Is there any way to make the right joy con player 1?

  1. I was playing arms on 2 player yesterday and I was playing with the right joy con (because I like red) I noticed i was player 1 and had no control over selecting in the main menu ( I had to tell me friend to choose ) is there any way of making the right joy con player 1? If there is how can I do it?

    User Info: DANIELandDapugs

    DANIELandDapugs - 2 years ago

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  1. The simplest was is to go back to the title screen and press SR and SL on the right JoyCon. If you select any multiplayer option from the menu, you can also put the JoyCons in a different order. If you have 2 JoyCons, press L and R to make the game think you're going to play with 2 JoyCons, then press SR and SL on the right JoyCon to set it as player 1. After player 1 is set, press SR and SL on the left JoyCon to get player 2 set as the left.

    User Info: CaptainToad101

    CaptainToad101 - 2 years ago 2   0

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