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by Bluetonberry

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Evility List by Bluetonberry

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 10/20/15

Disgaea 5 Evility List

Welcome to my first attempt at an FAQ. I was making a spreadsheet for all the information I was gathering while playing the JP version and decided to translate it for the English version.

I got almost every Evility grabbed from the game, but there are still one or two unsure ones in there. A few of the Ability Squad evilities need their ddescriptions updated as I haven't gotten those yet but I wanted to get this put up.

Please feel free to PM me any errors or corrections that I've missed otherwise. Here is a link to my Spread Sheet. I may post FAQs for the other items as well


Version Info

1.10 - 10/19/2015 8:01:02 PM

Made a large amount of spelling corrections
- Shout out to 228zip for pointing out I completely forgot to proof read this. (I blame lack of sleep and fast typing)
-Another shout out to the void for catching that I missed Auto Heal, and that the in-game description of Damage Reward is wrong

Added the remaining few Evilities I had left. Please let me know if you can confirm where in Chara World Geo Heal or Auto Heal comes from.

-Side note; formatting is a little off on the Demon Lord table; for some reason, even though I did it exactly the same as when I created this document, it kept giving me errors from the table I pasted in. I had to do a round about way of getting the table in here. (There were that many errors I thought it'd be faster to just replace the table but I was sure wrong)

1.01 - 10/15/2015 4:43:39 PM

Fixed a minor opps

1.0 - 10/15/2015 12:38:21 PM
Created this document

Evility Slots

Common Evility Slots

You start with 5 slots.

You get several based on level (7 Total):

LVL 50
Lvl 100
Lvl 300 (May be 500 will have to confirm)
Lvl 1000
Lvl 2000
Lvl 5000
Lvl 9999

You get 5 from any level of Chara World completion when you talk to the Level Fish

You get 3 from Miss Evil; she is a random encounter in Super Overlord difficulty. You can pass a bill to force encounter her after defeating her once.

Unique Evility Slots

All are post game, I know of three you can get

1. Pass a bill for 10,000 Mana

2. Defeat the Boss the Prinny Boss to unlock Carnage. You must kill him with the character you want to have the slot. (Team Attack doesn't work; only the person who started it will get it)

3. Defeat Carnage Dark Void at the end of the Land of Carnage quest line (Same as Prinny, the person initiating the killing blow gets the slot)

