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by codebreak1337

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FAQ/Walkthrough by codebreak1337

Version: Final | Updated: 01/29/18


Version 250m
Supercodebreak from Youtube.com [ Subscribe! ]
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Deviant Artist List:

Death-Driver-5000 - From Deviant Art.com ( Amazing Broodal Art! )
Namkuto - From Deviant Art.com - Topper drawing with color ( really cool!)
Aphelione - Deviantart.com - Jaxi Drawing in the Souvenirs section.
SuperMarioFan65 - Deviantart.com - Ty-Foo, Coin Coffer, Captures and More!
Creamchao427 - Deviantart.com - All Broodals [ Purple Background in the Main WT ].

Got art? Got Vids? Got Text or Ideas? Email Me! - Americanhardcoregames@gmail.com

Special Thanks:
Reddit.com for taking my numerous annoying post every so often!
MatttheMann on the gamefaqs.com Super Mario Odyssey Board for checking on my Mental Health every so often!
PiranhaPete from the Super Mario Odyssey Board as well!

Track of the Week:
Jump Up, Super Star - OST - Mario Odyssey

At first, I was thinking that this would be another semi-cow milked Mario title. I began becoming a bit more interested since the explosion of garbage that has been released this year since the Holy Mantra that was Zelda Breath of the Wild. Hence that overstatement, I really didn't think Nintendo could pull off two huge hits back to back like this. Was it possible? Was Super Mario Odyssey really going to be an awesome 3-D Sandbox Platforming/Adventure Experience?

I began to become more Interested in the game as well as the competition which is Assassins Creed Origins. At first, I was going Origins all the way. Fortunately, I ended up buying a Nintendo Switch with the help of my Mom! She has been very sick lately so your prayers are appreciated. I quickly headed down into the basement and began to test out how awesome Zelda Breath of the Wild was on the switch. I was hooked on the system immediately.

Several days later, my Mother became really ill. She is doing good now, thank goodness, but it was quite a scare. During this time I thought I should keep the Nintendo Switch for good. I was planning on selling it because I had already crushed Zelda Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Wii-U as many of my fans, lovers and readers know.

Due to the above statement, I delved deeper into Super Mario Odyssey. I finally cracked-up and watched a video from the popular Gamexplain on youtube.com. I was very impressed! I had no idea there were to be Costumes that you can unlock in the game! There also seems to be several of them and you unlock them by purchasing with purple coins found throughout the game. I find stuff like this amazingly fun so I was rather sold at that moment.

I headed into my local GameStop run by store manager Cthulu! I am not kidding the guy really calls himself Cthulu, or at least that is what it says on the entrance door. Maybe he plays overwatch or is into Devil Worshipping, no matter to me as I don't judge! I just wanted to pre-order my damn game. At that moment I saw it! A beautiful Nintendo Switch display with Super Mario Odyssey playing.

Unfortunately, some little nooblet fan of mine was already playing the game. I told him I was the Codebreak, he later bowed down before my existence and said he would be honored to peer over my shoulder as I played the game. This is when I was totally hooked! The game felt incredible, looked like Classic Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. It looked absolutely beautiful and for lack of better words, it was just a Wonderful Demo Experience.

With that being said, I will be purchasing the full game tonight. I really suggest everyone check it out, and once again if I have a guide on the game, it is probably a good game. If you're on the fence, at least watch some videos. Most importantly, I truly feel at this point in time we have a brand new experience here and not the usual Farmland Milk. Thanks for reading and enjoy the next Hardcore Guide - Supercodebreak.