How do I find the missing fygg for the Go Fygger quest?

  1. I just got the pastword from the tockle in Gondolia and I'm stumped about the quest. I'm supposed to find a missing fygg for Aquila, but the clue about the 'Ruby Path of Doom' means absolutely nothing to me. Where am I supposed to get the fygg from?

    User Info: bubster423

    bubster423 - 3 months ago
  2. The missing Fygg is found in the Pastword "Ruby Path of Doom". You can get that Pastword from Insula Algarum in the second part of the game owing to the fact that you'll need a winged mount on that island, which won't spawn in the first part.

    In the Ruby Path of Doom the enemy holding the fygg is in right by the door to the boss of the area. It's impossible to miss.

    User Info: Sternutator

    Sternutator - 3 months ago
  3. Damn, beat me to it. He is absolutely correct.

    User Info: Jocky-24

    Jocky-24 - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You need to find more pastwords. They changed this pastword from the 3DS version, so I can't really help there. The "Ruby Path of Doom" is an area you will unlock when entering the book.

    User Info: DactylicMonster

    DactylicMonster (Expert) - 3 months ago 10   4

Other Answers

  1. With Chao saying its near Batsureg in 9 then perhaps we need another 'pastword' to travel to a different location in the DQIX world to find the fygg? Just a thought, coz I'm at the here as well. :)

    User Info: Jocky-24

    Jocky-24 - 3 months ago 2   2
  2. This seems to apply to DQ IX instead of DQ XI, but the Ruby Path of Doom is located due east of Batsureg.

    For further assistance you should post your question on the game's pages here:

    Good luck!

    User Info: chaoyun2k

    chaoyun2k - 3 months ago 1   33
  3. In DQ11 for the Switch there are portals to previous worlds available via pastwords (not misspelled.) obtained from Tockles. One of those portals takes you to Aquila who gives you that quest.

    User Info: Sternutator

    Sternutator - 3 months ago

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