Unique Characters

戦鬼War DemonU Increase stats by 2% with every attackKillia
破壊の力Destructive PowerU Increase ATK during Revenge Mode by 100%Killia
近接格闘術Close Combatant3Decrease Damage taken from adjacent units by 20%Killia
筋力増強Muscle Increase2Increase ATK by 10%Killia
急所突きFatal Hit4Increase Critical rate by 10%Killia
士気向上Bolster Spirit4Increase Revenge Gauge gain of ally units on the map by 1%Killia
頼れる仲間Reliable Ally5Increase ATK during combos by 100%Killia
女王様気質Queen's TemperU Increases Damage dealt to male units by 50%Seraphina
一方的恋心Unrequited LoveU Increase stats by 25% when Killia is on the mapSeraphina
サーチコインSearch coin3If unit is on the map when clearing the stage, receive bonus HL based on unit's Lv.Seraphina
動体視力Dynamic Visual2Increase HIT by 10%Seraphina
夢の誘いDream Invitation3Increase chance adjacent male units will surrenderSeraphina
逆ハーレムReverse Harem4Increase stats by male ally units not on the map x 5%Seraphina
生殺与奪Life and Death4Deathblow all Charmed or Controlled UnitsSeraphina
超絶粉砕Super CrushUDecrease DEF of target unit during an attack by 50%.Red Magnus
リーダーの心Heart of a LeaderUIncrease stats by units in the same squad x 3%Red Magnus
マッスルパワーMuscle Power2When attacking normally, increase ATK by 30%Red Magnus
鋼の肉体Iron Body2Increase DEF by 10%Red Magnus
知性の放棄Abandon Knowledge3Increase ATK by 30%, but INT & RES become 1Red Magnus
一撃必勝One Hit Victory4Increase stats by 10% when defeating an enemy who had full HPRed Magnus
バトルマニアBattle Mania4Increase stats by enemy units within 2 panels x 5%Red Magnus
戦術家TacticianU Adjacent ally unit's accuracy becomes 100% and evasion becomes 25%Christo
最高の仲間Superlative AllyU Increase ATK of adjacent ally unit by 20% of your INTChristo
冷静沈着Cool and Calm3As long as unit doesn't move, increase INT & RES by 20%Christo
知性の泉Fountain of Facts2Increase INT by 10%Christo
ディスカバリーアイEye for Discovery3If unit is on the map when clearing the stage, receive an itemChristo
機知の戦いBattle of Wits3Physical defense is based on RESChristo
アナライザーAnalyzer4Decrease Damage taken from skills that were previously used on the stage by 30%Christo
いじめないでオーラAnti-Bully AuraU Decrease Damage taken by you or adjacent ally units by adjacent ally units x 10%Usalia
大切な人達Precious PeopleU Increase ATK by adjacent ally units x 20%Usalia
カレー大好きI Love Curry3After using Curry, increase ATK by 30% (Lasts 3 turns)Usalia
神秘の守りMystic Protection2Increase RES by 10%Usalia
ステータスガードStatus guard3Stats will not decrease by more than 90%Usalia
死への抵抗Death Resistance4Deathblows will not occur on any units on the mapUsalia
ウサ耳レーダーBunny Ear Radar5Evade attacks from any direction at the rate of 50%Usalia
流水の動きFlowing WaterU Increase evasion by enemy units within 2 panels x 10%Zeroken
立ち向かう勇気Underdog BraveryU Increase Damage dealt to higher level enemy units by 50%Zeroken
撤退技術Retreat Technique3When moving after an attack, increase movement by 2Zeroken
反射神経Reflexes2Increase SPD by 10%Zeroken
向上心Ambition3If unit is on the map when clearing the stage, all ally units on the map earn EXPZeroken
ソニックチャージSonic Charge4Increase Critical Rate by panels moved x 3%Zeroken
神風Kamikaze4Increase critical Damage dealt by 100% if target unit's SPD is higher than yoursZeroken
棺の女王Queen of CoffinsU Increase ATK by units defeated x 10%Majorita
邪悪な精神Evil Spirit4Decrease effects of enemy unit's healing magic by 50%Majorita
精神鍛錬Mental Discipline2Increase Max SP by 10%Majorita
悪意の散乱Malicious Reflect3Inflict 10% of damage taken to attackerMajorita
呪い返しCurse Reversal3When inflicted with an ailment, inflict attacker with the same ailmentMajorita
リッチデイモスLich Deimos6Once per stage, revive inside the Base Panel after being defeatedMajorita
速攻戦Swift StrategyU Increase Revenge Gauge by 20% at the beginning of the stageVoid
強化魔力Magic Enhancement3Increase all stats by 5%Void
バイオレントViolence6Increase stats by 50%, but only earn 50% EXPVoid
恐怖の視線Death Glare5Paralyze adjacent enemy units at end of turnVoid
孤独の力Loner Power5Increase stats by 50% when there are no ally units on the mapVoid
力の略奪Plunder Power5Absorbs 5% of a defeated enemy unit's statsVoid
威圧の闘気Fighting AuraU The movement of enemy units within 3 panels becomes 1Goldion
極めた拳Mastered Fist4Increase all weapon resistances by 20% when fist is equippedGoldion
生命の息吹Breath of Life2Increase Max HP by 10%Goldion
不動拳Immovable Fist4If unit doesn't move, increase damage dealt by 50% on next turnGoldion
ヘビーアーマーHeavy Armor3Increase DEF by 50%, but cannot be liftedGoldion
プレッシャーPressure5Decrease Revenge Gauge of enemy units by 10% at beginning of turnGoldion
主役補正Main Character R.U Increase ATK by 50% when attacking an OverlordAsagi
バレットセットBullet Set3Execute one additional normal attack when gun is equippedAsagi
二丁拳銃Dual Wielding2Increase ATK by 20% when guns are equipped as both main and sub weaponsAsagi
零距離射撃Close-Up Shot2Damage dealt to adjacent unit increased by 50% when gun is equippedAsagi
スカイハイSky High4Movement type becomes Flying typeAsagi
ネバーギブアップNever Give Up4During a Combo, will perform another attack (Up to 3 times)Asagi

