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  1. I've been using the giant horse that I stumbled on by accident in the beginning of the game, but now that I have the ancient saddle and bridle apparenly he can't equip it. So I got the white horse cuz I heard it was good. Can't equip it on that either it seems. Is there a way to equip it on the white horse or what is a good one for that and where can I find it?

    User Info: BriaLore

    BriaLore - 4 weeks ago

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  1. Yeah, I think the Royal horse is the best. Unless you find a wild horse with Epona's stats, which I'm not sure is even possible. You can just feed it a bunch of apples and that'll get it to full or run laps around the stable. If you do the latter, when you use a spur, wait until it wears off and then press L. Guaranteed soothe.

    User Info: GalaxyChild

    GalaxyChild (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 1   0


  1. You should be able to equip the white horse with it. Are you sure your bond with him is at max level? You're free to customize any horse any way you'd like, as long as you're fully bonded with it first. The only exceptions are Epona and the Giant Horse.

    User Info: Sapientia

    Sapientia - 4 weeks ago 0   0
  2. It is at max level and it still won't give me the option to equip the white horse with it idk what I'm missing this is so frustrating ugh. Is there any other stipulations that would prevent me from equipping it on the white horse.? I think it's already equipped with the royal saddle and stuff so idk if that has anything to do with it but idk how to switch it out

    User Info: BriaLore

    BriaLore - 4 weeks ago 0   0
  3. Some stables have a person who can equip/re-equip your horses and styles etc. Check around the outside pen may need to un-equip first. Horse-riding is purely nostalgic and cosmetic though as you can soon warp wherever you need to get near.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 0   0
  4. You may have to go to the man that gave you the quest to "activate" its gear, if you didn't, maybe. You also do have to register it at a stable if you didn't. Theres also only four stables that let you customize, so you might not be at one of them. I really dont want to sound condescending, but maybe you didn't get the ancient gear or you did and then you didn't save or something. I don't have any other ideas right now, so I wish you luck with your horse. Have fun, I hope this doesn't ruin your experience with the game.

    User Info: GalaxyChild

    GalaxyChild (Expert) - 3 weeks ago 0   0

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