• Item Duplicant

    The Item Duplicant glitch can spawn in any number of your item of choice.
    This means "infinite" resources and money if you decide to sell all duplicants.

    What you need:
    - Enough items to fill your backpack (Doesn't matter what, you can also use trash.)
    - An empty chest on your farm (You need 50 Wood to craft a chest.)
    - The item you wish to duplicate placed in the empty chest.

    What you need to do is craft a chest, place it on your farm and make sure the item you wish to duplicate is inside that chest. Next up, fill your entire backpack. Go over to the chest, select the item you wish to duplicate. Now a warning message will appear, telling you that your backpack is full, but we're going to ignore that.

    While still having the item selected, hover over the Organise button on your right. Click and hold that button. In the background you can see duplicants of the item spawning in on your farm, and now you have "infinate" resources.

    ( If you decide to duplicate crops and sell them, when you go to sleep you won't see the sold duplicants in your overview, but you do get the money when you wake up.)

    Contributed By: General_the1st.

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  • Spawn any item (Pre-Patch)

    I didn't originally find this. I saw this for PC and confirmed it works for switch

    If you name your character item values surrounded by brackets. EX: [645][499][163] when game references your name, it will spawn items instead. In this example there are 3 items. You don't always get all 3, but sometimes you do. You'll always get the first one.

    The video doesn't mention it, but you can also name an animal while buying it for a one time spawn. Then you can rename the animal after. If you don't want to have a weird character name you're stuck with, then this can be pretty nice.

    Contributed By: Exd3ath.

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Easter Eggs

  • Secret Chat Messages

    When you open chat, you can type in a phrase and it will produce a certain effect.
    - Type in /cheat, /money or /debug and you will get this message: "ConcernedApe: Nice try..."
    - Type in /qi and you will get this message: "Mr. Qi: Hey, kid. Yeah, I'm here. What'd you expect?" If you do the command again, a second message will show up: "Mr. Qi: Hey... keep up the good work, and never stop striving for success! I'll see you soon, kid..."
    - Type in /ca, /ape, or /concernedape and you will get this message: "ConceredApe: Hello. I hope you're enjoying your new life here. Take care!"

    Contributed By: YoshiKidJavi.

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