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by codebreak1337

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Guide and Walkthrough by codebreak1337

Version: Final | Updated: 01/29/2018
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2017

Main Story Walkthrough

The player will start off the game by getting to choose between assist mode and regular mode. Assist Mode will be an easier version of the game and players may turn it on or off virtually anytime within their playthrough. This guide will be played in regular mode, however, don't be afraid to use it if you are using Assist Mode. Overall this guide is just made to enhance your experience of Super Mario Odyssey.

Bowser will apparently be trying to Marry Princess Peach. He literally stomps Mario's cap and shoots an infamous Fireball at Mario. This fireball knocks Mario directly off of Bowser's wedding airship. Mario will wake up in Bonneton which is the Cap Kingdom. He will meet Cappy the cap and Cappy will restore Mario's hat. Many of you already know what Cappy can do! We will be going through all the captures with details in this guide. Please see the Captures section if you are interested, this guide will be updated often and daily.

Players will learn some of the basic moves of the game by taking a slight amount of time through our first glimpse of the Cap Kingdom. Please be sure to make your way to the marker of "X" on the map. To bring up your Map Screen, hit the ( - ) button on the Nintendo Switch controller. Once you make it atop a short hill, shoot the lever with Mario's Hat by pressing the " Y " button. This will form a path to a door that leads Inside the Cap Tower.

Inside the Cap Tower

As you make it inside the tower, you may see a few green frogs roaming around. This will be exciting and amazing! This will be the first time we can use Cappy to Capture a creature or enemy. Toss Mario's Hat at the Green Frog. Super Mario will become a green frog with a mustache and of course the lettered "M" Mario cap. We can now do a few new moves and abilities while we are in Frog Form. Once again check our Captures section for more details.

Make your way to the top of the tower in frog form and jump through all the rings for extra coins. Gold Coins can be used anywhere in the game. You can lose Gold Coins when Mario dies. You can also purchase costumes and more with Gold Coins from the various "Crazy Cap" stores throughout the games several/many worlds. Once you reach the Treasure Chest, hit the ZR or ZL button to Transform back into Mario. Attack the boxes with Cappy to get some coins then attack the Treasure Chest for a Life Up Heart!

Once you have collected the treasure, open the Hat Symboled Door by attacking it with cappy using the " Y " button. Next, you will be in another area, make your way to the top of the hill. Some Gold Coins will appear here and be sure to collect them. Watch the cut-scene and get ready for our first Mini-Boss Battle #1 VS Topper!

Mini-Boss #1: Topper

Topper is pretty simple and I can give a few interesting notes about the battle. Firstly you should throw Cappy at Topper three times to knock all three of Topper's Hats off of Topper's head. At this point, Topper will be sitting dazed on the ground. Use Mario's Jump moves to stomp on top of Topper's head. Rinse and repeat this process one more time for a total of two times. This will have Mario defeat topper and progress to the next level.

#1 Topper's Hat can be destroyed for extra coins. They probably should be destroyed with a Spin Move by "flicking" the controller.
#2 Don't worry if you die or get hit in this battle, it could be slightly tricky to spin move all those hats your first time through!

Once Topper has been defeated, throw your hat at the electrical line and move with the Left Joystick. This will bring us to our next destination, which is Cascade Falls. Get ready for some amazing graphics and scenery and of course loads of fun, see the rest of our sections and share this page with your friends!

Power Moon #1 - Our First Power Moon!

After watching the short cut-scene and entering the new area which is called the Cascade Kingdom you may want to explore a bit. Feel free to do so, however, for the sake of guide writing I will be making things a bit linear here for some players. Overall this is mainly for your enjoyment so please read on.

Players probably should go for the first Power Moon. There will be some Gold Coins along the way as well as Purple Coins or Stone Discs to collect. I will be calling the Purple Coins, Level Coins and collecting them all in a different section of this guide. In that case, once again we will be avoiding the purple coins for now.

Knowing the above we can make our way towards the Chain Chomp a bit north from our starting point. Throw Cappy or Mario's Cap onto the chain chomp. You can break all of the Goomba embedded rocks with the Chain Chomp Capture. The broken rocks to the west will reveal our First Power Moon! Collect it and bring it to the next marker point which is the Globe on the rusty Odyssey. The Odyssey needs more power and that is our next objective.

Power Moon #2 - Multi-Moon Atop the Falls:

Head to the second Bowser Flag which is north of the waterfall basin flag. Touch the flag to make a future warp point then head on and attack the colored rainbow spikey enemies. Hook around until you see another Giant Chain Chomp. Use Cappy to Capture the enemy and then wind up the chain chomp. Crash the chain chomp directly into the wall. This will reveal a Green Warp Pipe.

Heading inside the warp pipe will reveal a 2-D Mario level in Super Mario Bros #1 ( The Original ) fashion. Complete this area and make your way out to the top exiting green warp pipe. From that point, there will be more Chain Chomps to capture. You can break the surrounding blocks for some Gold Coins and maybe even a Life Heart. Most Importantly break the larger stones to form a bridge to the next Boss of The Cascade Kingdom, Broode and her Golden Chain Chomp.

