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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Chr0mio

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Guide and Walkthrough by Chr0mio

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 11/21/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2017 | Highest Rated Guide

Basics of the Game


Basic Button Controls

Keep in mind that the pair of the A and B buttons, along with Y and X, L and R, and ZL and ZR are all interchangeable. For the purposes of this guide I will not always mention the other button when I mention one, but they will (almost) always do the same thing.

Left Control Stick

Move Mario. Tilt slightly in order to make Mario walk slowly.

Spin to make Mario spin in circles. Mario jumps higher while spinning.

Right Control StickMove camera.
"Click" to toggle first-person view. Mario can't move while using this.
A/B ButtonJump. Tap for a short jump and hold for a longer one.
Backflip, while crouched.
X/Y ButtonThrow Cappy. Alternatively, flick the Joy-Con to do so.
Hold to dash, when applicable.
Hold an object, let go to throw it. Shake the Joy-Con to throw further.
Roll, while crouched.
Hold to make Cappy stay in place after a throw.
L/R ButtonAlign the camera behind Mario.
ZL/ZR ButtonHold to crouch.
Enter a pipe, while on top of the pipe.
Plus ButtonOpen the pause menu.
Minus buttonOpen the map screen.
D-Pad DownToggle snapshot mode.
D-Pad RightHold to scan amiibo.
D-Pad UpCan be set to open the map screen in the controls (off by default).
D-Pad LeftN/A

Mario Abilities

  • Long Jump: Pressing ZL + B will cause Mario to do a long jump and cover more distance than a normal jump.
  • Triple Jump: Jumping three times in a row (with correct timing) will produce a triple jump, a good way to get up high if you have the space.
  • Rolling: Hold ZL to crouch, and either press Y or shake the Joy-Con to roll a short distance. Continue pressing occasionally or shaking to roll further.
  • Ground Pound: Push ZL in midair to make Mario pound the ground. Useful for things like pushing down wooden pegs.
  • Ground Pound Jump: Right after a ground pound, jump to get roughly twice the height a normal jump would get.
  • Dive: While falling in midair, pushing ZL + Y will cause Mario to propel himself upward and forward.
  • Backflip: Crouching with ZL and jumping will make Mario do a backwards somersault, which helps to quickly get high up.
  • Side Somersault: Run in one direction, and then tilt the control stick in the opposite direction + Y to do a side somersault.
  • Quick Swim: Press ZL and then Y while underwater will cause Mario to push himself forward.
  • Wall Jump: Jumping toward a wall and then jumping again after making contact will make Mario jump upward and away from it.

Cappy Abilities

  • Capture: Throwing Cappy with Y or by shaking the Joy-Con will cause him to capture anything that can be captured, if he makes contact with it. Hold Y to make Cappy stay where he is instead of returning.
  • Upward Throw: Flick the Joy-Con upward to... well, throw Cappy upward. Helps to interact with something above you. This move is completely motion-controlled.
  • Downward Throw: Flick the Joy-Con downward to roll Cappy along the ground, further than a normal throw would end up. This can also be done by ground-pounding and throwing Cappy afterward. It seems that in handheld mode the motion control for downward throw just doesn't work at all.
  • Spin Throw: One of my favorite abilities, flick the Joy-Con to either side to throw Cappy the usual distance, and upon returning he will revolve around Mario a few times. This can also be done by spinning Mario and pressing Y.
  • Cap Jump: Holding Cappy in place after a throw and walking or jumping into him will launch Mario upward, as if Cappy is a trampoline.
  • Homing Cap Throw: After throwing Cappy, shake the Joy-Con in order to have him home in on the nearest thing he can interact with, within a small range.

Note: The special cap throws don't seem to be possible to execute in sideways Joy-Con mode, period.