Does characters carry over to MG+?

  1. In NG+ do you start with Morag in your party or is she only available when the story allow it?

    User Info: Foril89

    Foril89 - 11 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. She's only available after joining the party in the plot.

    Conversely, Pyra and Mythra never leave.

    User Info: Shaded_Phoenix

    Shaded_Phoenix (Expert) - 11 months ago 0   0
  2. When she leaves your party in the plot in NG+. Does she then leave your party in the game as well? Sorry I assume the answer is yes but wanna make sure.

    User Info: Foril89

    Foril89 - 11 months ago
  3. I am pretty sure she does leave, 99% positive but it has been a long time since i started up new game + again so i don't remember too well.

    User Info: Heyk47

    Heyk47 - 11 months ago

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