Good Gabriel build?

  1. So what can i give her beside
    Ice pleroma
    High ice pleroma
    Ice age?
    Maybe some healing moves or buff/debuff moves?
    genesisx11 - 1 week ago - report


  1. My current Gabriel has:

    Bowl of Hygieia
    Ice Pleroma
    High Ice Pleroma
    High Restore
    Null Elec

    You can replace Bufubarion for Ice Age and Restore for Great Mana Spring if you want to use on things not weak to ice, I made this mostly for Shiva though
    Pajama_Day - 3 days ago - report 0   0
  2. Gabriel isn't THE best healer, or buff/debuffer, because she doesn't have unique spells unlike Idun, Cleopatra, etc. Aside from Inanna, and Abdiel, there's no competition in Ice and Light damage, unlike the other elements. You could have her be the backup though, with something like:

    -Ice Age
    -Debilitate/Luster Candy
    -Bowl of Hygieia/High Heal Pleorma
    -Repel Electric
    -High Ice Pleorma
    -Great Mana Spring/High Restore

    You generally want to have 1 pierce skill, with the High Pleorma matching. If you're fighting Demi-Fiend, then replace the healing skills/passive with Abyssal Mask, and Enduring Soul. I say this because the best healers: Idun, Danu, Demeter, are such powerhouses, and not easily replaced.
    Malight - 3 days ago - report 0   0
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