Madame Broode #1:

This battle was a little be tougher than the previous battle at Cap Kingdom, Vs Topper. Madame Broode will have a Golden Chain chomp with her as a pet on a short chain leash. To defeat Madame Broode players must throw the Cap of Mario at the Golden Chomp. This will knock off its pink hat so on the second throw while the pink hat is off, Mario can capture the golden chain chomp.

Once this has been completed you will be playing as the golden Chain Chomp. At this point wind-up backward and release the Chain Chomp into the face of Madame Broode. Some problems you may encounter during this fight is mainly the Chain Chomp itself. This is especially true if Madame Broode is chasing after you, with the Chain Chomp moving radically on its own leash.

#1. Tougher than the previous Topper Battle.
#2. Hit the chain chomp twice to capture it.
#3. Beware when it is running wildly on its chain leash, with Madame Broode.

The Sand Kingdom --- Part #2:

Power Moon #1 - Atop the Highest Tower:

Use the Odyssey to head to the next Kingdom which will be the Sand Kingdom. There will be several cut-scenes for the story enhancement. You can skip or watch them if you would like. You will acquire the Captain of the Odyssey's white hat for Mario during this time. See our costumes sections for pixel art by myself on all the costumes as well as my thoughts and other information. See this in our costumes section of this strategy guide.

When players arrive at the Sand Kingdom it will be unusually cold. Players must first make their way atop the highest tower. In this case head north defeating the yellow goombas and use the Bullet Bill to get across to the other side. Keep heading up until you reach a green warp pipe. Use it and complete the 2D Mario level to get to the next area with some brown crates. From that point ride the platforms to another green warp pipe.

Take this 2D side-scrolling area all the way up to the top of the tower. You will acquire the green power moon for the Sand Kingdom. This will help users make progress in the main quest. Once that is complete we will have to find the five moon shards for the next power moon.

Moon Shards in the Desert -- The Sand Kingdom:

Power Moon #2 - Moon Shards in the Desert:

Next up we have to collect some Moon Shards, five to be exact. Take the moving platforms to the lower part of the Desert. Throwing Mario's cap at the propellers may set off the Ring Bombs. If so, jump over the ring of fire they produce, this is also a good way to Collect around 100 Gold Coins, every run rather easily. Once you finish the platforming you will run into the first moon shard, be sure to acquire it.

You can use the Moe-Eye enemies here and capture them. When you hit the "Y" button you can put on their sunglasses. The sunglasses reveal hidden paths. Be sure to look above at the stone pillars above, so you can get the moon shard up there. It may be easier to remember to just cross over the purple pool of toxic stuff from above, then head right to the next moon shard once you are up there.

There are two more moon shards hidden around the vicinity of this area. You should circle the area in entirety to collect them. If you are still having too much trouble just watch the video below. They are not too hard to find, so don't worry too much. Once you collect them all, get the Power Moon from the glowing stand. At this point, the next part of the story will unfold and we can head inside the Inverted Pyramid.

Power Moon #3 - The Sand Kingdom - Mini-Boss -- Broodal:

The player can now head to the Inverted Pyramid as there will be an open door and the marker point showing how to get to the location. Once you are inside you will have to complete several platforming obstacles. Firstly, go into Bullet Bill form and make your way to the Green Warp Pipe. Use the Green Warp Pipe and complete the 2D Mario section. Continue on your way up and if you are collecting Power Moons, be sure to check our in-depth level guides by clicking the appropriate sections here in this guide on Gamefaqs.com

Once you can make it to the top of the Inverted Pyramid you will meet the Broodals again. They make their appearance after Bowser and Peach fly away in their airship. The broodals are rather annoying and this time we will be fighting against Broodal, the cute and petite female one. She can be a little tough so let's take a look at her attacks and give a strategy.


The petite and cute female Broodal will launch a teal spikey bomb ball at Mario. She will toss it into the air with a bit of a weird float to it as it goes near Mario. You can knock these into her by throwing Mario's cap at it. Afterward, follow up with a jump attack on her head and three of these will defeat her for the time being. However, if you happen to miss the opportunity the first time, Broodal with swing the teal bomb and it is best to stay far back. If it misses Mario it will explode in Broodal's face giving us time to Jump on her head.

Overall, I found this battle to be better than both the Topper battle, in the Cap Kingdom and the Golden Chain Chomp battle vs Broode at the Cascade Kingdom. I like the teal spikey balls they were fun to toss back at Broodal. Regardless, this still doesn't count as the big boss, which is coming up next!

#1. The Best of the Mini-Bosses thus far.
#2. Slight difficulty increase.
#3. Overall Rating 6/10 - Pretty Fun -

Power Moon #4 - BOSS -- Knucklotec - A Hole in the Desert:

You can only start this mission after you have collected Moon #3 which is the Multi-Moon you acquire for defeating Broodal atop the inverted Pyramid. Once Broodal is defeated a new marker will show up. This is part of the Main Storyline. You can head through the icy cave and make your way through the deepest part of the underground where the temple was earlier. You should see a huge arena and this will be the first true boss battle of the game.

The Boss will be an ancient stone golem, known as Knucklotec. You can find the name of the boss if you look at your Capture List and one of his fists will tell the lore or name of the boss. This guy isn't too tough but he is a blast to fight. No Damage runs will be a little more difficult but still rather fun. The boss looks awesome and has several attacks. The coolest part of the battle is capturing his fist and launching them at his face. Do this three times to the face of Knucklotec to win the fight and get Moon #4 a multi-moon.

