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by TheDogfather

Table of Contents

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Version: 1.6 | Updated: 08/16/2020

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About the Guide
    2. About the Author
    3. Version History
  2. Basic Controls and Movement
  3. Cooking and Combat
  4. Shrines and the Sheikah
    1. Oman Au Shrine (Magnesis Trial)
    2. Ja Baij Shrine (Bomb Trial)
    3. Owa Daim Shrine (Stasis Trial)
    4. Keh Namut Shrine (Cryonis Trial)
  5. Great Plateau (Korok Seeds)
  6. To Dueling Peaks Tower
    1. Precautions Before the Peaks
  7. To Kakariko Village
  8. Kakariko Village
    1. Impa's Debriefing
    2. Cleanup in Kakariko Village
  9. Wrapping Up the Dueling Peaks Region
  10. Dueling Peaks (Shrines)
    1. Bosh Kala Shrine (The Wind Guides You)
    2. Ree Dahee Shrine (Timing is Critical)
    3. Ha Dahamar Shrine (The Water Guides)
    4. Ta’loh Naeg Shrine (Ta’loh Naeg’s Teachings)
    5. Shee Venath Shrine (Twin Memories) and Shee Vaneer Shrine (Twin Memories)
    6. Hila Rao Shrine (Drifting)
    7. Toto Sah Shrine (Toto Sah Apparatus)
    8. Lakna Rokee Shrine (Lakna Rokee's Blessing)
  11. Dueling Peaks (Side Quests)
    1. The Priceless Maracas
    2. Arrows of Burning Heat
    3. Flown the Coop
    4. The "Koko's Cooking" Side Quests
    5. Playtime with Cottla
    6. Misko, the Great Bandit
    7. Wild Horses
    8. By Firefly's Light
  12. Dueling Peaks (Shrine Quests)
    1. Watch Out for the Flowers
    2. The Stolen Heirloom
  13. Dueling Peaks (Korok Seeds)
  14. To Hateno Tower
  15. Restoring the Sheikah Slate
  16. The Camera and Pikango's Portraits
    1. Pikango's Request
    2. Recovered Memory #15 (RM15)
  17. Wrapping Up the Hateno Region
  18. Hateno (Shrines)
    1. Myahm Agana Shrine (Myahm Agana Apparatus)
    2. Jitan Sa'mi Shrine (Jitan Sa'mi's Blessing)
    3. Dow Na'eh Shrine (Three Boxes)
    4. Kam Urog Shrine (Trial of Passage)
    5. Tahno O'ah Shrine (Tahno O'ah's Blessing)
    6. Mezza Lo Shrine (Ancient Trifecta)
    7. Chaas Qeta Shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
  19. Hateno (Side Quests)
    1. Slated for Upgrades
    2. Sunshroom Sensing
    3. A Gift for My Beloved
    4. Hylian Homeowner
    5. The Weapon Connoisseur
    6. The Sheep Rustlers
    7. The Statue's Bargain
    8. The Hero's Cache
    9. Robbie's Research
    10. From the Ground Up
  20. Hateno (Shrine Quests)
    1. The Spring of Wisdom
    2. The Cursed Statue
    3. Secret of the Cedars
    4. The Crowned Beast
  21. Hateno (Korok Seeds)
  22. To Lanayru Tower
  23. Shrines, Swamps, and Prince Sidon
  24. Path to Zora's Domain
  25. Preparing for Vah Ruta
    1. A Xenophobic Zora (RM10)
    2. Finding the Shock Arrows
    3. Battling and Boarding Vah Ruta
  26. Divine Beast Vah Ruta
  27. Wrapping Up the Lanayru Region
  28. Lanayru (Shrines)
    1. Soh Kofi Shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
    2. Daka Tuss Shrine (Sunken Scoop)
    3. Sheh Rata Shrine (Speed of Light)
    4. Kaya Wan Shrine (Shields From Water)
    5. Ne'ez Yohma Shrine (Pushing Power)
    6. Dagah Keek Shrine (Dagah Keek's Blessing)
    7. Rucco Maag Shrine (Five Flames)
    8. Shai Yota Shrine (Shai Yota's Blessing)
    9. Kah Mael Shrine (Drop and Rise)
  29. Lanayru (Side Quests)
    1. Lynel Safari
    2. Diving is Beauty!
    3. Luminous Stone Gathering
    4. Zora Stone Monuments
    5. Frog Catching
    6. The Giant of Ralis Pond
    7. A Wife Washed Away
    8. Special Delivery
    9. Riverbed Reward
  30. Lanayru (Shrine Quests)
    1. The Ceremonial Song
    2. Master of the Wind
