Where is the pond to access To Quomo Shrine?

  1. I have been all over the n summit and still can’t find the pond that is spoken of for accessing the To Quomo Shrine.

    User Info: Pegasus2

    Pegasus2 - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If you've completed Mozo Shenno Shrine, return to it and make your way North until you reach a valley that lies between mountains to your north and some to your south. From there head west/northwest following the slopes of the mountains. You don't need to climb the mountains themselves, the pond in in the valley. Eventually the valley will open up to an wide open area to the north. Head north into this region and you will find the pond over there. I can PM you a screen grab of the area if you need it.

    User Info: Crazy4Metroid

    Crazy4Metroid - 4 weeks ago 1   0

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