After i defeated the final boss, it restarts. Have i done something wrong?

  1. After i defeated Calamity Ganon the boss starts all over again and the mission is incomplete even though it said the mission was completed.Do i have to do all that again?

    User Info: Killvmaim89

    Killvmaim89 - 1 month ago
  2. when it ends the game sends you back to where your last save was, you beat the game

    User Info: arisenstring956

    arisenstring956 - 2 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Thats with every salsa game. There isn't a post game buddy

    User Info: TimeSquid

    TimeSquid (Expert) - 1 month ago 16   1
  2. Voted up for Salsa lololol

    User Info: TheLastSmile

    TheLastSmile - 2 weeks ago


  1. zelda*
    Misspelled it to salsa lol

    User Info: TimeSquid

    TimeSquid (Expert) - 1 month ago 14   1
  2. Once you have completed the boss battles, you will see a star next to your save file and this is your completion notification.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube (Expert) - 1 month ago 7   0
  3. If you'd like a Zelda game with a playable postgame, you can pick between Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, or Tri Force Heroes. All the rest of them will always boot you back to before the final boss after the credits roll.

    User Info: 0zma

    0zma (Expert) - 1 month ago 4   1

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