Knucklotec will first raise both hands into the air. He will then crash one down at a time in a downward punching motion. Mario must be near a patch of ice on the floor. If so the hand of Knucklotec will be stunned. When the hand is stunned you can throw Mario's Cap at the hand/fist. This will cause Mario to become the Fist of Knucklotec. At this point, the fist controls just like a Bullet Bill. Accelerate into the face of Knucklotec to deal damage. While in fist form, Knucklotec will be shooting ice balls from his mouth they can slow you down so be sure to avoid them.

After hitting Knucklotec once or twice, he may switch up its attack patterns. Knucklotec will also clap its hands together and try and smash Mario within the clap. Be sure to use the "Long Jump" to avoid this attack. Finally, you may be able to recover a heart or two if Knucklotecs hands smash into one of the red hearts underneath the ice patches on the floor. Overall its a fun and intimating first true boss fight, that is rather a surprise as well.

#1. Knucklotec is his name crushing plumbers is his game.
#2. Could be slightly tough, don't forget to have full health or collect hearts from the ice patches.
#3. Use Mario's Cap to capture Knucklotec's fist once they are stunned, then launch them into his face.
#4. Overall Rating 8/10 - Very amusing!

The Lake Kingdom - Part #5:

Power Moon #1 - Broodals Over the Lake:

Once you have powered the Odyssey back up, you can travel towards one of two kingdoms. The players will have a choice to go to either The Lake Kingdom or The Wooded Kingdom. For the sake of the walkthrough, I would appreciate if you all follow me towards The Lake Kingdom First. Select the Lake Kingdom and Mario and Cappy will be on their way to a very gorgeous and entertaining level.

When you first enter The Lake Kingdom, you may notice the airship flying overhead. It is actually rather difficult to get into for first-timers. I myself was lost for about 15-20 minutes looking for the way up to the airship. Because of the trouble I had, especially towards the second segment, I made a video showing the secret power block that must be hit in order to reveal a spin-flower, that will grant access to the same level the Airship is located on.

Here is the complete run-down, in text form. At the start of the level head north and swim below through a few obstacles. Remember Mario can regain his Oxygen Level by swimming into a bubble, similar to the Classic Sonic The Hedgehog games water levels. Do this until you reach an area with the Big Blue Dinosaur and the red fish that can be captured. These red fish are the classic Cheep Cheep fish. If you Capture a Cheep Cheep, you can breathe underwater, without having to worry about Mario's Oxygen Meter.

Use the Cheep Cheep to get all the way towards the Crazy Cap Shop on the Map. Remember you can go inside the large circular holes and then Mario can breathe and walk in these areas. You can check out the Crazy Cap shop later, for now, let us continue onwards towards the Broodals Airship.

As mentioned above, there is a Power Block to the west of the Crazy Cap shop, inside the breathable area. Hit that Power Block, and then you can use the Spin-Flower to get up to the next area. Continue this way aiming for the Broodals Airship and you will get to it eventually. If this fails, please use the video below for the extra help.

Mini-Boss Battle - Rango of the Broodals:

Rango is his name and throwing spikey hats to put Mario in a Tombstone is his game! Not that cool, but for some reason, the awesome movie Tombstone comes to mind with this Rango guy. Maybe because of Johnny Ringo and Doc Holiday? Ringo, Rango, anyone? Putting that aside this is a tough one for me. I actually think Rango knocked out my Mario twice and that may even be recorded in the video below.

Rango will toss his spiked hat at Mario. However, it spins strangely at first and may make things tougher in a No-Damage run. Rango's first toss is easily countered with a direct hit from Mario's Cap, Cappy. After the hit, Mario must jump onto of Rango's hat and it will cause a Spin-Flower effect. Hover over and get on top of Rango's head. Use the shadow of Mario to make things easier for the lineup attack. When you are completely lined up with Rango's head press the ZR button to slam down on Rango.

Phase #2 of Rango gets a little more difficult, as Rango's spiked hat will angle a bit. Due to the angle that the hat is thrown, Mario will have to Angle the control a bit more and throw Cappy in that angled direction. It sounds easy, but if you are going for No-Damage it may be harder. Kudos once again to my hardcore readers that actually enjoy this stuff, You guys own! After hitting Rango's hat on an angle, repeat the Spin-Flower slam tactic again and head into round or phase #3.

In Phase Three the hat of Rango will spin on a curve but at an even larger Radius. Don't forget in-between each phase Rango will hop around inside of his spikey hat, trying to pin Mario down. So, after each phase use the Long-Jump move to avoid that particular "chorus" attack. Finally, angle Cappy and get a quick shot in at Rango's hat, use his hat as a Spin-Flower one last time and crush him with ZR ground slam, this should finish off Rango for now at least.

#1. Rango from Tombstone Returns!
#2. Dodge his "Chorus" attack with Mario's Long Jump.
#3. Angle your cap tosses to reveal the spin-flower
#4. Overall Rating - 7/10 - Personal Favorite Broodal

The Wooded Kingdom - Part #6:

Power Moon #1 - The Road to Sky Garden:

This is the main storyline mission and it can be pretty confusing so I will discuss some of the things you should do to progress to the Power Moon #1. First, you want to take the back road. The back road is pretty narrow and winding. However, you will end up near a Fire Bro and another new capture called the Uproot. See our captures section in this strategy guide for further details. Once you seem stuck, use the Uproot to "grow", you can extend the growth by shaking the Nintendo Switch Controller. Players should know that after growing you can do a small jump to access above hills. With the Uproot, you can also break blocks and move orange 3D platforms, if you get under them.