DLC Characters

偶像のアシストIdol AssistU Increase stats of ally units on the map by 10%Pleinair
ハラペコウォーリアーHungry Warrior2Increase ATK by 20% when a curry effect is activePleinair
ハングリー精神Hungry spirit5Increase Mana and EXP earned by ally units by 25%Pleinair
加速マスコットAcceleration mascot5Increase movement of ally units on the map by 2Pleinair
魔王の威厳Overlord's DignityU Increase stats by 10% per unit defeatedLaharl
個性の力Strong Personality3Increase Damage dealt by Unique Skills by 20%Laharl
制圧の眼光Gaze of Supremacy3When HP is under 50%, reduce Damage taken by 30%Laharl
オレさま最強伝説Legendary Strength3When no allies are on the map, increase ATK by 50%, but decrease DEF by 50%Laharl
サディスティックSadisticU When target has full health, increase Damage dealt by 50%Etna
モータルスローLethal Throw2Double the Damage dealt from exploding PrinniesEtna
ムチプリキラーBusty Killer4Increase ATK by 50% when attacking a female unit that does not have a flat chestEtna
挑発Taunt3Increase Revenge Gauge gain of enemy units on the map by 5%Etna
愛フィールドLove FieldU Decrease Damage taken by ally units by ally units x 1% (Max 20%)Flonne
愛の鉄拳Iron Love Fist1Damage by a fist attack is based on RESFlonne
愛の守りLove Protection3Nullify status ailments against unitFlonne
愛、届いてますか?Have You Loved?3Increase range of healing magic by 9Flonne
妹オーラLi'l Sis AuraU Decrease Damage taken from elemental attacks by 75%Sicily
みんな仲良くWe All Get Along3Increase team attack chance for ally units on the map by 100%Sicily
プリちゃん好きPrinny Love3Increase stats by Prinnies on the map x 5%Sicily
兄妹愛Sibling Love3Increase stats of Laharl and Sicily by 20% when they're both on the mapSicily
魔王の尊厳Overlord's DignityU Increase Damage dealt by 20% when attacking.Laharl-chan
凶器のセクシーDead Sexy2Increase Damage dealt by 30% when attacking male unitsLaharl-chan
親衛隊Bodyguards3Increase ATK of male units in assigned squad by 5%Laharl-chan
ヘイストラッシュHasty Rush4At the beginning of the Stage, after the very first attack, unit can attack againLaharl-chan
アブソープションAbsorptionU Absorb 20% of the defeated unit's statsValvatorez
プリニー教育係Prinny Instructor3Increase EXP, Mana & Class Prof gained by Prinnies in assigned squad by 100%Valvatorez
イワシ超至上主義Sardine Supremacy1Using sardines, recover 100% HP & SP and increase ATK by 50% (Lasts 3 turns)Valvatorez
タイラントTyrant6Increase stats of equipped weapons by 30%Valvatorez
暴君のしもべTyrant's SlaveU Within 5 panels of Valvatorez, increase stats by panels moved closer x 10%Fenrich
月の誓いMoon Promise1Increase Stats by 10% when the weather is normalFenrich
威嚇の眼光Intimidating Gaze3Decrease stats of adjacent enemy unit in front by 10%Fenrich
忠誠の証Symbol of Loyalty2When Valvatorez takes Damage, this unit will take the hit insteadFenrich
天使の煌きAngel GlitterU Increase stats of adjacent male ally units by 20%Artina
無償の愛Unconditional Love2Increase ATK by 30%, but obtained HL will become 0Artina
怪盗天使Chimera Angel4Increase the RARE of an item stolen from an enemy unit by 20Artina
最期の祈りLast Rites6Upon defeat, fully heal ally HP, SP and increase stats by 30% (Lasts 3 turns)Artina
ドリームガールDream GirlU Increase ATK of specials by 10%, and decrease Damage from specials by 20%Fuka
プリニー帽Prinny hat1Will be treated like a Prinny. (Won't explode when thrown)Fuka
パワードスイーツPowered by Sweats3Increase stats by 30% when using a sweets-type item (Lasts 3 turns)Fuka
思い込みパワーFirst Impression4At the beginning of the stage, nullify Damage from the very first attackFuka
ラスボス設定Final boss settingU Increase ATK by ally units within 2 panels x 10%DESCO
ラスボスの威圧Final Boss Glare2Increase ATK by 50% when giantDESCO
ノーエスケープNo escape5Movement of adjacent enemy units become 1DESCO
おねえさま最強伝説Super Sis Legend5When Magichanging with a female unit, increase stats of weapon by 30%DESCO
死神の魔術Death SpellU 20% chance to deathblow when using magicEmizel
未熟なカリスマCharismatic Novice3Increase stats of adjacent ally units by 10%Emizel
死神の行進Death March2Increase Damage dealt by units defeated x 2%Emizel
アストラルボディAstral body3When HP becomes 0, use 10% of SP and retain 1 HPEmizel
日本一Nippon IchiU Increase stats by every 10 hours of Disgaea 5 played x 1%NISA
ピンチリバイバルDangerous Revival4When unit recovers HP, increase stats by percentage of HP healedNISA
絶対正義の鍵Absolute Justice3Once, when HP is under 25%, heal HP & increase stats by 30% (Lasts 3 turns)NISA
遅れたヒーローBelated Hero3If she becomes the very last unit of a force, increase stats by 100%NISA
悪魔の生体実験Live ExperimentU Increase Damage dealt by allies within 3 panels by 20% and enemies by 20%Mao
天体観測Star Gazing3Increase star Damage dealt by 20%, and decrease star Damage taken by 20%Mao
