Is the upgraded master sword worth it?

  1. I'm thinking of saving up money for the DLC so I can get the upgraded master sword. But is it really worth going through the trail of the sword when I already have stronger weapons that deal more damage?

    User Info: Kickspam

    Kickspam - 3 weeks ago
  2. BotW 2 comes out soon so I would save money for that instead.

    User Info: Akurusu

    Akurusu - 1 week ago
  3. Yes its worth it
    Botw does NOT come out soon, it doesnt even have a release date yet

    User Info: arcnova

    arcnova - 6 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It depends how much you use it because it automatically powers up when you're near malice/guardians but if you use it on other enimies yes. Hope this was helpful

    User Info: sebastian08

    sebastian08 - 3 weeks ago 4   2

Other Answers

  1. Honestly, screw the upgraded sword. That's all well and good but the challenge of the whole thing is what you should be looking at. especially in the later levels. Defeating a golden lionel while bokoblins surround you and guardian turrets fire at you is is a pretty nice achievement if you get through it. A good strategist and someone that is able to find every useful item the "dungeon" has to offer can still have a hard time if he doesn't perfect the perfect block.

    enjoy the game, not the rewards.

    User Info: IgOr2099

    IgOr2099 - 1 week ago 4   3
  2. In my opinion:

    Don't purchase the DLC only for upgraded Master Sword everywhere. The Trial of the Sword and Champion's Ballad Sidequest/Dungeon should be the reason to spend the money. If you don't care to do those things, just play the game as is with regular Master Sword and the Barbarian/Guardian armor set. Then you'll have 20 dollars and can buy a pizza or another game and be very strong in BOTW already.

    User Info: slaterastle

    slaterastle - 5 days ago 1   0
  3. Its very hard to get tough. I gave up myself.

    User Info: angrybobby

    angrybobby - 5 days ago 1   1
  4. 60 base attack on an auto regenerating weapon that doubles to 120 outside of any gear or item stat bonus effects near any guardian, in any divine beast,or in Hyrule Castle.

    I would say yes if you can beat the Trial of the Sword DLC.

    If you can beat it you get a broken weapon that respawns in a very short amount of time into your inventory.

    I say go for it (Unless you don't like breaking the game by being too op).

    User Info: Rockman2019

    Rockman2019 - 3 weeks ago 4   7
  5. Your answer is poor for 2 reasons:
    1) The Master Sword does not get a 60 power boost in Hyrule Castle, near a guardian, or in the Divine Beasts. It stays at 60 even after ToTS is completed.
    2) The Master Sword does not 'auto-regenerate'. Rather, once its durability of 188 (upgraded) is used, it requires 10 minutes to charge back to full durability.

    Also, while the Master Sword is quite powerful, by no means is it a 'broken' weapon.

    User Info: timmyy

    timmyy - 3 weeks ago
  6. The question you should be asking yourself is, is 20+ normal/40+ boosted worth doing a 52 level dungeon with whatever you can find, and iirc, your concoctions? If yes, then by all means, i suggest you do. If no, then it's up to you. You get to keep your runes and powers. Other than that, whatever you can find or use with a rune. If you're a good strategist, i highly recommend that you do it.

    User Info: darkdeity9

    darkdeity9 - 3 weeks ago 1   5

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