The firefly quest is not triggering?

  1. Hello, I am pretty new to Breath of the Wild as I got it in July of 2018. I have been trying to get the shrine where you have to do the Chicken quest, Giant Fairy Fountain and the Firefly quest. I have completed the 2 quests and the one with the flaming arrows, but the firefly quest is not triggering. I have talked to her for 5 nights in a row after 10pm and all she does is ramble about how she loved catching fireflies, but no quest shows up. I was wondering what I was missing or doing wrong. Thank you so much!!!

    User Info: KatieCat1723

    KatieCat1723 - 2 years ago
  2. Just covering the basics here but did you actually take some fireflies in to her?

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube - 2 years ago
  3. Yes I captured the fireflies and I took them to her and talked to her to trigger the event and the event will still not trigger.

    User Info: KatieCat1723

    KatieCat1723 - 2 years ago

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  1. before you can trigger the firefly quest you do need to complete the chicken quest and the great fairy fountain quest. the fairy fountain quest requires completion of the hateno lab main quest.

    if you have both of those quests, visit lasli in her house and talk to her. she'll ask you to collect 5 fireflies. collect them by the bridge in kakariko and hold them and drop them inside her house.

    User Info: kaeda

    kaeda - 2 years ago 2   0


  1. If I remember, it has to be like, right at sunset. Like unreasonably specific. I remember it was frustrating to get, but when you did, it's an easy quest.

    User Info: GalaxyChild

    GalaxyChild - 2 years ago 3   2
  2. Thank you so much for your help! I will go and try that!

    User Info: KatieCat1723

    KatieCat1723 - 2 years ago 3   2
  3. Before you can complete the firefly quest you need to finish the chicken quest. Possibly the great fairy quest. It won't trigger until it is night time and you release the fireflies in her house. Just talking to her will not trigger the scene.

    User Info: Animalcurve

    Animalcurve - 2 years ago 1   2

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