ウィークサーチャーWeak Searcher3Increase critical rate by 20% when glasses are equippedMao
錬成技術向上Improved Alchemy4When leader of the Alchemy Squad, can synthesize Chara World itemsMao
夜露死苦スローHello ThrowU Increase stats by distance thrown this turn x 5%. (Receive counts)Raspberyl
ゴミ掃除Trash Pickup1Deathblow objects in the Item World (Ignores invincibility)Raspberyl
イノセント凶育Innocent Classes4When leader of the Innocent Aid Squad, increase Innocent growth rate by 3%Raspberyl
勧誘Recruitment Drive3Increase chance defeated enemies will surrender by 10%Raspberyl
G・マスターG · MasterU Increase stats by 30% when gun is equipped.Salvatore
T・ネゴシエーションT · Negotiation4When leader of the Interrogation Squad, increase the effect of extortSalvatore
N・リサーチャーN · Researcher3Increase Mana and Class Proficiency earned by units in the same research squadSalvatore
E・シールドE · Shield6Once per stage, make enemy unit within 3 panels take Damage for you up to 3 timesSalvatore
勇者の証Hero's ProofU Against Overlords, increase ATK by 40%, and decrease Damage taken by 30%Almaz
姫様は僕が守る!Guard the Princess3Increase ATK by 30% when Sapphire is on the mapAlmaz
負けないぞ!I won't lose!3When HP is under 50%, increase Damage dealt by 40%Almaz
ラッキー!Lucky!4Increase the RARE of an item when destroying a treasure chest by 30Almaz
ごんぶとRobustU When HP is under 50%, increase ATK and DEF by 50%Sapphire
精密な癒しPrecise Healing1When using healing magic, enemy units will not be included. (Except reverse Damage)Sapphire
かかって来るがいい!Bring it on!4When leader of the Item Adventure Squad, increase the Item World invasion rateSapphire
粉砕の闘気Pulverizing Spirit4Deal Damage to enemy units within 2 panels at end of turnSapphire
沼の魔女Swamp WitchU Once per stage, when taking lethal Damage, use 50% of SP and retain 1 HPMetallica
精神的苦痛Mental Pain1When capturing a prisoner, halve the prisoner's remaining SPMetallica
絶対的支配者Absolute ruler6Increase stats of all ally monster units on the map by 5%Metallica
マナの燃焼Mana Burner3Increase ATK by 50%, but use 1% of Mana every time Damage is takenMetallica
不屈の拳Indomitable FistU When attacking with a fist or unique skill, attack with it againAdell
柔よく剛を制すBend THan Break1Unit will be able to parry when fist is equippedAdell
熱血漢Hard Boiled Man3Increase fire Damage dealt by 20%, and decrease fire Damage taken by 20%Adell
愛の絆Bonds of love4Increase ATK by 3% when Rozalin is within 50 panelsAdell
王女の煌きQueen GlitterU Increase ATK of male ally units on the map by 20%Rozalin
王女の命令Queen Orders4Increase magic range of units in assigned squad by 1. (Max 3)Rozalin
恋心Love2When Adell is within 3 panels, both recover 5% HP % SP at end of turnRozalin
抑えきれぬ力Unbearable Power3Increase star element Damage dealt by 50%, during revenge modeRozalin
わかりやすい体質Obvious TendencyU Increase stats of female ally units on the map by 5%Axel
踏みとどまりWithstand1Nullify warp events in the Chara WorldAxel
エレキテルソウルElectric Soul3Increase wind Damage dealt by 20%, and decrease wind Damage taken by 20%Axel
爆発芸コンExplosive Skit6Once, units thrown will explode. (Nullified by boss and deathblow immunity)Axel
宇宙最強の魔王Badass OverlordU Increase ATK by 10%, plus 1% for every 10,000 Reincarnation Lv. (Max 100%)Zeta
宇宙最強システム音Badass Sound1When controlling this unit at the base, the system voice will default to hisZeta
宇宙最硬の身体Strongest Body2Increase DEF by 30% on odd turns, and increase RES by 30% on even turnsZeta
宇宙最高の力Ultimate Power2Increase ATK by 30% on odd turns, and increase INT by 30% on even turnsZeta
裁きの予言Punishing ProphecyU Deal Damage to a random enemy unit at end of turnPram
霧氷の魔力Hoarfrost Magic3Increase water Damage dealt by 20%, and decrease water Damage taken by 20%Pram
冷静な対応Calm response5As long as unit doesn't move, evasion becomes 50%Pram
一極集中Overconcentrate3Magic range becomes 1, but increase INT by 50%Pram
宇宙最強の魔王の娘Badass DaughterU Increase ATK of adjacent ally Overlord units by 30%Peta
クリティカルポイントCritical point2Increase critical Damage dealt by 30% when not near enemy unitsPeta
防災活動Volunteer Work3Decrease duration of stat drops for ally units on the map by 2 turnsPeta
ベテランサポートVeteran Support5Once per turn, you can move one more time after using support magicPeta
収束攻撃Bundle AttackU Increase Damage dealt by empty panels in the attack range x 10%Priere
クリティカルチャージCritical charge2Increase critical rate by attacks received this turn x 5%Priere
猛反撃Terrific Counter2Increase ATK by 40% when counter attackingPriere
強さへの欲求Seeking Strength3Increase ATK by 40% if an enemy unit's ATK is higher than yoursPriere

