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  1. I want to start a new game (and I mean not in hard mode which creates an entirely different save) and I need to know whether there is something I need to do to activate the DLC or it just pops up on its own when you start

    User Info: tatetitotu792

    tatetitotu792 - 3 months ago

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  1. I'm pretty sure both DLC packs require you to reach certain points in the game before they activate. I think the first one kicks in once you've left the Great Plateau, and the second one once you've cleared all four Divine Beasts.

    User Info: Phisoe

    Phisoe - 3 months ago 2   0


  1. Buy it and open the game, and it will start up by itself. If you're far in the game, when you start playing, you'll get showered in words before you can even play, but after that it's cool.

    User Info: Naruto_fan_42

    Naruto_fan_42 - 3 months ago 1   0

  2. The dlc isnt tied your save file, so it should still be there when you start the game (but I dont think there are any words immediately).

    User Info: GalaxyChild

    GalaxyChild (Expert) - 3 months ago 0   0

  3. Beat the game and the dlc will start up

    User Info: Timeclock

    Timeclock (Expert) - 3 months ago 0   1

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