• Codes To Unlock Extras

    On the Extras screen, select 'Enter Code' and enter any and all codes for whichever Red Brick(s) you want to unlock, making sure to leave the last (7th) spot blank (achieved by pressing down once; this is the only slot to have a blank between '9' and 'A').

    NOTE: This does NOT count towards your percentage of completion. You will still need to physically acquire the actual bricks in order to reach 100% collection (combined with the umpteen hundred other things you need to collect), but you can enjoy the effects/boosts prior to doing so. (EDIT: This is partially true. While you still have to acquire the Red Bricks in the various districts of the city, the 14 Red Bricks these codes cover for the Special Assignments, all but SA #9, are counted in your running total.)

    Big props to ieatacid for these. I rearranged his list according to brick number and corrected some names, and am posting them here since most of us wouldn't think to check the FAQs for systems we don't own the game for (his list is on the PC version). I raise my stein to you, good sir/madam.

    *These have all been tested on a new game file on an NS*

    Unlocks Red Brick 10: Data Scan Upgrade - CluesV3YTDC
    Unlocks Red Brick 11: Data Scan Upgrade - TokensVGU7X4
    Unlocks Red Brick 12: Studs x2ACJDUN
    Unlocks Red Brick 13: Studs x4AZ9JMW
    Unlocks Red Brick 14: Studs x6HNC9MC
    Unlocks Red Brick 15: Studs x8QRXQ4A
    Unlocks Red Brick 16: Studs x103NMUQM
    Unlocks Red Brick 17: Attract StudsWBKU9C
    Unlocks Red Brick 18: Attract Bricks9BUK3T
    Unlocks Red Brick 19: Collect Sat Nav Studs3VMFBJ
    Unlocks Red Brick 20: Super Fast TravelEC9WLW
    Unlocks Red Brick 21: Super ThrowLX9LMN
    Unlocks Red Brick 22: Super Ray GunDDBAPC
    Unlocks Red Brick 23: Police Siren HatANMUJ8
    Unlocks Red Brick 24: Nitrous For AllEU6R97
    Unlocks Red Brick 26: Super RamQPYAHP
    Unlocks Red Brick 27: Extra HeartsEWYX68
    Unlocks Red Brick 28: InvincibilityPRKH98
    Unlocks Red Brick 29: Fast Build46YLWF
    Unlocks Red Brick 30: Super Break and EnterNAGXGC
    Unlocks Red Brick 31: Super Axe SmashM7AL7Y
    Unlocks Red Brick 32: Super Astro CrateMGH7C3
    Unlocks Red Brick 33: Super Drill Ride3ET876
    Unlocks Red Brick 34: Super Safe Crack66KB9W
    Unlocks Red Brick 35: Unlimited DynamiteJCJFHV
    Unlocks Red Brick 36: Super Color GunXGCQG8
    Unlocks Red Brick 37: Fall RescueY8VQWW
    Unlocks Red Brick 38: Longer Vehicle Boost9ELGA9
    Unlocks Red Brick 4: Ringtone - GasELUVW9
    Unlocks Red Brick 6: Wonder Whistle7GVTDW
    Unlocks Red Brick 7: Data Scan Upgrade - City ChallengesC6M7AJ
    Unlocks Red Brick 8: Data Scan Upgrade - Character ChallengesLB978Y
    Unlocks Red Brick 9: Data Scan Upgrade - Red Bricks9WDTTJ

    Contributed By: Old_RPG_Nerd.

    32    27

  • Costume and Vehicles Codes.

    Pause the game go to EXTRAS Input following codes.

    Baseball Player5MCPHUL
    Classic Alien8JQBUKE
    Roman SoldierB2L8U2E

    Contributed By: DeathStrokerz.

    61    74


  • Bonus Missions

    There are 2 bonus missions in this game. To do them, you need to enter the codes in the Extras menu via the Pause Screen. Each mission has its own code. The 1st is: 3D74QF9. The 2nd is: N7NN4F9. Once entered, these missions can be found at the Police Station. Keep in mind you need to reach a certain point in the story before you can do these missions.

    Contributed By: StreetpassKing1.

    21    2

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