Human Generic Characters

ワイルドクライWild CryUIncrease stats by adjacent enemy unit x 15%Warrior
マッスルマスタリMuscle Mastery2HP Aptitude increased by 10%Warrior
パワーアックスPower Axe2Increase Damage dealt by 10% when axe is equippedWarrior
闘争本能Fighting Instinct3Revenge Gauge gain increased by 50%Warrior
武者震いShaking Excitement4Increase stats by enemy units on the map x3%Warrior
スーパーガッツSuper Guts4For every 5% of HP lost, decrease damage taken by 5% (Max 50%)Warrior
アサルトアタックAssault AttackU Increase Damage dealt by panels moved x10%Valkyrie
ディフェンスマスタリDefense Mastery2DEF Aptitude increased by 10%Valkyrie
努力Effort3Increase EXP earned from higher level enemy units by 50%Valkyrie
ピアースPierce1When attacking normally, damage dealt can't be dispersed to multiple enemy unitsValkyrie
スタートダッシュStart Dash4Increase movement by 3 when leaving the Base PanelValkyrie
ヒットアンドアウェイHit and Away5When defeating an unit after moving, you can move once againValkyrie
魔力収束Magic BundleU Special skill power increased by 30%, but 50% more SP used.Magician
キャストマスタリCasting Mastery2INT Aptitude increased by 10%Magician
魔術の鍛錬Magic Training2Increase Skill EXP earned when using skills by 100%Magician
エンラージEnlarge3Increase magic range by 2, but 50% more SP usedMagician
命の灯火Lights of Life3When remaining SP is insufficient, use HP for skills insteadMagician
オーバーリミットOver Limit5Special Skill power increased by 50%, but SP drains by 10% each turnMagician
魔力節制Magic ModerationU 50% less SP used for special skillsWitch
マインドマスタリMind Mastery2SP Aptitude increased by 10%Witch
エクスバンドExpand3Increase magic range by 1Witch
ダメージコンバートDamage Convert3Increase INT by 10% when damaged by skillsWitch
魔力回収Magic Collection4Recover 10% of Max SP when defeating an enemy unit with a skillWitch
あふれる魔力Overflowing Magic5When remaining SP is 50% or less, increase damage dealt from skills by 30%Witch
フューリーFuryU Increase ATK by # of counter attacks x 25%.Martial Artist
組み手Grappler2Decrease damage taken from counter attacks by 50%Martial Artist
応報Retribution3Increase number of counters by 2Martial Artist
爆砕拳Blasting Fist3After attacking with a fist weapon, decrease target unit's DEF by 10%Martial Artist
カウンターチャンスCounter Chance4Increase critical rate of counter attacks by 50%Martial Artist
強制カウンターForced Counter5When attacking, forces enemy to counter attack. (Max 20 times)Martial Artist
ラピッドムーヴRapid MovementU Increase evasion rate by panels moved x 3% (Max 64%)Fight Mistress
練気掌Chi Charging3Increase attack range for normal attacks by 1 panel(s) when fist is equippedFight Mistress
臨機応変Impromptu1Team attack chance increased by 50%Fight Mistress
肉斬骨絶No-Miss Counter4Counter attacks will never missFight Mistress
スマッシュヒットSmash Hit4Increase damage dealt by skills that relocate the target by 30%Fight Mistress
蝶舞蜂刺Counter Dodge5Evade all counter attacksFight Mistress
メディカルヒールMedical HealU Cure all ailments when using healing magicClergy
癒し手の精神Healing Hands2Increase EXP earned when using healing magic by 200%Clergy
レジストワンドStaff Rebellion3Damage of normal attacks is based on RES when staff is equippedClergy
救いの光Light Salvation3When using healing magic, you will also recover 30% of Max HPClergy
癒しの杖Staff of Healing3Reverse damage dealt by normal attacks when staff is equippedClergy
光の加護Light Protection5Increase DEF & RES of target unit by 20% when healing (Lasts 3 turns)Clergy
練達の癒し手Expert HandsU Increase effect of healing magic by 100%Healer
レジストマスタリResist Mastery2RES Aptitude increase by 10%Healer
レジストアローRes Arrows3Damage of normal attacks is based on RES and HIT when bow is equippedHealer
