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Omar (Tressa Chapter 2 Boss) Tips? 2
(How) Does Linde scale? 4
Path to Purple Chest in Seaside Grotto? (Ophilia - Chapter 3) 2
Which character should I start with? Why? 5
Side quest the adventuring life help? 1
Therion's 'Steal SP' is glitched? 1
How long does it take to beat Octopath Traveler? 1
In Search Of Father 2 Help? 1
Where can I get Energizing Pomegranates? 3
How do I defeat Orlick? 1
Recent Questions Answers
Best Job/Class combinations ? 1
Optional Dungeons/sidequests ? 2
Beginner tips for progression and characters ? 2
Is it impossible to play it offline? 1
the game will let me guide characters, but not recruit them. Why? 1
Elemental defence reduce skill? 1
Leveling, story and sub-classes ? 1
Does anyone know how to fix the glitch where the skill's explanations disappear during battle in Octopath Traveler? 1
What are the multipliers for support skills? 0
Stuck as just Tressa? 1
Unresolved Questions Answers
Star of the Stage help? 1
The Price of Vengeance bug? 1
Anyone else find this game too easy? 1
Is there an enemy that I can steal Energizing Pomegranates (M or L) from? 1
Where can I find Dragon's Helm? 3
How to get to Goldshore? 3
Is my party alright? + quick Prim dagger/gear question 3
Whose story lines do I have to beat in order to unlcok the p[ost-game quests? 1
Good party comp without secondary jobs? 2
Grinding places for chapter 3? 1

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