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Tickington Guide by DarkAncient2

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 11/14/19

Dragon Quest XI S
Tickington Guide Version 1.0.0
By: Reiwanomadoushi (DarkAncient2)

Table of Contents

I. What is Tickington?
II. Pastword Tockle Locations
III. Tickington Quest Walkthrough
IV. Altar of an Elusive Age
V. Credits and Copyright


I. What is Tickington?

Tickington is a sidequest area  which features places from past Dragon Quest
games for you to visit. This place was originally introduced in the 3DS version
of Dragon Quest XI which was never released in North America.

To access Tickington, you will need to reach the Gallopolis Checkpoint after
completing the events in Hotto. Once you reach it, you will be introduced to it.

In Tickington there is an Inn and Bank, a Church that you can use if you're
playing the game in 2D mode and the Echo Chamber which I will cover next in this

Additionally, there is Red Tockle blocking a cave which does not do anything in
the Switch version. In the 3DS version this cave is used to access a Tower like
Mini-Dungeon for you to collect Pastwords to unlock the areas. This Tower relied
on the SpotPass system of the 3DS to collect Tockles. Unfortunately the SpotPass
system does not work very well in North America since everyone is spread out. It
works in Japan since in certain areas such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara,
Namba in Osaka, etc. there is at least several thousand people in one area at
one time. 

In the Switch Version this was changed to a 'Find the Tockle' system since the
Switch does not have any SpotPass capability.

The main part of Tickington is the Echo Chamber. Inside this Chamber is ten
Altars, one for each Dragon Quest Main Series game from 1-10. When you arrive
you are asked to investigate the tomes and find out why the stories have been
tampered with. You are given one Pastword to start with which unlocks Galenholm
for you. To access the other areas, you will need to explore the world and look
for Tockles that are looking for Pastwords around the clock.


II. Pastword Tockle Locations

There are a total of 25 Tockles that give Pastwords in the World of Dragon Quest
XI. Below is a listing of their Location and the place that it unlocks

1. Southern Gallopolis Campsite - Unlocks Moonahan (DQ2)
2. Laguna di Gondolia in a small cave section - Unlocks The Observatory (DQ9)
3. Warrior's Rest Inn - Unlocks Erdrick's Future Home (DQ3)
4. Dundrasil Region - Ruined Home - Unlocks Colorstone Mine (DQ7).
5. Lonalulu - Unlocks Chateau Felix (DQ8).
6. L'Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles - Unlocks The Neverglade (DQ5)
7. Sniflheim Castle - Unlocks Room of Revival (DQ10)
8. Royal Library - Unlocks Alltrades Abbey (DQ6)
9. Arboria - Unlocks Imperial Pantry of Parthenia (DQ4)
10. Octagonia Casino (Act 2) - Unlocks Briscoletti Mansion (DQ5)
11. Sniflheim Region right outside the Gyldenhal - Unlocks Rosa's Room (DQ4)
12. Insula Algarum (Island SE of Sniflheim) [Requires Dragon Mount in Act 2] -
Unlocks Ruby Path of Doom (DQ9)
13. Luminary's Landing - Unlocks Roamer Encampment (DQ7)
14. The Battleground B8 - Unlocks Damdara (DQ1)
15. Havens Above - Unlocks Pegasus Tower (DQ6)
16. Zwaardsrust Whale Way Station - Unlocks Quester's Rest (DQ9)
17. Mount Huji (Atsuo and Atsuko's hideout) - Unlocks Cannock Castle (DQ2)
18. Mount Huji (Requires Crucible Key) [Not needed in 2D] - Unlocks Baramos's
Castle (DQ3)
19. Puerto Valor (Requires Ultimate Key) - Unlocks Weaver's Peak (DQ6)
20. First Forest Whale Way Station - Unlock Hidden Valley (DQ4)
21. Cobblestone (After rebuild) [In Gemma's House] - Unlocks Trodain Castle
22. Gondolia (Requires Ultimate Key) - Unlocks Tenton (DQ10)
23. Cryptic Crypt (Act 3) [Requires Ultimate Key] - Unlocks Whealbrook (DQ5)
24. Trial Isle - Unlocks Tantegel (DQ1)
25. Luminary's Trial - Citadel of Spite 2F - Unlocks Cave Leading to Rendarak


III. Tickington Quest Walkthrough

There are a total of 29 Tickington Quests that you can do. Finishing them all
will unlock The Altar of an Elusive Age.
Below will be a simple Step-by-Step guide on what to do for each quest

Altar of Origins (Dragon Quest 1)

Galenholm (The Harp-Hearkened Horrors)

-Talk to Old Man in Town to begin the quest
-Go to the entrance of Galen's Grave in the north part of and Fight the Boss
there to get the Lyre of Ire.
-Return to the old man to get your reward

Damdara (Ghosts of a Golden Age)

-Talk to Bard at west end of town to begin the quest
-Go to the tree at the east end of town which is surrounded by poisonous swamp.
-Defeat the Knight Aberrant that you encounter there.
-Talk to Bard again to get reward

Tantegel (Curse Got Your Tongue?)

