How can I find my lost/invisible follower?

  1. I have played skyrim a few times with different characters but never on the Nintendo Switch until this character. Everything was fine until I got the follower from the bar/inn in Raven Rock. He is the dude in the Chitin armor. He was following me until and after fighting a dragon priest in the mine I think. But once I actually left the room, he was not there. This happens sometimes so I just fast travel. He still is not there, it has been about two real world days and I have done EVERYTHING.

    - fast traveled a few times, went to Skyrim and Solstheim a few times.
    - went in and out of buildings, and checked where I found him and recruited him the first time.
    - waited MANY days on Skyrim, Sostheim, and inside the place I found him, he didn't leave my service or anything.
    - tried to add a new follower but was told I have someone already ( yuck )
    Now here is where it gets weird...

    I just put up with it until I joined Dawnguard and need to have the vampire lady with me to keep going and all. She says I have a follower with me already, and when I was kicked out of the vampire castle, by the boat I came to the castle on, there he was, I tried to talk but he went right for the boat and ran off again! On Skyrim, boom, gone again. I tried to go back and talk before he could run from me but he was not there this time. I also have this weird glitch where when I stop walking for a moment I am pushed or blocked for a moment like is a follower went in my way and moved. It has made being a sneak and ranged character even harder, I don't know what to do anymore!

    Anyone know what to do, I am on switch so I can't use those PC cheats most of the forums fixed their issue with.

    User Info: yoshinoyoshii

    yoshinoyoshii - 1 year ago

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  1. If you continue with the Dawnguard questline Serana will replace him automatically anyway as she scripted to take the follower slot once you are trying to find the moth priest. Until then she will remark you have a follower if you try to ask her to follow you.

    It does appear he is invisible and is actually following you if your getting phantom nudges. If you cast detect life you may see his outline if that is true.

    He may reset to normal once dismissed by Serana. Make sure you do not visit Solstheim for at least 30 in game days to fully reset him. There is a possibility he may also vanish altogether when Serana takes over but at least you can hire and fire followers after that.

    Teldryn is a very buggy follower and I have also lost him more than once myself. He does require a bit of baby sitting so you may want to get some one else anyway for peace of mind.

    User Info: Olld-Onne

    Olld-Onne (Expert) - 1 year ago 1   0
  2. Things got worse. yay. So I tried to aopt Meeko to get my follower to leave because I have to have Serana at this point, to get to the vampire castle garden. But when I took Meeko home and had my kid adopt him, then had the follower in my house try to follow me, they said I had someone with my again, and the invisible push started right up again before I even left my house. I have no idea what to do, but I can not finish a lot of quests now because of it.

    User Info: yoshinoyoshii

    yoshinoyoshii - 1 year ago


  1. There are a lot of issues with followers dissappearing. You should first try to go where you last saw that follower and see if they just waited there or got stuck someplace. I remember a follower who couldn't jump off a ledge and went all the way around the entire Dwemer ruin. If the follower is not there, it may have returned to the place he/she was hired/joined with you. You may want to give time for the cell to reset and stay away from it for 30 games days.

    If all of that doesn't work, just reload a save from when you still had that follower with you and dismiss him/her.

    User Info: FactoidHunter

    FactoidHunter (Expert) - 1 year ago 0   0

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