Players should check their map often and tilt the camera to see which way is the correct path. Like I stated above it is a little confusing on getting to the large Piranha Plant that you must defeat at the end to get the next Power Moon #1. On the subject of Piranha Plants, you will have to fight several of them. They spew poison and you can remove the Poison by throwing Cappy at it. From what it seems to me, you can not capture Piranha Plants. They will also eat Cappy and you will be stuck without him for a little while if they do.

The best method for defeating Piranha Plants is to either get behind them or jump on their heads. The best jump method is using the Spin-Flower jump. You can do this just like we did in Super Mario World [ SNES ]. Except in this game you should rotate the Joystick 360ยบ then jump. Mario will do a Spin-Jump similar to as if he jumped on top of a spin-flower. This is easier to control and you can follow Mario's shadow right onto the Piranha Plants head, then squish it! If you still need more help, watch the video below.

Wooded Kingdom:

Power Moon #2 - Flower Thieves of Sky Garden:
Mini-Boss: Spewart

This is part of the Main Storyline and it is required to complete the game. The hard part is honestly getting to the first power moon, shown above. From that point, you can hit the P-Switch to make a road of flowers appear. Follow the road of flowers up into a doorway. Be as quick as you can without falling, because the road of flowers will dissipate or disappear behind Mario as he travels along them.

Keep heading up and use the Uproot Capture if you must, as well as hitting another P-Switch to make another road of flowers that wind to appear. Take the road up and enter a crevice in the middle of the station/wall. Continue up from that point to the next area and you will meet the Broodals again. This time we will be doing battle with Spewart, a poison-spewing annoyance.

Mini-Boss -- Spewart:

Wow, this guy is pretty tough for a Mario game! He must've have beaten me about seven times before I finally got him. The trick is honestly to be more aggressive and act as well as think quicker than normal. Spewart will spit acid out of his mouth and literally suck wind. While Spewart is sucking wind, be sure to toss Mario's cap at him. While he is hats off or stunned quickly do a jump on top of his head.

The problem with jumping on top of Spewarts head is that you may not have enough momentum, due to all the poison in the area, that Spewart has to spit out at Mario. In this case, just be extra careful and know you will need that much extra control to land the Jump.

In Spewarts, "chorus" formation, he will go inside his spiked hat and bounce around the arena. The spiked hat will leave poison wherever it goes. If you throw Mario's cap at the hat it will bounce away from Mario a bit. Don't forget to do this to keep the hat at bay as well as know that hat tosses can cleanse the poison. Rinse and repeat hitting Spewart on the head with three head jump/stomps and you will defeat him. Upon his defeat, Mario and Cappy will receive a Multi-Moon or Power Moon #2.

#1 Toughest battle yet, yet again!
#2 Knock back his hat during the "chorus" attacks.
#3 Be quick witted for the win ( FTW ).
#4 Overall Rating - 7/10 - A Good one with a challenge.

Power Moon #3 - Path to the Secret Flower Field:

This area is pretty straightforward, but you will be dealing with the Sherm tanks, which is a new capture and other baddies. The Sherm Tank is pretty awesome and packs a surprise capture for me. They can be damaging even if you are in a Sherm Tank yourself. The tank doesn't have the acrobatics or mobility moves that Mario packs so be extra quick while you are in one.

You can blast the dark colored stones to pave a way all the way up to the rotational Bowser Icon door. At this door, blast the three circles and the door will come crashing down. Beware the other Sherm Tanks and acquire Power Moon #3.

Power Moon #4 - Defend the Secret Flower Field:

You will start the battle quickly after dropping down the hole in the structure. Step forward a bit and Torkdrift will initiate his battle sequence. You should notice an Uproot Capture here. Be sure to quickly get into the Uproot and hopefully know it's controlled schematics a bit. The objective is to get directly under Torkdrift and grow with the Uproot. This will cause damage.

Of course, each round will represent more difficulty. Players will have to break the stones that come in a set of three. Use the Uproot and get in the center of the gray bricks or stones to break them all at once. Do this to each set of stones. When completed head back under Torkdrift for the second time.

This will initiate round or phase #3. Torkdrift will also spawn out circular patterned red laser beams. To avoid these, grow with the Uproot and hit the "Y" button while in growth form to jump over each laser. Finally, rinse and repeat breaking the set of 3 gray bricks and attacking Torkdrift one last time underneath its core.

#1. A Fun battle, a bit easier than Knucklotec.
#2. Enjoyable using the Uproot and its gameplay mechanics here.
#3. Overall Rating - 7/10 - Fun and Creative, yet a little easy.

Hat to Hat Combat: Part #7

Mario will have to collect about ten Power Moons to power up the Odyssey further. Please see our Kingdom Sections for more information on Power Moon collecting. Once you have collected 10 or more Power Moons, you can than travel to the next Kingdom. The game will give us the option to go to The Metro Kingdom. Along the way, however, you will end up in the clouds, this is The Cloud Kingdom and we will have a huge cloudy arena to fight none other than Bowser in!

