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  1. Note that I'm not talking about the battle with Agent 3 during the story of Octo Expansion, I'm talking about the second fight that unlocks after you've collected all 80 mem cakes. That said:

    I don't even think this was designed to be cleared. Agent 3 has over three times normal health (per phase), infinite ink, unlimited specials, autobombs with infinite range, a dodge roll (even though they aren't using Dualies), a Splattershot with enhanced range and damage, and godlike aim. There are 5 (or possibly more, I've only gotten that far) phases, and if you die once, you have to start it all from the beginning. To top it all off, you're forced to use the Octoshot, which just plain sucks.

    Has ANYONE beaten this fight yet?

    User Info: matdemo159

    matdemo159 - 8 months ago
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    Nvm, beat it. The fight was damn near impossible, though, so I'll write up a guide with what I've learned to ease your suffering a bit.

    User Info: matdemo159

    matdemo159 - 8 months ago

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  1. I know youve completed it, but this question is bugging me.
    -The first part is where agent 3 has the inkjet. Its easier to go after her before she uses the inkjet. if your armor breaks, hide behind a box and heal, its not smart to keep attacking while your at low health. Once your armor fixes, you can attack again. If agent 3 starts using the inkjet while she is at low health, you can try splatting them but she will have higher ground and a weapon that can break your armor in one hit. After a few seconds, the inkjet will end and you can start attacking him/her again.
    -during the second part, agent 3 will use the bubble blower. While agent 3 uses it, he/she can't use their main weapon, so my advice is to dodge around the bubbles and attack while he/she is using it. If they break your armor, retreat, if agent 3 stops using it, wait for them to use it again and avoid the bubbles. If the bubbles pop, make sure to re-ink the ground it covered.
    -in the third part, agent 3 will use the auto bomb launcher. Since bomb launchers lets you use your main weapon while launching bombs, you shouldnt go after agent 3 while they use it. Its best to wait untill he/she is done, make the autobombs explode, and then attack while agent 3 uses her main weapon. If your armor breaks, retreat. Make sure to re-ink most of the turf agent 3 covered.
    -in the next phase, agent 3 will use the tentamissiles and their main weapon while on the ufo. Agent 3 will cover a lot of turf, so make sure to cover that up again with your ink. While the ufo is still, you need to throw a bomb up on to it. It will take 2 bombs to finish off agent 3, and they heal, so be quick. Again, if your armor breaks, retreat and heal.
    -during the final part, agent 3 will superjump to you and use the splashdown 3 times. Make sure to dodge and try to cover ink, but be careful, if your armor breaks you move much slower and cand dodge sa easily. After the third splashdown, agent 3 will attack with his/her main weapon, and thats when you can splat them.

    User Info: Pizzacat10

    Pizzacat10 (Expert) - 7 months ago 0   0

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  1. Yes, I have beaten this fight and I bailed it out.
    But I'm not sure what you're saying is accurate though. The reason why agent 3 has all this stuff is because the weird telephone did something to his/her brain resulting in giving him/her supernatural powers and all that stuff you mentioned.
    So the point is, yes this battle was supposed to happen and no it is not impossible. Just use strategy do what they say and just keep dodging. :)

    User Info: cutie_sarah9

    cutie_sarah9 - 8 months ago 0   0
  2. Did you not read the question cutie_sarah9? It's talking about the rematch after getting all 80 mem cakes. It's a different fight entirely.

    User Info: PinDaGreat

    PinDaGreat - 8 months ago 0   0

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