The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

What's the white number on the hearts?

  1. Some foods give hearts but sometimes there is a little white number on the first heart. Example: 3 red hearts and a white number ‘5’ on the first one.
    OldFisher10 - 2 months ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. The number indicates an amount of hearts. In your example, a 5-heart plus two single hearts (no number) means that the food will heal 7 hearts.
    IfOnlyForOnce (Expert) - 2 months ago - report
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  2. This is the better, more accurate answer. The white number next to the first heart is to save space, and is that many hearts. Then, you add the individuals and you'll get the final total
    darkdeity9 - 2 months ago - report

Other Answers

  1. Instead of showing all the hearts it adds and waste space and make it difficult to tell how much is healed due to how hard to count it could take, this number indicates how many hearts you get on top of what is shown. So that particular item will heal for 7 or 8 hearts (can't remember if that first heart counts as one or only the value shown).
    JohnathanHyde (Expert) - 2 months ago - report
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