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by Chr0mio

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Chr0mio

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 11/21/17


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Hey there reader, and welcome to my very first guide on this site! I've been reading guides here for many years and I'm stoked to finally have a shot at making one myself, especially of a game I've been really hyped up about for ages. I've been deeply into Mario games for a long time now, and Super Mario Sunshine has to be the first place my interest really kicked off, but I've also been through all of the classics since then, too. It's finally my turn to help people out in a game the same way I've looked for help in games online, by writing a guide of my very own. I don't have much more to say, I'm more interested in getting down to the game itself, as that's what you're all here for. Feel free to give me any constructive feedback via DMs, it helps a ton!

I'm submitting this guide to be published on October 28th, 2017, in version 0.20. I'll be updating it regularly until it's completed fully.


Current version is 1.20, what's new and what's changed from past versions can be found in the Version History.

As of right now, the guide has information up to and including the Dark Side of the Moon.

Terms Used in this Guide

Purps: Refers to whatever the purple collectible currency of the kingdom referenced is. In Cap Kingdom, this would refer to purple hats, etc..

Retro-wall: Refers to those walls in the game where you play in a 2D plane, in a similar style to retro Mario games.