What is the strongest weapon in game? And what is the strongest armor?

  1. I want to be hooked up with the best equipment in the game.

    User Info: StarGrotRaccoon

    StarGrotRaccoon - 1 month ago
  2. The best weapons are obtained by gradually using weaker ones on enemies which have sightly stronger ones to gain from their defeat. It is much more satisfying using something which is just good enough for the battle, rather than wasting a decent weapon the whole time which is likely to need constant replacement by fighting tougher enemies.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The strongest armor is the Champion's Tunic, fully upgraded.

    User Info: Definitelyhuman

    Definitelyhuman - 1 month ago 4   6
  2. I mean like, combined with other armor. And what about the weapons?

    User Info: StarGrotRaccoon

    StarGrotRaccoon - 1 month ago
  3. Fully upgraded Ancient armor with Ancient weapons is arguably the best set. 84 armor rating total, plus I think 70% bonus attack with Ancient weapons. you can stack that with an attack-up meal/potion for huge damage.

    User Info: clubgeo2000

    clubgeo2000 - 4 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The strongest armor is the Ancient Armor Set, and the strongest weapon is the Savage Lynel Crusher or the Awakened Master Sword.

    The Master Sword awakens temporarily in Divine Beasts, Hyrule Castle, and corrupted Guardian fights, and awakens permanently after completing the DLC Trial of the Sword.

    User Info: PerefL

    PerefL (Expert) - 1 month ago 17   3
  2. Ok! Thanks for answering!

    User Info: StarGrotRaccoon

    StarGrotRaccoon - 1 month ago
  3. Wait, isn't the Awakened Master Sword still only at 60, while a few other weapons have been as high as 90?

    User Info: crazyseandx

    crazyseandx - 4 weeks ago
  4. Yes, but Master Sword is a single handed sword, and hits much faster than any weapon with higher attack. It also has a Duribility of ~200, so it takes a very long time to break, and even when it does it's just a 10 minute recharge time instead of finding another one like Royal Guard Equipment.

    User Info: ChaseArni

    ChaseArni - 4 weeks ago
  5. Ancient Armour Set doesn't stack with either of those two weapons. Poor choice.

    User Info: Pokenub

    Pokenub - 4 weeks ago

Other Answers

  1. Although Champion's Tunic has the highest when maxed at 32, and the ability to see enemy heal the points, Ancient Armor ties with a few other sets to be the next strongest set, and also increases the attack power of Guardian and Ancient weapons by a factor of 1.8; what is particularly strong about this is that this can stack with attack food buffs. A three-sword food normally applies a factor of 1.5 to weapon attack. So, a Guardian Blade++ would end up inflicting (40x1.5x1.8) 108 damage a hit. Ancient Battle Axes 162, which continues to increase if the axe itself has higher base damage. If you have Champion Amiibo, each of the unique helmets can complete the Ancient Proficiency set with Ancient Armor/Boots, reveal Enemy HP, and also add a minor buff depending on which helm (although Guardian Resist will no longer be active).

    Something to note, though, is the Savage Lynel Bow with a Five Shot attribute will be the highest dps of any weapon in the game. At 32 damage a shot, and a 1.5 factor from either triple sword food buff or Barabarian/Fierce Deity Armor self, and a single volley will hit for 240 if all arrows land. Hit the enemy's weak point, or add in elemental arrows, and this increases further.

    Lastly, it needs to be noted that the FASTEST way to take down enemies is Ancient arrows. Rare to find, and expensive, an ancient arrow can dispatch any non-boss enemy in one hit (Guardians will have to be hit in their "eye") though only Guardians will produce drops when dispatched in this manner. So your best bet for Lynels is going all out with 5-Shot Savage Bow shots in bullet time.

    User Info: Airoen

    Airoen - 1 month ago 5   1
  2. The strongest weapon I know of is a guardian ax ++ with an attack boost, along with the 80% increase of the Ancient proficiency

    User Info: Tom_Foolery2345

    Tom_Foolery2345 - 1 month ago 5   2
  3. It depends on what you mean by 'best'.