-Talk to Princess to Accept the Quest
-Defeat Calasmos and save your game afterwards.
-Reload the above save and return to Tickington
-A Tockle will give you the item you need when you enter.
-Head back and talk to the Princess to get your reward.

Altar of the Legendary Line (Dragon Quest 2)

Moonahan (Curing the Curse of the Curs)

- Talk to Princess of Moonbrooke to begin the quest
- Obtain a bottle of Magic Water (Can be bought in item shop)
- Talk to Princess again to get your reward

Cannock Castle (A Cannockian Conundrum)

- Talk to King to begin the quest.
- Head to the Roamer Encampment and talk to Kiefer there
- Head to the The Imperial Pantry of Parthenia and go through one of the holes
surrounded by arrow tiles and talk to Alena there.
- Head to Whealbrook and talk to Pankraz (Note: You need to complete the quest
in this story first before you can proceed.)
- Head to the Neverglade and go north and east to find the Prince of Cannock
- Head back to Cannock Castle to get your reward.

Cave Leading to Rendarak (A Robbery in Rendarak)

- Talk to the Soldier to begin the quest.
- Head to the end of this dungeon and fight the Restless Knight (Note, refer to
Dragon Warrior 2 Cave to Rhone to get through as this dungeon is notoriously
- Cast Evac and talk to the soldier again to get your reward

Altar of Salvation (Dragon Quest 3)

Erdrick's Future Home (An Endangered Engagement)

- Talk to Lady there to begin the quest.
- Head to the Observatory and talk to Pavo to get the Defuddle Drops
- Talk to lady again and fight the boss.
- Once boss is defeated talk to her again to complete the quest.

Baramos's Castle (Bringing Back the Big Bad)

- Talk to King to begin the quest.
- Head to Baramo's Throne room while optionally defeating monsters along the way
- Defeat boss and return to the entrance
- Talk to King Again to get your reward and receive a Pastword to unlock the
next part of this Altar

Baramos's Castle - Later on (The Big Bad's Back Anyway!)

- Talk to King to begin the quest.
- Head to Baramo's Throne room while optionally defeating monsters along the way
- Defeat Baramos and return to the entrance.
- Talk to King Again to get your reward

Altar of the Chosen (Dragon Quest 4)

Imperial Pantry of Parthenia (Fiery Feverfew Seeds)

- Head to the 2nd underground level
- Talk to last party member of Alena's party to begin the quest.
- Head to the basement stairs at the east part of the Pantry
- Defeat the Flamethrower enemy.
- Head back to the group and talk to the same NPC get your reward.

Rose's Room (A Rosy Revelation)

- Defeat the Roseguardin
- Talk to Slime to begin the quest.
- Head to The Neverglade and defeat a Silvapithecus (Random Encounter in this
- Head back to Rose's Room and talk to the Slime to get your reward.

Hidden Valley (For Eliza)

- Talk to Eliza to accept quest
- Use your Fun Sized Forge to Make a Supreme Sage's Staff
- Talk to Eliza to get your reward.

Altar of the Heavenly Bride (Dragon Quest 5)

The Neverglade (One of Doze Days)

Required: Veronica (Can be in or out of party)
- Talk to The Dwarf at beginning to begin the quest
- Take the following path until you see a cutscene: East -> North -> North
- Follow Veronica and you will see a flower. Examine it to fight the boss.
Defeat it.
- Head back to the entrance to get your reward
There are other paths you can take in this place to get some treasure:
Treasure Chest 1: East -> North
Treasure Chest 2: East -> North -> North -> South
Cave: North. Enter the cave for treasure.

Briscoletti's Mansion (The Bane of the Briscolettis)

- Talk to the 'Rodrigo' at the bottom right of the screen to begin the quest.
- Head to Alltrades Abbey and head to the left.
- Speak to the demon to trigger a boss battle. Defeat it.
- Return to the Mansion and talk to the same NPC (middle-aged Lady) for the
Other things that you need to do here:
- Talk to Rodrigo to perform a Wedding Rehersal. Get chest at left afterwards.
- Talk to Bianca to trigger the beginning of the quest in Dragon Quest 8's
Chateau Felix.