慈愛の心Heart of Affection3Increase RES by 10% when using healing magic to heal units to max HPHealer
活力の矢Vital Arrow3Reverse Damage dealt by normal attacks when bow is equippedHealer
アドバンスヒールAdvanced Healing5When using healing magic, heal target unit an additional 25% of their max HPHealer
盗人の技Thief SkillsU Multiply the success rate of stealing by 2.Thief
ダッジマスタリDodge Mastery2SPD Aptitude increased by 10%Thief
爆弾タル強化Bomb Trainer2Increase explosive Damage of thrown barrels by half of the barrel's HPThief
危険回避Evade Danger2Nullify Explosive DamageThief
幸運の指Lucky Finger3Increase the Item Rank by 1 when defeating treasure chestsThief
トレジャーライズTreasure Hunt530% chance to generate a treasure chest when defeating an enemy unitThief
効率的な仕事Efficient WorkU Once per turn, you can use an item after completing your actions.Maid
上手な使い方Know How to Use It3Increase healing item effect by 100%, and attack item Damage by 50%Maid
強肩ピッチャーCannon for an Arm4Increase the range of consumable items by 2%Maid
安らぎの茶葉Relaxing Tea2When using healing items, unit will also recover 20% of Max SPMaid
当たりクジWinning Lottery230% chance to obtain a consumable item when using itMaid
気配りの達人Licensed Caregiver3When using a healing item, the range of its effect will be expandedMaid
支援攻撃Support AttackU Attack an enemy unit within range when an ally unit attacks itArcher
ヒットマスタリHit Mastery2HIT Aptitude increased by 10%Archer
ボウレンジBow Range3Attack range increased by 1 panel(s) when bow is equippedArcher
ニーブレイクArrow in the Knee3After an attack, decrease SPD of target unit by 10% when bow is equippedArcher
落鳳破Fly Swatter3Increase ATK by 100% when attacking flying unitsArcher
支援砲火Support Fire5Increase damage dealt by support attacks by 50%Archer
アシストAssistU Register attack to give subsequent ally units 100% accuracy.Gunner
ホークアイHawkeye3When attacking an enemy more than 3 panels away, accuracy becomes 100%Gunner
スナイピングSniping3Attack range increased by 2 panel(s) when gun is equippedGunner
セカンドアタックSecond Attack4Increase ATK by 30% when performing Combos or Team AttacksGunner
跳弾Flying Bullets3Attack range is limitless when gun is equippedGunner
マーキングMarking4Register attack to increase accuracy of subsequent ally units by 25%Gunner
蜃気楼MirageU Increase evasion rate by 50% when attacked from an adjacent panelNinja
冷眼Sharp Eye2Increase critical rate by 5%Ninja
猿飛Sasuke3Increase movement by 1, and jump power by 12Ninja
フェイントFeint4Cancel out the enemy's counter attackNinja
暗殺Assassination4Increase damage dealt by 30% when attacking from behindNinja
隠密偵察Secret Recon4Increase movement by 5, but Max HP becomes 1Ninja
武士道BushidoU Increase Damage dealt by 50% when attacking a single unitLady Samurai
心眼Mind's Eye3Nullify any attack revisions when attacked from the side or behindLady Samurai
真っ向勝負Head-to-Head4Increase damage dealt by 30% when attacking enemy units from the frontLady Samurai
介錯Euthanasia4Normal attack will deathblow targets with less than 25% HPLady Samurai
果たし合いDuelist4Increase damage dealt by 50% when attacking if target's class is unique on mapLady Samurai
死狂いTo The Death5Increase ATK by 100%, but decrease DEF by 100% during Revenge ModeLady Samurai
英雄の盾Hero's ShieldU When defending, protect ally units from attacksArmor Knight
シンクロガードSynch Guard3When defending, decrease Damage taken by adjacent ally unit by 10%Armor Knight
アドバンスドガードAdvance Guard4When defending, decrease damage taken by 50%Armor Knight
絶対防衛線Hold the Line4When defending, enemy units cannot enter within 2 panels of this unitArmor Knight
迎撃の構えSwift Stance4When defending, always counter attack. (Max 20 times)Armor Knight