    In terms of sheer offensive capability you can get are guardian++ weapons or savage lynel bows. However these require either exceptional luck from amiibo drops or for you to be able to kill the sort of foe that would drop these things in the first place. Additionally they do not last forever so, even if you get one, it will break eventually and then that's it. Gone to the void. You'll need to find a new one. Ancient Arrows will kill anything in one hit but they are expensive and difficult to make, requiring a trek to the far north-east corner of the map, a sidequest (thankfully easy), and both rupee's and materials to craft. A single one is worth well over 100 rupee's a pop in both cost and materials. Additionally the monsters defeated with one do not drop materials or weapons meaning you will only use these when the only thing that matters is the opponent dying.

    The best armor is a bit easier and basically comes down to your choice of the ancient armor or the barbarian armor for a full set. The ancient armor is more protective and carries some nice bonuses and you can get the full attack boost with cooking while the barbarian armor just offers you the attack boost without cooking. The ancient armor is the better of the two sets but it is very convenient to be able to have the full attack boost without having to eat a meal. The Champion's Armor is very powerful as well but requires dragon parts (difficult to farm without a lot of planning and/or a guide) and is just a single piece of gear as opposed to the full set.

    However, the best, in my opinion, still belongs to the Awakened Master Sword. You'll still want it even in it's basic state because it's respawning capabilities make it an ideal trash cleaner, but getting it fully awakened (granted, if you can do this, nothing can really challenge you anymore anyways) ups its attack power and durability by a LOT on the weapon that will be your go-to for most combat situations. It's sword-beams are a nice perk but it's fast, one-handed (so you can use a shield for protection/reflecting), and respawns with 30/40/50/60 attack (depending on awakening level). You can get the Hylian Shield without too much difficulty as well and it's durability is bonkers (enough to the point where a lot of people will simply never see it break).

    IMO, you will ideally want the following weapons in your inventory at all times.

    Master Sword (Awakened if possible)
    Torch (useful)
    A Flame-type weapon (can be picked up easily in Hyrule Castle. IIRC the docks have one easily accessable)
    An Ice-type weapon (has its uses)
    A Thunder-type weapon
    Sledgehammer/Goron weapon (great for when you need to either break ore or move a giant boulder)
    and whatever else.

    As for armor, some other notable sets I find myself using a lot are the Climbing gear (very helpful) and the stealth armor. The stealth armor can be obtained really early on and will probably be your first armor set. It doesn't offer much but it DOES make Link hard to detect which makes gathering materials out in the wilds a lot easier. You will also want to pick up the armor from the Rito village ASAP as there are a lot of cold areas in the game; though there are work-arounds/alternatives (the flame weapon I mentioned can be equipped to keep you slightly warmer for example). There is a heat version in the Gerudo place/Tarry Town, but it's not as important outside of the desert area.

    But, in short, Breath of the Wild is NOT a game about 'bests'. Weapons break and you will change your armor very frequently to deal with the environment. If you can obtain the 'best' gear there is a high chance you are good enough that you don't actually need it. There are 'ideal' weapons and armor, but the focus of the game is less on combat and way more on exploring.

    User Info: Unbridled9

    Unbridled9 - 3 weeks ago 2   1
  4. The Soldier's and Ancient Armor and the Tunic of the Wild all share the highest cumulative defense of any armor set, at 84, which can be upped further to 88 by also wearing the Champion's Tunic.

    The strongest weapon I remember seeing was a Savage Lynel Crusher with an attack-power boost that brought it up past 100. I don't know if there are any other weapons that could match or exceed that.

    User Info: Scraps

    Scraps (Expert) - 1 month ago 3   3
  5. What about One-Handed Weapons?

    User Info: StarGrotRaccoon

    StarGrotRaccoon - 1 month ago
  6. Royal swords are all readily available and very effective.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube - 1 month ago

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