Whealbrook (Cold Comfort)

- Talk to Sancho to begin the quest
- Head to Quester's Rest and talk to Sellma. She will ask for Yggdrasil Dew. 
- To easily get the dew, Zoom to Yggdrasil and head to near the end of the first
area. The sparkle there contains what you need.
- Return to Quester's rest and give the dew to Sellma.
- Leave and re-enter Quester's Rest and talk to Sellma again to get the Stone
Cold Cold Killer for 2500G.
- Head back to Whealbrook and talk to Sancho to get your reward.
Note: Once you complete this quest, Sellma will begin to sell armor.

Altar of Reverie (Dragon Quest 6)

Alltrades Abbey (Fogies Just Wanna Have Fun)

- Talk to the Class Changing minister at the center to begin the quest.
- Head to the L'Academie de Notre Maitre les Medailles library and you will
notice a golden sparkle. Examine it for the item.
- Head back to Alltrades Abbey and talk to the Minister again to get your

Pillar of Pegasus (Horsing About)

- Talk to horse at the entrance of the Pillar to begin the quest.
- Climb the pillar to the very top.
- Defeat the two bosses. These bosses are back to back without any healing so be
- Head back down and talk to the horse again for your reward.

Weaver's Peak (A Fishy Fashion Fan)

- Talk to Tania to begin the quest
- Head to Ruby Path of Doom and look for a female NPC. Talk to her to get the
Bodura Grass
- Use the Bodura Grass on the Masked man and he will transform into a monster.
Defeat it.
- Talk to Tania to get your reward.

Altar of the Forgotten Past (Dragon Quest 7)

Colorstone Mine (Rainbow Rock Ruckus)

- Talk to man to begin the quest
- Head to the depths of the mine defeating the Rockbombs along the way.
- Talk to Monster and defeat her.
- Head back to the beginning and talk to the Man again for your reward.

Roamer Encampment (Come On, Kiefer!)

- Talk to Rom Baro to begin the quest
- Head to Colorstone Mine and go to the very bottom floor (There is now a stair
that wasn't there before)
- Solve the Colorstone Puzzle and talk to Kiefer
- Attempt to escape, you will need to fight a boss. Defeat it
- Return to the Roamer Encampment and talk to Rom Baro again for your reward and
another Pastword to unlock the next part of this area.

Roamer Encampment (Night) [No Music, No Life]

- Talk to Lala to begin the quest
- Head to the Pillar of Pegasus and defeat a Hot Dog (Random Encounter)
- Return to the Encampment and talk to Lala again to get your reward.

Altar of the Cursed King (Dragon Quest 8)

Chateau Felix (One Crazy Cat)
Requirement: Must have talked to Bianca in the Briscoletti Mansion.

- Talk to Tom and fight a Great Sabercat.
- Talk to Tom again to begin the quest
- Talk to Bianca in the Briscoletti Mansion to get Bianca's Ribbon.
- Talk to the Great Sabercat with Ribbon and he will slink away
- Talk to Tom again to get your reward and another pastword.

Chateau Felix (Evening) [Mother Knows Best]

- Talk to Rosalind to begin Quest.
- Head to Quester's Rest and search bookshelf with a book on top to get the book
you need.
- Use the book on Jessica to complete the quest and get your reward.

Trodain Castle (A Worrying Window)

- Ishmari will communicate to you as you enter. Accept the Quest.
- Head to the Godbird Sceptre room (Top of castle) and defeat the boss there
- Once the boss is defeated, Ishmari will communicate with you again and you
will receive your reward.

Altar of the Starry Skies (Dragon Quest 9)

The Observatory (Go Fygger)

- Talk to Aquila to begin the quest
- Enter the Ruby Path of Doom and defeat the Dragon at the 2nd last floor.
- Return to the Observatory and talk to Aquila to get your reward.

Ruby Path of Doom (Mad About Maps)

- Talk to Soldier and answer No to begin the quest
- Head to the bottom most floor to defeat the Mega Metal King Slime
- Head back to the beginning and talk to Soldier again to get your reward.

Quester's Rest (Innfinite Potential)

- Talk to Patty to begin the quest.
- Head to Gallopolis and go to the Sultan's room. You will notice a gold sparkle
next to his bed. Examine it for the quest item.
- Use the quest item on Erinn and the quest will be completed and you will
receive your reward.