Bowser is actually a little difficult. Once you get used to his patterns he can become relatively simple. The biggest trick is jumping over the rings of fire. They can be difficult especially the ones that double or come in twos. It is extra hard because you will be in the Fist Cap. The Fist cap is really cool, as it covers Mario with a cap and two spring-loaded boxing gloves.

Pound the Nintendo Switch Controller or mash the "Y" button to attack quickly. Players must do this after dodging the fire rings. In the final phase, Bowser will also spin his tail. You must jump over it or back away and then attack Bowser. If you don't the phase will reset and you can possibly die easily. Once Bowser is hit the magic Mario number of three times into the spiked fence, you will have won, for now at least.

However, after the battle, another cut-scene will take place. Mario's Odyssey will be wrecked and you will end up in the Lost Kingdom. Once again we must recollect a bunch of new Power Moons.

New Donk City - Part #8:

After Mario and Cappy collect enough power moons to repair the Odyssey on the awesome Lost Kingdom level, it is time to finally continue the stalking of Bowser all the way to The Metro Kingdom. This may have been the level many players have been waiting for. It is a 100 Purple Coin level and at a base has 69 Power Moons to collect. The Map itself looks even bigger than The Sand Kingdom, so players are ready for some fun!

In this segment, we first must reach the top of the tower. You will be in an enemy heavy area. There will be these strange maggot creatures that turn into huge ugly flies, that literally zoom straight in for Mario. You will also deal with plenty of Sherm Tanks and it is best to keep your wits and quick controls about you. Being alert is the key to getting to the top of the tower, as is the following boss battle. In the sense of complicated puzzles, there really is no trick to get to the top just head up. If you are having any other trouble or were lost, see the video below.

Boss: Mecha Wiggler

The Mecha Wiggler battle is a fun battle, but you can lose easily if you aren't alert. I took this beast down in two rounds strangely enough. I thought it would be three rounds, but I guess Nintendo thought he may be a little difficult for the rookie gamers out there.

What you want to do is get inside the Sherm Tank and blast all the circles on the Mecha Wiggler. It will then be vulnerable to a massive attack, so start blasting as often as possible with the Sherm Tank right at it. Next, it will begin to glow and do this super charge or hyper attack across the arena. This is pretty simple to dodge, just stay out of the yellow lines. Rinse and repeat this tactic and the Mecha Wiggler will be defeated quite simply.

#1. The Most Entertaining and exciting boss battle thus far!
#2. Use the Sherm Tank to blast the circles.
#3. Use the Sherm Tank and repeatedly blast the Mecha Wiggler after the circles have been destroyed.
#4. Overall Rating - 9/10 - Awesome!

After defeating Mecha Wiggler, players will have to collect 20 power moons through-out the Metro Kingdom or any of the previous kingdoms we have visited. You will probably still have to complete the "Fresh Start for the City" and all mini points up until the Festival at New Donk City. This is quite alluring so you will want to complete it most likely. The Festival is charming and nostalgic, with a very cool barrels boss at the end. Once the festival has been completed, collect power moons however you would like until you have the twenty.

Some players may have trouble finding the four musicians prior to the Festival and its festivities. I have made a video of them all, but the hardest one is the Trumpeter so I have put that video right here in this walkthrough. Powering Up the Metro Station is rather simple as well. Head for the Marker and complete some of the platforming all the way to the green warp pipe. Head inside the pipe and defeat the two piranha plants by making them fall to the ground, then jumping on thier heads. Collect the power moon and then the festival will begin shortly after.

Power Moons #2-5:
. Drummer On Board
. Guitarist On Board
. Bassist On Board
. Trumpeter On Board

I am putting these power moons together because they all relatively are for a semi-main quest which is called "A Fresh Start for the City". This will also lead to the concert segment of the game. The Drummer is located right after talking to Pauline, he will be Drumming to the right of Pauline if you are facing her [ Power Moon #2 ]. The Guitarist is easily enough found a little bit north of the Odyssey in the first square after talking the Spark Pylon. [ Power Moon #3 ] The Bassist can be found after taking the Spark Pylon to the "island" to the east. This is Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park. Speak to the Bassist for [ Power Moon #4 ].

Finally is the Trumpeter, he is located on top of the rooftops. This was a little confusing to find for me at first, so I made a video for this one specifically below. I have the others in video form as well, but you will have to check my youtube.com channel { Supercodebreak }. In a nutshell, if you Capture the orange " Flickers" you can flick yourself to higher ground and eventually to the Trumpeter.

Shiveria - The Snow Kingdom -- Part #9:

Let's go to The Snow Kingdom before taking on the Seaside Kingdom. At the snow kingdom, things will be in a really bad snow storm. The marker will hint at an easy to get to location.

Go to the marker location which has a checkpoint flag. Throw Cappy at the snow to reveal a hole in the ground. This is the Shiveria Town hole. Drop down into the hole and enter Shiveria. Players may notice four hallways. Go through each hallway and collect all of the four major power moons. These are the following:

. The Icicle Barrier.
. The Ice Wall Barrier.
. The Gusty Barrier
. The Snowy Mountain Barrier.

For the sake of not having too many videos inside one section too often, I will just give some tips on how to complete each segment. If you want the full video analysis, with text, see The Snow Kingdom section in this strategy guide, here on GameFAQS.com.

