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by taksaru

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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by taksaru

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/11/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2019



Welcome to my 100% guide for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This guide is designed with minimal spoilers and covers all 900 Korok Seeds, 136 Shrines, 76 Side Quests, 42 Shrine Quests, 40 'Noxes', 40 Taluses, 20 Main Quests, 18 Memories and 5 Molduga and 226 Map Locations.



I'm just some guy who really liked Breath of the Wild and wanted to truly 100% the game. I figured I should try and write a 100% route while I was at it. 6 playthroughs, 4 100%s(1 in Master Mode) later I'd like to think I've gotten the guide to a good enough state to share. If you really enjoy it, I'd love to hear your feedback. I stream at twitch.tv/travellingtak and I always love having viewers. I plan on porting a version of it to Android for easier access so there'll be a link for that once that's done.

Hyrule Compendium

The guide does not cover the Hyrule Compendium. The easiest way to fill the Compendium would be as you go. If you miss anything you can also use Rupees to fill the Compendium at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.


For true 100% completion it is necessary to open all chests within Shrines. This will open a small chest icon next to the Shrine's name on the map.

Within the guide there almost no Shrine solutions. The only exceptions will be for especially tedious Shrines. Shrines with hidden armor will also be marked within the guide.


amiibo are completely optional for this guide. Admittedly the Super Smash Bros. Link amiibo makes at least 1 Korok particularly easy as it will allow you to spawn in Epona thus skipping capturing a horse.


This guide covers all 900 Koroks in the game. The terms used in referencing the Koroks are explained below

RockRock Koroks are Koroks hidden under conspicuous lone rocks
Rock CircleRock circles in water require you to throw a nearby rock into the rock circle formation
Rock PatternRock pattern Koroks involving finding one or more nearby rocks and using them to complete a pattern embedded in the ground
Magnesis Stump/WellMagnesis Well/Stump Koroks involve finding a nearby metal rock on a chain and placing it in the well/stump
Magnesis PuzzleMagnesis puzzles involve matching two cube formations using a nearby metal cube
OfferingOffering Koroks involve dropping 1 or more of a certain fruit into a bowl in front of statues such that all have an offering
Trees/CactiCacti/Apple Tree Koroks involve shooting fruits off of a tree/cactus in a group of 3 until they all match. A quick trick is to stasis the fruit to keep and chop down the tree/cactus
FairylightsFairylight Koroks will either be atop tall objects or moving around an area. You'll only need to interact with them
Pinwheel ShootingStanding at the pinwheel will cause balloons or Acorns to appear. Shoot all the targets
LiliesLily circles on water can be completed by simply diving through the middle
RaceStep on the platform to begin the race and reach the goal ring before time runs out
Flower TrailFollow a yellow flower, it will appear and disappear as you follow it
Flower PatchesGo through 5 patches of flowers in order of the amount of flowers in each patch

Mini-bosses will be covered as they're found along the planned path. If you're having trouble towards the early-game just leave a marker and return later. Lynels and Guardian Stalkers will usually be shown on the map, allowing you to fight or avoid as you see fit.


The Map sections used in the map were created using Zelda Dungeon's Interactive BOTW Map. This can also be a useful tool for tracking your progress. Any chests shown on the map but not explicitly along the path will be those containing valuable items such as Star Fragments. Master Chest exclusive chests will not be shown on the map.

Master Mode

This guide should be usable in Master Mode. However do so at your own risk. It also does not include Master Mode exclusive treasures and Lynels within the map.

Using the guide

This guide is effectively a series of bullet points guiding you from objective to objective. The maps should make navigation a little easier but do not cover all of Hyrule. The directions used will all use compass directions for navigation, occasionally skewing a little more specific (ENE).

The in-game minimap will walways show North so navigation shouldn't be too difficult.


I highly recommend cooking as much stamina restoration food as possible. Endura Shrooms/Carrots cooked alone will completely fill all Stamina wheels.

Spirit Orbs

Your first 36 Spirit Orbs should be used on Heart Containers to complete a later Main Quests with maximum efficiency. Afterwards I would recommend Stamina Vessels, however it remains completely up to the individual.


Spirit Orbs can be exchanged at most settlements as you visit them. You will be able to exchange all Orbs immediately after you get the last one.

Armor can be upgraded as you go past the 'Upgrade Points'. After you unlock the fourth one you can upgrade at your own discretion.


Once you unlock the Camera you'll need to take pictures of the following enemies at your own discretion. Do not delete these pictures before using them for Side Quests.

Guardian Scout
Guardian Stalker
Guardian Skywatcher

You'll need the following weapons for Side Quests

Ice/Blizzard Rod
Royal Guard Weapon
Traveler's Sword
Fire Rod
Moblin Club
Duplex Bow
Ancient Battle Axe+
Ancient Short Sword