What to do? I cannot find a bow and arrow anywhere, meaning i cannot complete my task. Please help.

  1. I know that you acquire your first bow and arrow from the zombies, however this has not happened for me and now i am stuck until i have one.

    User Info: CleverSamurai54

    CleverSamurai54 - 1 week ago

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  1. The first bow is usually from the bokoblin enemies found just further down from the old man and the Temple...near a camp and body of water. You can use anything you manage to find, like an axe or even a branch to damage them and the arrows will be lying on the large area of short grass right below a small hill where the enemies come from. Any enemy sporting a bow can be beaten to acquire their weapon. It is handy to get the bombs from one of the shrines so that you have a never-ending supply of offensive articles. Eventually, all the enemies will re-spawn, so don't worry if you miss out the first time.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube (Expert) - 1 week ago 2   0


  1. And there are other places to get bows than from enemies, too. For example, there's one inside a treasure chest in the Temple of Time, and another in the Forest of Spirits at one of the old man's encampments.

    User Info: 0zma

    0zma - 1 week ago 1   0

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