  31. Lanayru (Korok Seeds)
  32. Tower-Hopping to Rito Village
  33. The Menace of Vah Medoh (RM2)
    1. Battlling and Boarding Vah Medoh
  34. Divine Beast Vah Medoh
  35. Cleanup in the Northwest (RM5)
  36. Tabantha (Shrines)
    1. Akh Va'quot Shrine (Windmills)
    2. Kah Okeo Shrine (Wind Guide)
    3. Sha Warvo Shrine (Path of Hidden Winds)
    4. Tena Ko'sah Shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
    5. Bareeda Naag Shrine (Cannon)
    6. Voo Lota Shrine (The Winding Route)
  37. Tabantha (Side Quests)
    1. The Apple of My Eye
    2. Find Kheel
    3. Curry for What Ails You
    4. Face the Frost Talus
    5. The Spark of Romance
    6. A Gift for the Great Fairy
  38. Tabantha (Shrine Quests)
    1. Recital at Warbler's Nest
    2. The Ancient Rito Song
  39. Tabantha (Korok Seeds)
  40. Hebra (Shrines)
    1. Rin Oyaa Shrine (Directing the Wind)
    2. Sha Gehma Shrine (Shift and Lock)
    3. Hia Miu Shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
    4. Mozo Shenno Shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
    5. Shada Naw Shrine (Red Giveaway)
    6. Goma Asaagh Shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
    7. To Quomo Shrine (To Quomo's Blessing)
    8. Rok Uwog Shrine (Power of Reach)
    9. Maka Rah Shrine (Steady Thy Heart)
    10. Lanno Kooh Shrine (Lanno Kooh's Blessing)
    11. Dunba Taag Shrine (Build and Release)
    12. Gee Ha'rah Shrine (Tandem)
    13. Qaza Tokki Shrine (Qaza Tokki's Blessing)
  41. Hebra (Side Quests)
    1. Stalhorse: Pictured!
  42. Hebra (Shrine Quests)
    1. The Bird in the Mountains
    2. Trial on the Cliff
  43. Hebra (Korok Seeds)
  44. To the Wasteland Tower
  45. Entering Gerudo Town (RM7)
  46. Preparing for Vah Naboris
    1. Retrieving the Thunder Helm
    2. Battling and Boarding Vah Naboris (RM6)
  47. Divine Beast Vah Naboris
  48. Wrapping Up the Wasteland Region
  49. Wasteland (Shrines)
    1. Jee Noh Shrine (On the Move)
    2. Kay Noh Shrine (Power of Electricity)
    3. Daqo Chisay Shrine (The Whole Picture)
    4. Dako Tah Shrine (Electric Path)
    5. Tho Kayu Shrine (Tho Kayu’s Blessing)
    6. Hawa Koth Shrine (The Current Solution)
    7. Dila Maag Shrine (Dila Maag's Blessing)
    8. Raqa Zunzo Shrine (Raqa Zunzo's Blessing)
    9. Kema Zoos Shrine (A Delayed Puzzle)
    10. Suma Sahma Shrine (Suma Sahma's Blessing)
    11. Korsh O'hu Shrine (Korsh O'hu's Blessing)
    12. Misae Suma Shrine (Misae Suma's Blessing)
  50. Wasteland (Side Quests)
    1. Good-Sized Horse
    2. Missing in Action
    3. Rushroom Rush!
    4. An Ice Guy
    5. Tools of the Trade
    6. The Secret Club's Secret
    7. Medicinal Molduga
    8. The Eighth Heroine
    9. The Forgotten Sword
    10. The Thunder Helm
    11. The Mystery Polluter
    12. The Search for Barta
  51. Wasteland (Shrine Quests)
    1. Secret of the Snowy Peaks
    2. The Eye of the Sandstorm
    3. The Desert Labyrinth
    4. The Perfect Drink
    5. The Seven Heroines
    6. The Silent Swordswomen
    7. The Undefeated Champ
  52. Entering Eldin
  53. Preparing for Vah Rudania
    1. Bludo's Back Pain (RM4)
    2. Battling and Boarding Vah Rudania
  54. Divine Beast Vah Rudania
  55. Wrapping Up the Eldin Region
  56. Eldin (Shrines)
    1. Mo’a Keet Shrine (Metal Makes a Path)
    2. Sah Dahaj Shrine (Power of Fire)
    3. Qua Raym Shrine (A Balanced Approach)
    4. Shae Mo'sah Shrine (Swinging Flames)
    5. Shora Hah Shrine (Blue Flame)
    6. Daqa Koh Shrine (Stalled Flight)
    7. Tah Muhl Shrine (Passing the Flame)
    8. Kayra Mah Shrine (Greedy Hill)
    9. Gorae Torr Shrine (Gorae Torr's Blessing)
  57. Eldin (Side Quests)
