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by Heropon_Totoro

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Heropon_Totoro

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/01/18

Introduction/Version History

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a very lengthy JRPG that will take at least 60-80 hours to complete just the main story. Longer if you would like to complete many of the optional portions of the game. Being such a lengthy game, and seeing as many of the side things might be a little less on the straightforward side, this guide will endeavor to help you play through the main story as simply as possible, with sections of the optional content on the side so as not to have these lost through the rest of the guide.

If you have any corrections for the guide, be they factual errors, or even just grammar and formatting issues, please PM me or email HeroponTotoro (at) gmail (dot) com. Photo evidence or a link to a site in order to correct the error would be very helpful.

Version History

v 1.0

Combat system guide included.
All Rare Blades Affinity Charts complete, save for some early requirements that were missed.
All Blade Quests completed.
All Heart-to-Hearts detailed.
Item lists for collectibles, weapon chips, pouch items, and deeds included. Will become more detailed over time.

v 0.90

The main story walkthrough is complete.
All side quests are documented and complete, with potential minor tweaks in the future.
Rare Blade Affinity Charts mostly complete, a few early requirements are missing, however.
Some more Blade Quests and Heart-to-Hearts are documented.

v 0.50

The main story walkthrough is complete up to the end of chapter 5.
Most Rare Blade affinity charts are as complete as can be by chapter 5, with the exception of those that have yet to be acquired.
Some Blade Quests and Heart-to-Hearts have been documented as far as can be completed at current point in game.
All side quests that can be accepted up to chapter 5 have been listed with where to start them, and all but 'Into the Open Sky' and 'Uncover the Truth' are complete, as these require further progression in order to be completed





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