防御態勢Defensive Stance4Always defends when attacked from the front or sideArmor Knight
エレメントフォースElemental ForceU Reflect element value onto elemental attacksMagic Knight
エレメントライズElemental Rise3Increase resistances to all elements except star by 25%Magic Knight
マナブレードMana blade3When attacking normally, increase INT by 20% when sword is equippedMagic Knight
オラクルソードOracle Sword3When attacking normally, recover 5% of Max SPMagic Knight
精霊の加護Spirit Protection4Increase resistances of all ally units on the map to all elements except star by 10%Magic Knight
精霊破Spirit Gun4When making a non-element attack, add element of unit's highest resistanceMagic Knight
天使の凱歌Angel SongU Increase ATK of adjacent ally units by 25%Celestial Host
愛の祝福Blessing of love3Increase recovery for ally units within 2 panels by 70%Celestial Host
天使の威光Angel Majesty4Decrease DEF of adjacent enemy units by 20%Celestial Host
守護天使Guardian Angel4Increase DEF of ally unit in front by 100%Celestial Host
オールレンジ+All Range +4Increase attack and magic range of adjacent ally units by 1Celestial Host
天使の統率Angel Leadership4Increase ATK of adjacent units by 50% if allies fill all adjacent panelsCelestial Host
新薬投入Medical InsertionU Multiply effect of support magic by 2.Professor
研究意欲Research Desire2Increase EXP earned when using support magic by 200%Professor
化学反応Chemical Reaction3When using support magic, increase one stat that wasn't enhanced by 30%Professor
テンションブーストTension Booster4When using support magic, increase target unit's Revenge Gauge by 10%Professor
効果的運用Effective Delivery4The effects of support magic will last 3 more turn(s)Professor
魔物研究者Demon Researcher5Increase stats of the Magichange weapons by 15%Professor
ぶん投げ名人Pro TosserU When performing a throw without moving, it will not count as an actionWrestler
アタックマスタリAttack Mastery2ATK Aptitude increased by 10%Wrestler
パワースロウPowered Throw4Increase throw range by 2Wrestler
バキュームリフトVacuum Lift4Increase lift range by 2Wrestler
緑の下パワーStanding Suplex4When lifting an enemy, decrease damage taken by 30%Wrestler
キャプテンタワーCaptain Tower3Increase damage dealt by tower attacks and tower skills by 50%Wrestler
加速射撃Acceleration ShotU Increases Damage dealt by panels between the unit and target by 15%Pirates
魔弾の射手Demonic Marksman4HIT & SPD Aptitudes increased by 30%Pirates
分捕りPlunder430% chance to acquire equipment from defeated enemy unitsPirates
小部屋探索Explorer2If unit is on map when clearing a floor, increase chance of mystery roomPirates
ガンファイトGun Fight4Decrease Damage taken from units more than 3 panels away by 50%Pirates
冒険心Adventuring Spirit5When clearing 3 Item World stages, increase the item's level by 1 (Doesn't stack)Pirates
マスブラスターMass BlasterU Increases Damage dealt by targets of the attack by x 10%Sage
叡智の化身Wisdom Incarnate4SP, INT, & RES Aptitudes increased by 20%Sage
魔力変換Magic conversion4Every 2% of remaining SP increases INT by 1%Sage
スターブレイクStar Break3When making star element attacks, target enemy's star resistance becomes 0Sage
対魔デコイAnti-Demon Decoy4Evade magic attacks at the rate of 50%Sage
コンセントレイションConcentration6Increase damage of single target magic attacks by 100%Sage
波紋力Ripple ImpactU When attacking adjacent enemies, deal Damage to enemies adjacent to targetDark Knight
歴戦の勇士Veteran Hero4HP, ATK, & DEF Aptitudes increased by 20%Dark knight
煉獄Purgatory4Increase damage dealt by criticals by 50%Dark knight
インファイトIn the Fight1Decrease damage taken from adjacent units by 50%Dark knight
ヘビースタンスHeavy Stance4Increase stats by 30%, but cannot be liftedDark knight
燃える闘志Fighting Spirit5Increase ATK & DEF by 5% when attacking or being attacked. (Max 100%)Dark knight