    1. Fireproof Lizard Roundup
    2. The Road to Respect
    3. Death Mountain's Secret
    4. The Jewel Trade
  58. Eldin (Shrine Quests)
    1. A Brother's Roast
    2. A Landscape of a Stable
    3. The Gut-Check Challenge
  59. Ridgeland (Shrines)
    1. Toh Yahsa Shrine (Buried Secrets)
    2. Mogg Latan Shrine (Synced Swing)
    3. Zalta Wa Shrine (Two Orbs to Guide You)
    4. Shae Loya Shrine (Aim for the Moment)
    5. Maag No'rah Shrine (Maag No'rah's Blessing)
    6. Sheem Dagoze Shrine (Moving in Parallel)
    7. Mijah Rokee Shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)
  60. Ridgeland (Shrine Quests)
    1. Under a Red Moon
    2. The Two Rings
    3. Trial of Thunder
  61. To the Lake Tower
  62. Lake (Shrines)
    1. Pumaag Nitae Shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
    2. Shae Katha Shrine (Shae Katha’s Blessing)
    3. Ya Naga Shrine (Shatter the Heavens)
    4. Shoqa Tatone Shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)
    5. Ka'o Makagh Shrine (Metal Doors Open the Way)
    6. Ishto Soh Shrine (Bravery's Grasp)
  63. Lake (Side Quests)
    1. The Horseback Hoodlums
    2. Hunt for the Giant Horse
  64. Lake (Shrine Quests)
    1. The Serpent's Jaw
    2. Guardian Slideshow
  65. Lake (Korok Seeds)
  66. Akkala (Shrines)
    1. Dah Hesho Shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
    2. Tutsuwa Nima Shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
    3. Tu Ka’loh Shrine (Tu Ka’loh Blessing)
    4. Zuna Kai Shrine (Zuna Kai’s Blessing)
    5. Ritaag Zumo Shrine (Ritaag Zumo’s Blessing)
    6. Ke'nai Shakah Shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)
    7. Katosa Aug Shrine (Katosa Aug Apparatus)
    8. Ze Kasho Shrine (Ze Kasho Apparatus)
  67. Akkala (Side Quests)
    1. Little Sister's Big Request
    2. A Shady Customer
    3. Hobbies of the Rich
    4. A Parent's Love
  68. Akkala (Shrine Quests)
    1. The Spring of Power
    2. Into the Vortex
    3. The Skull's Eye
    4. Trial of the Labyrinth
  69. To the Woodland Tower
  70. Woodland (Shrines)
    1. Mirro Shaz Shrine (Tempered Power)
    2. Rona Kachta Shrine (Rona Katcha’s Blessing)
    3. Keo Ruug Shrine (Fateful Stars)
    4. Kuhn Sidajj Shrine (Kuhn Sidajj's Blessing)
    5. Daag Chokah Shrine (Daag Chokah's Blessing)
    6. Maag Halan Shrine (Maag Halan's Blessing)
    7. Monya Toma Shrine (Drawing Parabolas)
    8. Ketoh Wawai Shrine (Ketoh Wawai's Blessing)
  71. Woodland (Side Quests)
    1. Balloon Flight
    2. Legendary Rabbit Trial
    3. A Freezing Rod
    4. The Korok Trials
    5. Leviathan Bones
    6. Riddles of Hyrule
    7. A Gift from the Monks
  72. Woodland (Shrine Quests)
    1. Trial of Second Sight
    2. The Lost Pilgrimage
    3. The Test of Wood
    4. Shrouded Shrine
  73. Woodland (Korok Seeds)
  74. Central Hyrule (Shrines)
    1. Katah Chuki Shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
    2. Wahgo Katto Shrine (Metal Connections)
    3. Dah Kaso Shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
    4. Noya Neha Shrine (A Minor Test of Strength)
    5. Saas Ko’sah Shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
    6. Rota Ooh Shrine (Passing of the Gates)
    7. Namika Ozz Shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)
    8. Kaam Ya'tak Shrine (Trial of Power)
  75. Central Hyrule (Side Quests)
    1. My Hero
    2. A Rare Find
    3. The Royal White Stallion
    4. A Royal Recipe
    5. The Royal Guard's Gear
  76. Gerudo (Shrines)
    1. Keeha Yoog Shrine (Keeha Yoog’s Blessing)
    2. Sasa Kai Shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)
    3. Kema Kosassa Shrine (A Major Test of Strength)
