I have only 6 hearts and I made it to Hyrule Castle. Do you actually need the master sword to slay Ganon?

  1. please help me figure out if you need the master sword to slay gannon

    User Info: ChubbyWarrior26

    ChubbyWarrior26 - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You do not need the Master Sword to slay Ganon.

    User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

    IfOnlyForOnce (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 19   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. You don't NEED it, but it helps a hell of a lot, and I'm not sure but I think it gives you a better ending.

    Challenging Ganon with 6 hearts is probably a really bad idea unless you absolutely know what you're doing.

    User Info: Gargomon251

    Gargomon251 - 4 weeks ago 7   0
  2. If you don't know what you're doing battle-wise, I'd recommend going to that one spot (it's the Faron region, there's a bunch near a waterfall, and up top there's some more if you can avoid the Lynel). I counted about 21 to 25 durians harvested this way. (20-6, so you need only 4 cooked durians to basically max out temporary hp, not five). Then go and do the same for hearty bass.

    Fun fact, if I remember correctly temporary HP and Strength up do not interfere with each other. So basically get some bananas and some durians and you'll be super-strong.

    User Info: bulmabriefs144

    bulmabriefs144 - 4 weeks ago
  3. The Master Sword does not contribute to a better ending.

    User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

    IfOnlyForOnce - 1 week ago

Other Answers

  1. No, but unless you made a new profile after sinking many hours into the game, the fight with Ganon will be a pain. Especially since I doubt you've gotten the Divine Beasts which help in that fight

    User Info: C810

    C810 - 1 week ago 3   0
  2. You don't need it, but it does give a short little scene of Link drawing the Master Sword and it "activates" so to speak. That's a slight nifty perk to it.

    User Info: Jacien

    Jacien - 6 days ago 1   1
  3. You don't need it but it will help a ton, with 6 hearts you just die over and over, go explore at least the 4 regions of hyrule and come back.

    User Info: GameChallenger

    GameChallenger - 5 days ago 1   1
  4. - You do not "die over and over" just because you have a lowish heart count
    - There are far more than 4 regions in Hyrule

    User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

    IfOnlyForOnce - 5 days ago
  5. I wouldn't recommend taking on Ganon right now. *spoilers* for every divine beast you haven't beaten, you have to fight it in the same fight with Ganon. That's potentially a 6 phase battle.

    User Info: darkdeity9

    darkdeity9 - 2 days ago 1   1
  6. Yeah, ganon is easy only with the master sword,he hits like a truck!

    User Info: Buddyblade

    Buddyblade - 4 weeks ago 1   4
  7. Fighting Calamity Ganon with the Master Sword or any other Melee weapon is actually the much more difficult way to beat him.

    User Info: MazokuXellos

    MazokuXellos - 4 days ago

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