Horse stuck on rocks, how do I get him/her out?

  1. I was trying to get the royal horse, but he fell onto steep rocks next to it's spawn location. I can't get him out because the cliff is too steep and it hasn't been registered yet.

    User Info: Voobez1

    Voobez1 - 2 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If you are able to mount the horse, hold down the same trigger you'd use to shield, and it'll enter the horse into a sort of forced baby-steps mode. The horse will go anywhere you tell it to like this, albeit slowly.

    User Info: Reposiric

    Reposiric - 2 years ago 20   1


  1. Second answer is mostly correct... Using the left trigger, which brings out your shield AND will also walk your character sideways while looking ahead ("strafe") when using the directional joystick will make your horse believe in you in any situation! If you're on a cliff over water you can convince the horse to walk straight down rocks until it (and you) falls into the water, then it will swim to shore with you. Steep cliffs can actually be traversed with no fear of endangering either of you if they aren't vertical and too high if you freefall.

    User Info: FlyingFinn

    FlyingFinn - 2 years ago 4   1
  2. He should respawn in his original location once you leave the area and come back, though I think you'll have to tame him again.

    User Info: whisperstar13

    whisperstar13 (Expert) - 2 years ago 6   4

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