Does the Royal Guard's Gear quest ever mark as complete?

  1. I read the rumors at Riverside Stable, then went to Hyrule Castle and got all 3 pieces of the Royal Guard gear but the quest still isn't showing as complete.

    When I set it as my primary quest, it just directs me back to Riverside.
    Am I being dumb?

    (Sorry if this question has been asked a million times before)

    User Info: GibalusTheBrave

    GibalusTheBrave - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes. You are getting the Royal Guard's Gear and the DLC Royal Guard Armor set mixed up here.

    The former requires you to bring one item (sword, spear, claymore, bow, or shield) from the Royal Guard Set to the adventurer girl at Riverside Stable while the latter only requires you to pick up all 3 pieces of armor for that set to complete.

    User Info: NaberiusBuster

    NaberiusBuster - 2 weeks ago 8   2
  2. Oh okay thanks wow I feel pretty dumb for not noticing

    User Info: GibalusTheBrave

    GibalusTheBrave - 2 weeks ago

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