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  1. I was climbing a mountain when a disembodied female voice - Mipha or Zelda I don't know - said to me something in Japanese (I play with japanese voice acting) that sounded like 'don't give up now' (Ganbatte). Which freaked me out. I wasn't about to die so Mipha's Grace didn't activate. Does this happen to anyone else?

    User Info: Solar193

    Solar193 - 2 months ago

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  1. I've heard that in the Japanese version, whenever Mipha's Grace recharges, she informs you by repeating the promise she made to Link in the "Mipha's Touch" memory. ("If anyone tries to do you harm, then I will heal you," or something like that.) If it's true, that might be the "motivation" you're referring to.

    User Info: Phisoe

    Phisoe - 2 months ago 1   0


  1. Probably one of the champions abilities have finished recharging. Creeps me out too, even in my native language.

    User Info: chickenbolt

    chickenbolt - 2 months ago 1   0

  2. After researching... I conclude that... it's just mipha grace becoming active. No motivation.

    User Info: Timeclock

    Timeclock (Expert) - 2 months ago 1   0

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