Generic Asagi

定まらない設定Unstable SettingsU Evility randomly changes every turn (See bottom of list)Asagi?
ビートルサイズBeetle Size4Evade attacks at the rate of 75%, but damage taken will be 10Asagi?
アサリンドパワーAsagiri Power4Increase stats by corpses on the map x 5%Asagi?
ネイチャーマッスルNature Muscle4HP Aptitude increased by 100%, but INT & RES Aptitudes decreased by 50%Asagi?
8ビットジャイアント8-bit Giant4Once, when HP is under 50%, fully recover HP and become giantAsagi?
人形ロボボディRobot Doll Body5Decrease stats by 50%, but all Equipment Aptitudes become 200%Asagi?
黒杉ソングDark Song5Ability + 2% of friendly units on the map, the ability of the enemy unit -2%Asagi?
やけっぱち設定DesperateU Critical rate becomes 100% when attacking or being attackedAsagi?
プリニー設定PrinnyU Explode when thrownAsagi?
アイドル設定IdolU Increase stats of ally units on the map by 10%Asagi?
落ち込み設定DepressionU Increase movement by 5Asagi?
ちびっこ設定MiniU Evade attacks at the rate of 50%Asagi?
次回作主人公設定Next Game's MainU Increase stats by 100%Asagi?

Generic DLC Characters

天使の加護Angel ProtectionU Decrease Damage taken by ally units within 3 panels by 5% (Max 30%)Celestial Hostess
天使の懐柔Angel Conciliation3Revenge Gauge of enemy units fills less frequentlyCelestial Hostess
天使の祝福Angel Blessing3Adjacent ally units recover 10% SP at end of turnCelestial Hostess
天使の免疫Angel Immunity2Nullify stat drops when unit is the target of magicCelestial Hostess
天使の激励Angel Cheering5Units in assigned squad recover 3% SP every turnCelestial Hostess
天使の飛来Angel Flight5Movement type becomes flying for ally units on the mapCelestial Hostess
陽炎Flame HazeU When an attack targets over 2 units, evasion rate becomes 50%Kunoichi
羅刹Nirrti3Increase stats by 10% every time unit evades an attackKunoichi
乱定剣Rebellious Blade3Able to use equipment as an attack item (Based on ATK)Kunoichi
変わり身の術Body Replacement4When taking damage, make an ally unit take the damage up to 3 timesKunoichi
強行偵察Aggressive Spying6When entering a Skip Gate in the Item World, increase floor number by 2Kunoichi
緊急回避Emergency Evasion4When HP is under 25%, evasion rate becomes 50%Kunoichi
カーズドダンスCursed DanceU Increase Damage enemy units on the map take by 3%Shaman
断末魔Death Throes4Decrease ATK of enemy units on the map by 30% when defeated (Lasts 3 turns)Shaman
呪詛伝染Contagious Curse3Enemy units adjacent to a unit with an ailment at end of turn will get the ailmentShaman
グルームダンスGloomy Dance6Decrease critical rate of enemy units on the map by 20%Shaman
ダルネスダンスDullness Dance6Decrease movement of enemy units on the map by 2% (Doesn't stack)Shaman
死に際の嘆きSorrowful Moment4When defeated, Revenge Gauge for enemy units on the map will become 0Shaman