How to get the Goo Goo Goolysses accolade and Royal Jelly Flush?

  1. Just some extra info for those attempting to get this accolade (Switch Version):

    My setup:
    I was at the end, end, end? content of the game, after finishing all Tickington quests.

    I got both accolades at the casino at Puerto Valor.

    All characters were 99.

    I had the cheat sheet in Hero's inventory (but that probably wasn't needed).

    Goo Goo Goolysses Specific:

    The fortune teller said I'd have luck at the Slime Time slots.

    I started immediately when the casino opened and picked a 100 token machine that was "Hot Property" per the casino bunny's insight. However, I can't verify that this is necessary.

    I played that slot machine on auto while watching TV and periodically updated the auto spin as it approached zero spins.

    I achieved it after getting all orbs (although that also probably did not matter).

    I got it at about the 4,000 spin mark, however I wasn't paying attention so I didn't actually witness it :(.

    I had played the slime time quest about 5,500 more time prior to this during the main quest playthrough without realizing there was an accolade so take that into account.

    Ultimately I had around 9,500 spins on the game. So I can verify that it is on the Switch version and that it takes uber patience.

    Royal Jelly Flush Specific:

    The fortune teller said I'd have luck at the Poker Tables.

    I played the 100 token tables (although that probably didn't matter).

    I focused on only holding cards that could possibly get a RJF (10, J, Q, K, A, Joker).

    I ended up getting it on a second deal after holding a 10 and a King. And the cards were not in order when I got it (J A 10 Q K).

    It took approximately 2,000 hands... and part of my soul.

    Good luck to all!

    User Info: Dennrulez

    Dennrulez - 1 month ago
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    Goatman879 - 1 month ago

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