Catsabers turning into bows. New to Disgaea 5 is the ability for two monsters being able to be equipped to one slot.

Hazardous Highway 4

Lv. 13 Nemophila (x3)Jellyfish Stinger, Light ShieldSweet Aroma
Lv. 13 Warrior (x4)Vine Blade, Light ShieldWild Cry
Lv. 13 Orc Captain (x4)Jellyfish Stinger, Light ShieldGroup Strategy
Lv. 13 Lady Warrior (x4)Halberd, Light ShieldAssault Attack
Lv. 13 AcolyteTerritory Cane, Light Shield, Psycho OrbExpert Hands
Geo SymbolsGeo Effects
NullEnemy Boost +50%
GreenATK -50%
YellowDEF +50%

Christo, once again, will talk about Squad Attacks at the beginning of the battle. For those characters who are leaders in Squads, they gain a special skill that can be used whenever they enter Revenge Mode. Using this skill on an enemy, which can only be used once per map per Squad, will attack every enemy in their Squad. As for the battle, the map is divided up into two halves, with some poison water on either side and a bridge in the middle. The first thing you'll see are the three Nemophila enemies in front of your Base Panel, all of whom are standing on Enemy Boost +50% panels.

This means that those Nemophila will receive a 50% stat boost, so they will be harder than usual. Past them are the four Warriors, standing between two sets of panels with DEF +50% and ATK -50%. It's highly likely that they will get onto the DEF +50% ones while you're dealing with the Nemophila, so get ready for a war of attrition with them. If you feel like you're getting nowhere, you can always toss them onto the panels with ATK -50%, then block off the paths to the DEF +50% ones with your characters. In fact, it's probably best that you make your base on the DEF +50% panels, as the rest of the enemies, barring the Acolyte will come to you. If you do this, you should have no big problems taking out the rest of the enemies.

The final map for this episode is locked for now. In order to unlock it, you will need to venture into the Item World of the Gate Key the Dimension Prinny hands to you. Talk to the Item World NPC and select the item, progressing through it until it reaches level 10 itself. Note that unlike previous games, you will be required to actually kill the enemies on each floor in order to level the item. For more information on the intricacies regarding the Item World, click this link here.

Fiendish Dance Floor

Lv. 15 Minotaur (x2)Jellyfish Stinger, Light ShieldGreedy Disposition
Lv. 14 Orc Captain (x6)Jellyfish Stinger, Light ShieldGroup Strategy
Lv. 14 Mischief (x4)Medal of Sloth, Light ShieldBullying
Lv. 14 Warcat (x4)Jellyfish Stinger, Light ShieldWeakening Aura
Lv. 15 Hedler (Neutral)Medal of Sloth, Light Shield, Dark RosarySpreading Miasma, Poison Accelerator
Lv. 14 Mothman (x2; Neutral)Jellyfish Stinger, Light ShieldSpreading Miasma, Self-Sacrifice
Lv. 14 Messenger (x2; Neutral)Medal of Sloth, Light ShieldSpreading Miasma, Self-Sacrifice

The first thing you'll notice when you start this stage is that there are neutral enemies on the top, consisting of five Mothmen, one of which is the Overlord of Poisondise. As you might have guessed, he is well-versed in poisoning enemies and his second Evility makes it so enemies take 25% more poison damage. It's best to ignore the Mothmen, as you have to deal with plenty of other enemies and you don't even need to defeat them to finish the stage. Your Base Panel is on a tiny little island in the middle of the poison water, with a single lane leading to the outer edges with the normal enemies.

It's a fairly tight squeeze, especially if you don't have Poison Vaccine, plus there's not a lot of room left for you to fight. The only new enemy type here are the Minotaurs, who have a single-target skill in their arsenal. They are also the meatiest of the bunch, sporting almost double the HP of the Orc Captains. Of course, things are complicated further, due to the Mischiefs having access to Wind and their unique skill, Stone, so they can peg you from a distance. If you concentrate on the regular enemies and leave the Mothmen alone, they will fight it out with the others until one side is dead. If this happens to be the Lost Army, then clean up the scraps. Hedler will join your party upon completing the map.

Episode 4 - Yellow, Rabbit, and Curry

The Nether Research Squad is now open for business, which allows you send characters (Killia and other story characters excluded) to research other Netherworlds. As you complete battles, either via the dimensional portal or Item World, the party you sent out will be exploring these Netherworlds. They will be fighting enemies, finding items, capturing prisoners and even discovering new Netherworlds. Each one has a specific level attached to it, so it's best to either match it or exceed the level given.

A few more options, should you have already unlocked the Cheat Shop (which you should), open up, although it's nothing major. You can decrease the minimum CP down to 80 now, as well as have a few more options that aren't too important. Besides that, 15 new Quests have now appeared at the Quest Shop, four of which are related to unlocking monster classes.

You can find the free chests at the following locations:

  • On top of the tent of the weapon shop
  • On the path in between the big open area below the Cheat Shop and Memories/Data NPCs
  • On the pathway past the Nether Research Squad NPC

Before any new area opens up for you to explore, there is an intruder in your Netherworld that needs to be found. You are looking for a yellow Prinny, who can be found just past the Nether Research Squad, and beyond the chest there. All of the maps in this area have the Netherworld Effect that will randomly spawn mushrooms at the end of each full turn. These mushrooms usually carry an ailment with them, and you can pick them up and toss them at enemies to inflict said ailments. Of course, the ailments that appear are completely random and you do have to be careful of the one beneficial buff, in the form of the Giant Mushroom, which you can use on your own characters.