Power Moon #1 - The Icicle Barrier:

First, the Icicle Barrier is easy enough and actually one of the easiest. Navigate your way to the top of the level. Players may notice the moon early on, however, acquiring it may be possible through other than conventional means. For now, let's stick what having the Icicles from above smash down onto the three locations on the floor. To do this simply have Mario walk over the shadow of the Icicle, do this on all three "x" marks on the ground. Afterward, a huge icicle will fall down, this forms a path to the next main story Power Moon #1.

Power Moon #2 - The Ice Wall Barrier:

Moon shards will be in an abundance of five in this cave. Players must collect all five of the simple to locate moon shards. After collecting all five Mario will have to platform up to the Power Moon #2. The only trouble you may have here is knowing to jump quickly after the shadow chomps on the floor rise up. They remind me of the classic Mario Thomps a little bit. Regardless, do this easily and you will gain the next moon for the main story.

Power Moon #3 - The Gusty Barrier:

Ty-Foo enemies that Mario can capture will be the trick to solving this segments puzzle for the power moon. Avoid the spikeys and use the Ty-Foo's to form paths from the blocks and obstacles. You can also move with the Ty-Foo and blow stronger gusts of wind by shaking the controller. Finally, at the end of the area, you will see a ton of spikeys ( red shelled with spikes ) on the ice. Use the Ty-Foo to blow them all away and the Power Moon #3 will appear. Note and once again, if you do not blow away all the spikeys on the platform, the Power Moon #3 will not appear.

Power Moon #4 - The Snowy Mountain Barrier:

The final challenge to unlock the path to the races will be none other than Johnny Rango or Rango once again. This time if you die in the battle, you will have to platform your way back up through the snowy mountain.

Don't waste time here as Rango isn't too tough. He has the same attacks and methods of defeat as he did in the first battle. He has more hats however and seems to have picked up his pace, especially in the final phase.

After defeating Rango, all four locks will be open and we can enter the hole to the races. From that point, just know to head through the hallway door on the left. You should eventually run into a polar bear looking Shiverian. You can Capture this particular Shiverian. Once you do, exit the hallway and talk to the elder in Shiverian form by pressing the "A" button. This will begin the races. The Race is rather simple if you "Bound" often, good luck!

Mollusque- Lanceur: Seaside Kingdom Boss Battle -- Part #10

Power Moons #1-4:

After completing the events at The Snow Kingdom, we can head all the way to the much larger Seaside Kingdom. You will find a huge Octopus inside a wine or champagne glass. This will be the next boss battle, however, we must collect four power moons to get to do battle with Mollusque-Lanceur.

The first power moon can be found easily by using the Gushen Capture and rising above the Stone Pillar. Jet up with the Gushen and then press ZR to go back into Mario form. In Mario form jump up to Power Moon #1, The Stone Pillar Seal.

The next Power Moon is the one inside or near the Lighthouse. You will have to go through the wellish looking hole of water. Do this and then capture the Cheep-Cheep inside and navigate your way through all of the underwater darkness. At the end, you can take the green warp pipe up and collect the next Power Moon #2 The Lighthouse Seal.

The Hot Spring seal can be a little difficult. First, capture a Gushen and we need to clear the lava to reveal a path to the Power Moon. To do this I had to take damage, but there may be a way of not taking any damage at all. For now, have more than one heart on your meter, the more hearts the better. Use the Gushen and get hit, then you can glide along the lava for a few moments and make it dissipate. Doing this will reveal the next Power Moon #3, The Hot Spring Seal.

Power Moon #4, is called The Seal above the Canyon. Make your way to the Canyon area with the rolling sea-shells are crumbling or crashing down the canyon. Run up as fast as you can, dodging the sea-shells as you progress. Once you get to the top you will acquire the next Power Moon #4, The Seal above the Canyon. Below is a video showing the entire segment of all four Power Moons.

Power Moon #5 - The Glass Half Full - BOSS #4 -

This is another two-round battle, but it is extra cool because you have the entire Seaside Kingdom to fight this guy in, rather than just your basic arena. It is a very fun and entertaining battle to note as well. Players will have to capture the exciting Gushen fish and jetstream off to the Octopus. Once you get to the Octopus, do an angled stream so you can get above his head. At that point begin shooting water from the jet stream down onto Mollusque-Lanceur's ( Octopus boss name ) head.

Doing this will cool down the lava and you will then be able to ground pound on top of his head in Mario's regular form. This can be tough and sometimes Mollusque-Lanceur will get caught all the way in the Northeast section of The Seaside Kingdom. You will have to be a little quick-witted and chase him down. Remember this only takes two ground-pounds on his head to defeat, but it is still a lengthy and challenging enough battle.

#1. Utilizes the entire Seaside Kingdom.
#2. Great Character, great boss battle!
#3. Nice pre-battle as well.
#4. Overall Rating - 9/10 - Great Boss, fun gameplay and more!

Luncheon Kingdom - Part #11:

The Luncheon Kingdom will be our next destination. I have covered the first five power moons into one segment here for everyone. This includes the boss fight with Cookatiel. You will also first have to fight Spewart for the second time. Spewart is one of the broodals and he has almost the exact figthing patterns as he did the first time we fought him.

