How do I fix the nonexistent follower glitch?

  1. So as of the time of this question, I've been having a problem where I cannot recruit a follower. Each person I could recruit tells me I already have someone with me, which I do not. I checked off every quest where a follower is "required" with the exception of my Purity companions quest, which is broken (broken meaning the game thinks I completed it but I really haven't) and around that time, I was allowed to bring a follower with me aside from Vilkas because he was technically mandatory to the quest. If anyone knows of a way to clear this up, please let me know, because the only character I consistently bring as a follower is Lydia, which I did not recruit at the time of this question.

    User Info: JacTheRipper331

    JacTheRipper331 - 7 months ago
  2. As of just now, I experimented with the game by killing Vilkas and asking Aela to follow me. The response was the same, so now I know that Vilkas has nothing to do with it.

    User Info: JacTheRipper331

    JacTheRipper331 - 7 months ago

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  1. Who was following you at the time of starting the Purity quest would clear this up a tiny bit. Is Vilkas still around or is he missing?. You are not suppose to take any other follower while doing the Purity quest and they may be dismissed randomly when the game checks and corrects this if you try to do so.

    It's possible the game thinks Vilkas is still your follower and this will prevent you from hiring anyone else. I actually used this very quest to permanently have Farkas around on one playthrough and I cannot dismiss him or get another follower until Purity is finished.

    The problem most likely is the mission bugging out which has permanently attached Vilkas in your follower slot. You need to find where Vilkas is if possible as his dialogue options may hold the answer to what has gone wrong.

    User Info: Olld-Onne

    Olld-Onne (Expert) - 7 months ago 1   0


  1. Hmm... how long since the last time you had a follower? Reload a save from before and see when it happened, and try talking to whoever it is. Also, you could try getting a bounty and spending a long time in jail. Followers abandon you after a while of waiting.

    User Info: AceTheBoss

    AceTheBoss - 7 months ago 0   1

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