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  1. So I bought this game on WiiU, not having the money at the time to buy a Switch. Now that I have one, I really want to play Zelda on Switch. But 200+ hours in, there's no way I'm starting over.

    Using my own account, is there ANY way of copying/cloning a friend's Switch save file, so I can at least play with most of the stuff done (that I've already completed)?

    I'd pay another $60 for a Switch copy of Zelda in a heartbeat, but there's no way I'm starting that gigantic ass game over!

    User Info: zoniax

    zoniax - 1 month ago

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  1. Sorry but no such thing exists. You'll have to start over unfortunately.

    User Info: EvilResident

    EvilResident - 2 days ago 1   0

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