Spewart seems to have a bit of increased speed, especially during his final phase this time around. Don't forget to go into the battle with six hearts. Players should also know to break the food items in the arena as they can reveal extra hearts for more life. After defeating Spewart we will have acquired Power Moon #1 for The Luncheon Kingdom.

Under The Cheese Rocks will be the next power moon to acquire. First, make your way through the Luncheon Village or shop areas. There should be some Fireball enemies to capture to traverse the lava here. Capture the enemies and learn the quick control scheme for the fireball. Know that you can move faster if you shake the Nintendo Switch Controller a little bit.

Eventually, you will come to the cheese rocks and see a Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro's in Super Mario Odyssey throw frying pans at Mario instead of hammers. Capture the Hammer Bro and start rapidly throwing the frying pans at the cheese rocks. On the higher plateau, you can reveal a switch to pull with Mario's Cap. Pull the level with Mario's cap and the Power Moon #2 will be revealed.

The next power moon will have us scaling the mountain of The Luncheon Kingdom all the way to the pot cooking on the Volcano Top. Scaling the mountain the first time around will have us using the Fireball Capture once again. Remember you can only use the Cannons in Fireball form and use them to blast to other parts of this kingdom, this includes higher altitudes. Once you are at the top of " Mount Volbono" platform your way up into the next Power Moon #3.

Cookatiel will have knocked us all the way back down the mountain after the previous power moon. The easier old path will also be inaccessible at this point. We have to take an alternate route which is through the caves on the western side of The Luncheon Kingdom. Make your way to the marker point and head inside the cave. Working your way up you will run into the next Power Moon #4. Continue your way up the summit, using the Fireball Capture as well as the Cannons to have a Showdown with Cookatiel.

At The Top of the Summit, we will do battle with Cookatiel a huge pink cooking flying bird! This battle is another good one and thanks to the deviant artist Critterz11. Cookatiel will fly around the arena dropping spikey starfruits or Durians at Mario as well as all other types of food and vegetables. Cookatiel cannot be hit from what it seems until he begins spewing out pink soup or stuff at Mario.

Since we will be in Fireball form for the entire battle, use the Fireball to ride the pink waves and then leap from them to hit Cookatiel. This gets tougher as the waves progress in patterns and speed. Don't forget to acquire the hearts laying around and if you are having too much trouble, acquire the life heart from the Shop or another Shop in the game. Cookatiel will take three magic number Mario hits to take down.

#1. Great looking boss.
#2. Fun and Strategic.
#3. No complaints.
#4. Overall Rating -9/10 - Awesome!

Ruined Kingdom - Part #12: Power Moon #1 - Ruined Kingdom :

After fighting Cookatiel, players must collect several more power moons. Refer to the other kingdom sections of this guide if you are stuck on Power Moon collection, or if you want to read something entertaining. Once you have enough power moons make way to Bowser's Kingdom in the Odyssey. Unfortunately, the Odyssey will crash land again, this time at the Ruined Kingdom. Players will have to head up to the center of the arena via the Spark Pylon and do battle with none other than the Lord of Lightning.

The Lord of Lightning isn't too tough, but you are going to want to be quick with your actions, especially throwing Cappy at the swords. The little things on the ground near the start of the level and buried or embedded into the Lord of Lightning are called swords. Throw Cappy at them to pull them out of the ground.

This will also be how we deal damage to the Lord of Lightning. He will start off with three swords after his lightning attacks. Pull the three swords out of his head with Cappy then Ground Smash his head. Players will have to give the Lord of Lightning three ground pounds to win.

Each phase will increase his attack speed and change his or her attack patterns. Most importantly an extra sword will appear in each round or phase. In this case, players must be quicker than normal as the rounds get higher.

#1. A literal huge surprise
#2. Does he really belong in the Mario universe?
#3. Regardless a very surprising and entertaining battle.
#4. Overall Rating - 8/10 - Loses a point for not fitting in too much.

Part #13 - Bowser's Kingdom - Power Moons 1-4:

Use the video above and watch the Lord of Lightning battle to see the first four Power Moons of Bowser's Kingdom. I will also eventually take on the last two broodals which are Topper and Harriet. We will collect the four power moons then do battle with the Mecha Broodal at the end of the video and segment.

The Pokio is the small bird-like creature at this level and it will be your friend on getting to the power moons here. First, begin heading north then scaling the tower of Bowser's Kingdom. Using the Pokio, players can not only poke enemies and bombs, but they can stick themselves into walls. While you are stuck in a wall with the Pokio's Beak, you can control the "flick" in any direction including diagonally. Doing and knowing this will help you get to Power Moon #1, Infiltrate Bowsers Castle.

The next power moon is titled Smart Bombing. We will have to collect the five moon shards in the area near the smart bombs with Bowser's face logo on them. Use the Pokio and collect the three obvious ones surrounding the area. The 4th shard is hidden inside one of the bombable blocks. Be sure to poke with the Pokio's beak and break those blocks for the shard.

Finally, there is a shard hidden around the right corner of the previous moon shard. You do not need Pokio form to acquire it. Look at the back sides of the area as Mario and do a backflip onto the roof to acquire the final shard. The Power Moon #2 will then appear on the pedestal.

