Best ARMs for Helix?

  1. I've been maining Helix and I need a set of arms for him. I use motion controls if that helps. Thanks!

    User Info: Kooldood975

    Kooldood975 - 2 years ago

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  1. This all comes down to personal preference. You finding what you like is most important. However, if you must know what a decent set it, then I would reccomend dragon ARMS and light ARMS like the Hydra and Triblast. Since you'll be more likely to dodge punches in general, then being able to plow through other ARMS isn't as important is it is to, say, Master Mummy. Something like the Revolver or Sparky is never a bad idea, since shock is one of the best abilities as of the game's current state. Also, something with wind like the Parasol is great, since one of the worst things that can happen to someone like Helix is having to deal with someone getting all up in your face. You're going to want to stay stretched as much as possible to keep the perma-charge (but know when to stop so you don't get hit).

    User Info: CaptainToad101

    CaptainToad101 - 2 years ago 2   0


  1. Best to stick wit the first, at my findings

    User Info: BrandNamiUzi

    BrandNamiUzi - 2 years ago 0   0

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