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by codebreak1337

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Guide and Walkthrough by codebreak1337

Version: 9 | Updated: 04/07/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2017


" In an epiphany of slight glory, I realized it was about the money," - codebreak

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Andrew Turelli

4/7/2020 (New Music Track Below)

Updating the guide, just brought it back in entirety to GameFAQs. Missing the Master trials and the end of the Champions Ballad. Build Section added, updates to the table of contents and probably more to come until the next Zelda. Please consider donating, I don't own a Nintendo right now, so I can't update without playing the game. I am currently using old material or help from people around the web. Thanks in advance, you all lets hit 1 million here!

Master Mode Walkthrough is underway. This means I will be replaying the game on the brand new Nintendo Switch Console. I appreciate the financial help from the bounties here on Gamefaqs.com as well as the FAQ of the Month rewards! Most importantly, the readers and my subscribers on youtube.com and here. Without the readers and viewers I would have no reason to keep going, nor would I even have won any bounties because if no one was reading them, why would anyone pay me? Well in all seriousness, Thank You from the bottom of my Heart ♥ meter!

Master Mode additions will be added to this guide. I hope you all are enjoying the new Formatted FAQS! I will be playing the game using my own guide in the brand new DLC #1 addition, Master Mode. I will be going through the game with new tactics for this mode adding "Master Notes" to each section of this guide. I feel it will look great this way and add a new take on this Masterpiece, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

This addition to the "hardcore" Zelda Strategy Guide right here on Gamefaqs.com will be free for all viewers/readers. Please see the video section at the very bottom of this guide or just click the Video Guide LInk! That will link you all to my videos on the game. There are over 300+ Breath of the Wild Videos, a Full Playlist on the game, and over 700+ Total Legend of Zelda Franchise Videos. Supercodebreak on youtube.com.

In conclusion, if my readers and friends enjoy this guide, please let me know by just sharing it with your friends, commenting, sending me an email, or even adding me on social media, even facebook. I am always willing to talk with cool people about games and my guides in general. Americanhardcoregames on gmail.com Open Your Eyes Link, as the Legend Begins All Over Again! - Codebreak


------ Reinstating the guide exclusively to Gamefaqs.com 03/09/2020 ----

------ Please allow me to ask you all to Subscribe to Supercodebreak on youtube.com! Check out my playlists, I make video guides for just about every guide I write here on Gamefaqs. See Breath of the Wild or the ZELDA! Thank you! -----


This guide is being rebooted for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. If you have been following some of my post on Gamefaqs.com or my youtube channel, you will see the new DLC #2 armors and gears. I will be implementing all the DLC content into this guide, specifically with a focus on the Champions Ballad. I am not sure if I will make new sections for this or not, but I wanted to let the readers know that playing the game is underway! The DLC #2, Champions Ballad is a nice chunk of content and is well worth it to give extra life to fans of Zelda and Breath of the Wild.

I lost some material for this guide last night. I lost about 20-30 KB worth of information. Not exactly sure how, but I am most displeased! I apologize because I also lost all the bold text below a certain point in the equipment section of this guide. Apologies again, but I will be using the highlighted block, and getting rid of the orange text for the lore in this guide. Any other suggestions please let me know and thanks for viewing!

I hope you all watched the video above! It really puts you in the zone for my guide. I put tons of work into this stuff and this one is particularly special. Apologies for the time off to everyone that has been reading. With that being said I am going to submit this guide as full today and hopefully get out another 200 KB on it with at least the main story complete. If I get enough approval rating I will add more so hit that button if interested thanks.

This guide is a work in progress. Hopefully, I can get some of the older classic Zelda games out here early in some form for everyone. I hope this eases the pain as we wait for what I think will be the most entertaining Zelda title ever made, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Feel free to contact me by email and thank you for viewing. Another note would be that some people say my guides are not very detailed. for the most part, this is somewhat true. For smaller games, it is easier to pinpoint locations, however, this game is going to be huge. I am not saying this guide won't help the player through the game, but it is mainly created to enhance your experience of the game from my perspective.

Created By: Codebreak

Breath of the Wild Track of the Day -The Legend of Zelda - Dark World (Remix)


------ The DLC Season Pass #1 Contents and details have been announced! ----


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+ Completed the equipment section + ( Any other request for that section let me know ) +
+ Ocarina Of Time additions +
+ New File Beings - Master Mode, Nintendo Switch Version.

+ 820+ KB and going +
+ Magic Hag Section Added!!! +
+ Master Mode Begins +
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