Power Moon #3 will be titled The Big Broodal Battle. This one will have us taking on both Topper and Harriet, one at a time depending on which platform we step on first. The right platform has the Topper battle. To beat topper mashing the Cap Throwing button which is "Y" really does the trick here. You gotta be fast with it and angled well enough to knock off all his hats in one go. After each round of Topper being stunned, jump on top of his head. Do this three times to defeat Topper for good.

Harriet will be on the left platform. Harriet is a bit tougher then Topper in my opinion. Harriet will be armed with a metallic spiked hat. This hat makes Harriet invulnerable to all of Mario's basic attacks. To beat Harriet, Mario must dodge all of her spikey ball tosses.

Once Harriet begins to swing her hair with the spiked balls at the end she will smash them into the ground. Mario then has a few moments to throw Cappy at the spike balls and they will slam into Harriet, damaging her. Rinse and Repeat this process three times for Power Moon #3.

Showdown at Bowser's Castle will be the final of the four Power Moons in this segment and shown in the video above. We will do battle against the Robo Brood here. Robo Brood is a huge mechanical and wooden bot that is piloted by all four of the infamous Broodals. To take down this long and enduring boss, players must do a few tips and tricks.

Firstly, know you will need Pokio to poke the bombs that the Robo Brood spews out and poke them into the Robo Broods mechanical legs. This will cause the Robo Brood to fall. Once it falls quickly begin climbing or flicking with the Pokio's nose to the "pop" bubble with the Broodal inside. This reminds me a bit of the classic board game called "Trouble". You will be in trouble if you miss so be sure to ground pound the bubble.

I also found hearts to be limited in this boss fight. Maybe I missed them, or just plain forgot how to get them during this battle. If I am correct and you are lacking in hearts as well as tired of dying, go buy a life heart. If you are out of those, there is always one of them at The Cap Kingdom inside the Top-Hat Tower section where the frogs are located.

They may also be found elsewhere throughout the games many Kingdoms. With six hearts, just rinse and repeat the Pokio -> Bomb -> Climb --> Ground bubble smash tactic. Do this once again for four times for each of the broodals and Robo Brood will be defeated. Once you are finished, be sure to pick up the next moon, which is Power Moon #4.

The Moon Kingdom - Finale:

The Moon Kingdom is another smaller level in the game and this can go pretty quickly. We don't have to collect any more than the 200+ Power Moons that we needed to get here. We can finish the game or at least the Main Story at this point. It has actually been quite a long journey and the ending makes it worth it. If you are still having fun there is plenty to do post game with 999 Moons in total to collect or gain. There is also a whole new kingdom to explore after beating the game. There are two secret worlds, achievements to unlock and much more!

The Jumping mechanic is different here in the moon kingdom. It is rather floaty and you jump higher, a bit slower, and much farther than normal. Hurry to the first marker point and head into the cave and fall down. We will now have normal gravity and jumping mechanics again. Navigate your way through the lava pit using the Para-Bones. See more information on Para-Bones in our capture section here in this strategy guide as well as all the other captures in the game.

Continue making your way up and you will see Classic Hammer Bros return. Yup, these guys don't just throw frying pans they throw the actual hammers. After crossing some more tough platforming segments we will see a football Koopa! These guys are absolute classics and possibly have become my favorite enemy in the entire Mario Series. These are the Chargin Chucks from Super Mario World on the SNES. ( Super Nintendo Entertainment System ).

They are extremely fun to use in this game and a great surprise at the end. It shows us Nintendo did some good placement with the quality stuff in the title and haven't watered the game down much at all. Use the Chargin Chuck to break through two lines of rolling boulders, one more narrow than the other. Do this until we get to the next boss battle vs Madame Broode. If you die vs madame broode you will be returned to the charging chuck segment, so don't worry too much and keep your cool!

Madame Broode is pretty much the same battle as we had with her at the Cascade Kingdom. This time you should mash the "Y" button very quickly because the Golden Chain Chomps has more hats. In the case of having more hits, it will take more hits to capture the golden chain chomp. Once it is captured move the chain to wind it up away from Madame Brood, when the timing is right release it into her face. Do this three times and we can finally get to the very end of the Main Story.


At the Wedding Hall at The Moon Kingdom, Mario will face the final battle of the main story of Super Mario Odyssey. This battle is extremely similar to the Hat to Hat combat battle at The Cloud Kingdom earlier. It is a bit more challenging in a few aspects. Mario still must hit bowsers white hat and jump inside it. Utilize the same controls after dodging the rings of fire. Mario can break the brown boulders that Bowser tosses and sometimes they will reveal a piece of heart.

The boulders that are on fire should be avoided completely. Mash the "Y" button when Bowser begins laughing and you are close enough. However, Bowser will swing his tail even during the first phase. Jump to dodge bowsers tail, he will swing it twice even in phase #1 so be aware of that. The battle continues in the same way, except for phase #2 Bowser will swing his tail three times and finally, in Phase #3, Bowser will swing his tail four times in total. Bowser must be knocked into the wall three times only to complete the battle.

After the fight, there will be some cool cut-scenes and you will eventually capture Bowser. This brings us to the very end of the game. We will control Bowser, he can spit fire by shaking the Nintendo Switch Controller. Bowser can jump and claw attack just about anything and break it. Control bowser through the awesome music and escape the area back to safety in this excellent and climactic finale. Enjoy the ending and Congratulations on beating the main content of Super Mario Odyssey!