Altar of the Undeciphered (Dragon Quest 10)

Author Note: The word 'Undeciphered' is used here since Dragon Quest 10 is not
released in North America. If it was released here, it would be named Altar of
Awakening instead.

Room of Revival (Rebirth Rebuffed)

- Talk to NPC there to begin the quest
- Head to Galenholm and talk to the Old Man in the inn between the two beds to
engage a boss battle. Defeat the boss
- Head back to the Room of Revival and talk to the NPC again to get your reward.

Tenton (Galapagone)

- Talk to one of the NPCs there to begin the quest.
- Head to Baramos's Castle [Not the Later On one] and head to the top left part
of the castle. You will notice a NPC that wasn't there before. Engage it and
defeat it.
- Use the item given to the NPC from Tenton to return to Tenton and talk to him
again to get your reward.


IV. Altar of an Elusive Age


After you have completed all the Tickington Quests, a set of Stairs and a hidden
door will open. Enter it to access the final Altar: the Altar of an Elusive Age.

Hall of Remembrance

When you enter this area, you will introduced to three strong bosses. They will
introduce themselves and tell you that they were the ones that tampered with the
tomes under the order of a great being.
Bosses in this room
- Lord Dragon - Based off from Dragon Quest 1
- Wyrmaloth - Based off Malroth from Dragon Quest 2
- Zomaiden - Based off Zoma from Dragon Quest 3

When you enter battle, they will be introduced as 'The Past Masters'. Defeat all
three. Doing so the Lord Dragon will drop the Rainbow Drop which has the chance
to make spells cost zero. 

Leave the area and you will unlock....

Hall of Remembrance - Level 2
Same thing as the previous Hall of Remembrance. Each of the bosses will
introduce themselves and tell you what they did
Bosses in this room
- Psaroid - Based off Psaro the Manslayer from Dragon Quest 4
- Nimclops - Based off Nimzo from Dragon Quest 5
- Mortamammoth - Based off Mortamor from Dragon Quest 6

Like before your objective is to defeat all of them. Once Defeated, Nimclops
will drop the War Drum which will increase the attack power of your entire
active party in battle by 1 level. 

Leave the area and you will unlock.....

Hall of Remembrance - Level 3
Same thing as the previous Hall of Remembrance. Each of the bosses will
introduce themselves and tell you what they did
Bosses in this room
- Orgodelotl - Based off Orgodemir from Dragon Quest 7
- Hoopthorne - Based off Rhapthorne from Dragon Quest 8

Same as before, defeat them both. However this time make sure you keep your
health high and make sure you're not afflicted by any bad status aliments since
TWO MORE bosses will appear.

- Hunkorvus - Based off Corvus from Dragon Quest 9
- Nelgelas - Based off Nelgel from Dragon Quest 10

Same as before, defeat them both. Nelgel has an attack that will instantly kill
you so keep note of that. Once defeated, Nelgel will drop the Godbird Sceptre
and the Crimson Catsuit which 
is a piece of equipment for Serena which changes her appearance.

Leave the Area and you will unlock the final area of this Altar....

Deepest Recesses of the Past

Once you enter you will see a different color variation of Calasmos. Talk to it
and you will engage in battle with the End of Time.

The End of Time is a very difficult boss. Good luck. Once you defeat him..... I
will let you enjoy what happens because if I explain it, you will be demotivated
from doing this.

Once you complete this Altar, you will have completed everything that Tickington
offers. However it is not over yet. 

Unfortunately anything beyond this point is beyond the scope of this guide and
it is also a Major Spoiler which I do not want to reveal.


V. Credits and Copyright

I would like to credit the following

- Japanese website Game8.jp's Dragon Quest XI section for the Pastword
locations. If it wasn't for that site, this guide would never had existed.
- gozillahomer on GameFAQs for the path directions for the Neverglade.

Feel free to PM me on GameFAQs or email me at darkancient@gmail.com. If there
are any mistakes or if you can contribute to this document. I will gladly add
you to the credits list.

Special Thanks to Yuji Horii for the Dragon Quest Series. I am a long time fan
and I hope there will be more Dragon Quest games!

This Guide Copyright 2019 Reiwanomadoushi. All Rights Reserved.
Dragon Quest XI S is Copyright 2017, 2019 ARMOR PROJECT/BIRD STUDIO, Square Enix
All Rights Reserved. ©SUGIYAMA KOBO

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