    4. Kuh Takkar Shrine (Melting Ice Hazard)
    5. Joloo Nah Shrine (Joloo Nah Apparatus)
    6. Sho Dantu Shrine (Two Bombs)
  77. Gerudo (Shrine Quests)
    1. Cliffside Etchings
    2. Sign of the Shadow
    3. Test of Will
  78. To Faron Tower
  79. Faron (Shrines)
    1. Shoda Sah Shrine (Impeccable Timing)
    2. Muwo Jeem Shrine (A Modest Test of Strength)
    3. Tawa Jinn Shrine (Tawa Jinn's Blessing)
    4. Qukah Nata Shrine (Qukah Nata's Blessing)
    5. Korgu Chideh Shrine (Korgu Chideh's Blessing)
    6. Shai Utoh Shrine (Halt the Tilt)
    7. Yah Rin Shrine (A Weighty Decision)
    8. Kah Yah Shrine (Quick Thinking)
  80. Faron (Side Quests)
    1. A Gift of Nightshade
    2. Thunder Magnet
    3. Sunken Treasure
    4. Take Back the Sea
    5. What's for Dinner?
  81. Faron (Shrine Quests)
    1. The Three Giant Brothers
    2. A Song of Storms
    3. Stranded on Eventide
    4. A Fragmented Monument
  82. Preparing for the Endgame
    1. Recovering the Remaining Memories
    2. The Akkala Region's Endgame Equipment
    3. A Special Sword
  83. Hyrule's Endgame
    1. A Secret Shield
    2. To the Sanctum (RM12)
    3. The Final Fight
  84. Miscellaneous
    1. Farming Star Fragments
    2. Farming Dragon Parts
    3. Hateno Dye Shop
    4. Fang and Bone
    5. Overworld Bosses
  85. Base-Game Armors
  86. DLC Items and Armors
  87. The Champions' Ballad (Part 1)
    1. Yowaka Ita Shrine (Collected Soul)
    2. Rohta Chigah Shrine (Stop to Start)
    3. Ruvo Korbah Shrine (A Major Test of Strength+)
    4. Etsu Korima Shrine (Path of Light)
  88. The Champions' Ballad: Mipha's Song
    1. Kee Dafunia Shrine (The Melting Pot)
    2. Sato Koda Shrine (Support and Guidance)
    3. Mah Eliya Shrine (Secret Stairway)
  89. The Champions' Ballad: Revali's Song
    1. Shira Gomar Shrine (Aim for Stillness)
    2. Kiah Toza Shrine (Master the Orb)
    3. Noe Rajee Shrine (The Four Winds)
  90. The Champions' Ballad: Urbosa's Song
    1. Keive Tala Shrine (Big or Small)
    2. Takama Shiri Shrine (Dual Purpose)
    3. Kihoro Moh Shrine (Inside the Box)
  91. The Champions' Ballad: Daruk's Song
    1. Kamia Omuna Shrine (Moving Targets)
    2. Sharo Lun Shrine (Blind Spots)
    3. Rinu Honika Shrine (Block the Blaze)
  92. The Champions' Ballad: Final Trial
  93. Closing
    1. Legal Info
    2. Contributing
    3. Contact Info


Welcome, beloved readers, to my The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Walkthrough! In this guide, I will cover everything even remotely relevant to the game, including the DLC. This guide will, hopefully, help new and experienced players alike have a painless and efficient playthrough.

You'll see a Table of Contents (TOC) to the right of this very text. The TOC contains links to all major sections, including sub-sections within the Walkthrough.

If you wish to follow this Walkthrough every step of the way through your playthrough, consult the Main Walkthrough, which painstakingly details what to do during a specific part.If you wish to research a specific subject matter, consult the appropriate Appendix to the right.

If you wish to read up About the Author and/or About the Guide, follow those links from the Appendix to the right or simply scroll down.

Author's Note: On December 9, 2017, I decided to fast-track beating the game and then releasing a partially-complete guide for the people that were going to obtain this game for the holidays. Version 0.1 contains a good number of the game's 120 Shrines, a lot of the Side Quests, and information regarding the game's four dungeons and final area. I made this decision soon after clearing the game's third dungeon.