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by princeofsomnia

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FAQ/Walkthrough by princeofsomnia

Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 04/28/18


Hello! My name is Prince of Somnia! I'm an aspiring YouTuber with a burning passion for JRPGs and most everything Nintendo puts out these days. Having played through Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so recently, and having gathered information for some friends already to help them work their way through the game (and get past some of the games... annoyances...) I thought it might be fun to type up a little something about the game. And thus, this guide was born!

The intent of this guide is not necessarily direct players to 100% completion (and honestly, I don't think XB2 was designed with 100% completionists in mind), nor is the intent to direct players to achieving victory through wacky, out of the way strategies or excessive farming. The intent is to provide a new player/first-timers a resource they can use to beat the game in ways that don't end up making them spend hours and hours grinding rather than progressing.

To that end I will not assume that the player has any rare blade other than what the game gives you through sidequests and story progress. I'll make note of rare blades that could be helpful in certain situations and I will discuss each rare blade's Blade Quest in later sections of the guide, but there will be no battle or boss strategies that hinge upon blades a player might not have at that point, or even ever.

While much of my information comes from the game itself, of course, I also made use of several outside resources linked at the last section of the guide, including Reddit posts, a few community-made Google Spreadsheets, and a few other websites and videos here and there for lists of rare blades and quest information, both in my initial playthrough of the game and in the construction of this guide.

Also, as for the guide itself, feel free to use any information listed so long as appropriate credit is given, either to me or to the original source. Please don't repost this guide anywhere else without my permission either. If you have any tips on the game, anything you think I should add, or even information that I'm currently missing, please send me a message on GameFAQs. I will credit you for any information given in the Sources section, and I thank you in advance.

And as for my content on the internet, feel free to take a look at my YouTube channel at:
If you like what you see, leave a few likes and subscribe if you wish, and consider following my Twitter at:
for updates.

Boot up the game when you're ready, and enjoy!


Note: "C-buttons" or "C-" followed by a direction refer to the four face buttons on the Left Joycon, or under the Left Stick on the Pro Controller.

In the Field:

Left Stick: Move your character. Click to change the mini-map size.
Right Stick: Move the camera. Click to reset the camera. With L held, used to zoom camera in or out.
C-buttons: Use to view controls tutorial. C-down when targeting an enemy lures them.
A: Interact, select. With R held, used to change targeted enemy. Initiates combat when targeting an enemy.
B: Cancel, skip voice lines in menu. With R held, cancels targeting.
X: Opens the Skip Travel menu.
Y: Toggles auto-run.
L: Held to adjust camera zoom.
R: Press to target nearest enemy in field of view. Held to change effects of certain buttons.
ZL: Switch leading Blade.
ZR: View current objective.
+: Opens Main Menu. Exits any menu.
-: Opens System Menu.

In Battle:

Left Stick: Move your character. You will not auto attack while moving.
Right Stick: Move the camera.
C-up, right, and down: Blade Switch.
C-left: Focus on targeted enemy.
A: Blade Special, help an ally up.
X, Y, and B: Driver Art.
R: When held, Y/A Switches targeted enemy, B sheathes weapon, X has certain effects in Chapter 8 and beyond, and + has certain effects in New Game +.
ZL, ZR: Use a party member's special, when prompted.
+: Initiate a Chain Attack.


The AI for party members is generally smart enough in battle to handle themselves well enough. A few things to note:

  • Male party members tend to prioritize Blade Switching for Driver Combos.
  • Female party members tend to prioritize Blade Switching for Blade Combos.
  • Party members with HLR Blades, especially the second party member, will prioritize healing when one or more members of the team is at critical HP. However, they will switch to Blades of other roles if the party is not at critical HP, if they have them. The will, however, continue to do this even while the party is afflicted with Nullify Healing.
  • Party members with HLR Blades will periodically collect HP Potions, even if they themselves did not pull them.
  • Party members will generally attempt to fulfill conditions for bonus effects for their Arts.
  • Party members will not help each other up when incapacitated. They will help the player up if the player is incapacitated, so long as there is at least one full bar on the Party Gauge.
  • Party members will approach an enemy if the targeted enemy is attacked by is attacking the player at the start of combat. They will do nothing if weapons are sheathed.
  • Party members will re-position themselves if flung away from an enemy.
  • Party members will re-appear incapacitated near the player if flung off a cliff mid-battle.
Version Log

Version 1.0.1

  • Added information about the DLC Blade Poppibuster and their Blade Quest to Chapter 5 and the Rare Blade section.
  • Added information about T-elos, the post-game reward Blade, to the Rare Blade section.

Version 1.0.0

  • Complete Story Guide/Walkthrough
  • List of Rare Blades and how to acquire them
  • Affinity Chart branches for non-New Game + Rare Blades
  • Location to start almost all Rare Blade Quests, with Quests covered in the story written in full
  • Location to start almost all non-DLC Side Quests
  • Location and requirements of many Heart-To-Hearts. This will be completed later.
  • Lists of Landmarks and Locations, with detailed locations forthcoming.