Baptism of Spores

Lv. 15 Curry Thief (BOSS)Porcupine, Maiden's ChihayaSupport Attack
Lv. 15 Curry Thief (x11)Porcupine, Maiden's ChihayaSupport Attack

You are facing off against a total of 12 Prinnies here, all of which but one will have fairly low health. You may be thinking of tossing them like normal Prinnies, but these ones do not explode upon doing that, so you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way. Their only Evility is Support Attack, which you might remember from a battle in the previous episode, but they have to be right next to you for it to trigger, so it's not too much of a problem. Besides that, their only attack is Prinny Barrage, which only hits one person up to three tiles away in a straight line.

Rustling Bacteria

Lv. 16 Orc Captain (x7)Porcupine, Maiden's ChihayaGroup Strategy
Lv. 16 Nemophila (x2)Crude Medal, Maiden's ChihayaSweet Aroma
Lv. 16 Mischief (x3)Crude Medal, Maiden's ChihayaBullying
Lv. 16 Fight Artist (x2)Grip Dynamometer, Maiden's ChihayaFury

The first thing you'll notice is that there are a bunch of Geo Panels on the map, but they don't have any effect from the start. The only Geo Symbol is an ATK +50% that is being "guarded" by three Orc Captains right in front of your Base Panel. This is where you have to make a decision on whether to use it or not, as if you do, then it's highly likely that you will give the remaining enemies a slight boost in damage on your party as they move around. The battle is simply a case of taking it slow and dealing with the enemies as they come, as there is nothing here that you haven't encountered before.

Power Leveling

This is probably the second map where you can really utilize a power leveling trick, with Companion Zone being the first. Instead of the above enemies, you will fight a bunch of Shrooms, all of whom are relatively weak, since they can't counter, but they do have access to some decent skills. Slowly increase the enemy strength for this level until you can manage to get to 16 stars, which will cause all of the Shrooms to be level 99. If you've played previous Disgaea games, then you know that level 99 enemies are special ones, as the EXP formula has them dishing out A LOT of experience. In fact, they give out so much experience that you won't be able to find another enemy until around level 320 or so that gives out more.

Anyway, building a tower of characters (no monsters here, because you need to use Tower Move to get around) is ideal here, with your strongest two characters, defensively, on the bottom and top. If you've unlocked the higher-tiered Tower attacks, then use those on the Shrooms. If you want, you can always build a tower of 9 characters, then use a healer to follow them around, healing the characters when they get attacked. To make things go a little quicker, especially for those defensive characters, pass the Hog All EXP bill in the Dark Assembly to beef them up a bit, increasing their survivability.

Mischievous Hyphae

Lv. 18 Pixie (x2)Puppet's Medal, Life JacketMagic Creation
Lv. 16 Red Blob (x4)Cobra Twist, Life JacketGel Body
Geo SymbolsGeo Effects

While this stage is not particularly dangerous, it is still an annoying one due to the Geo Panel layout. There's only six enemies and the Red Blobs are all standing on the panels, which give off the effects of Clone and Silence. This is an annoying combination, since physical attacks are fairly weak against the Red Blobs, and you can't use skills due to Silence. However, the Red Blobs also can't use skills, so they have to resort to physical attacks as well. Unfortunately, the Pixies are sitting in spots where they're not affected by the Geo Effects and they have access to debuffs, a skill that inflicts Amnesia (same as Silence, should you manage to get onto those unaffected tiles) and Mega-tiered spells. You can do one of two things here, either throwing a character to the top part of the map to destroy either Symbol, or just play a war of attrition and fight through the enemies without worrying about the effects.

Slime Hell

Lv. 18 Hunter (x5)Fairy Arch, Life JacketSupport Attack
Lv. 18 Orc Captain (x3)Cobra Twist, Life JacketGroup Strategy
Lv. 18 Fairy (x2)Puppet's Medal, Life JacketMagic Creation

There are two problems with this map, with the first being the layout of it. Despite the way it looks, you can probably only go certain paths, either due to it having gaps or the height being too high to jump. The other problem comes from the Fairies and Hunters, who will likely use their ranged attacks to pick off your characters one-by-one with their spells and bows, respectively. Other than to go around, you can always throw your characters to the higher/isolated spots, so they can get a jump on some of the Fairies and Hunters, who should be your first priority.

Dreaming Mushroom

Lv. 20 Minotaur (x2)Cobra Twist, Life JacketGreedy Disposition
Lv. 19 Mischief (x6)Crude Medal, Life JacketBullying
Lv. 19 Orc Captain (x10)Cobra Twist, Life JacketGroup Strategy
Lv. 20 Cursed Berserker (Neutral)Cobra Twist, Life JacketAnti-Bully Aura

First and foremost, you want to stay away from the mysterious character, because she is quite strong and can do a lot of damage. However, you will need to act quick, as if she dies, then you will get one of the Bad Endings (similar to the one in Sterile Atrium), so taking your time is not something you can do, as she is surrounded by enemies. The two biggest hold ups will be the Minotaurs, since they have more HP than the others (ice attacks work great against them, as well as the Orc Captains), although their defense is about the same as the other enemies. If you have a strong character, you can toss him/her pass the gap at the bottom of the map, near your Base Panel, to get to other enemies quicker while the rest of your party is dealing with the first set of enemies. If need be, you might need to heal the NPC so she won't die and cause you to have to restart the map.