How do I do bow of light glitch ?

  1. So maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago, some people found there was a glitch to get bow of light early carry over it to
    new save file, carry over items and skip great plateau. I watched videos of two of how to do this, I watched Limcube's and Linkus7 tutorials but they both explain it differently. Limcube does it in front of cooking pot, Linkus7 said something about play normally in glitched save file and have all your progress get transferred but I don't think Limcube said that ( I did not watch the entire video buy the way ) Just the big parts I watched of their videos. Can you give a good explanation of how to do this glitch ?

    Thanks !

    User Info: Amit9087

    Amit9087 - 1 month ago


  1. I don't believe we are allowed to discuss or answer exploits of the game and this seems more of a board question.

    User Info: omarssikins

    omarssikins - 1 month ago 0   4
  2. That's online exploits and anything that has to do with piracy, like emulation etc.

    User Info: Definitelyhuman

    Definitelyhuman - 1 month ago

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