Good way to get bows?

  1. I'm doing a lot of hunting recently to get a lot of rupees, but it's kind of hard when my bows break after 10 minutes. Are there any good ways to get decent bows on a regular basis to combat this? I'm fairly early in the game, I'm at the point where I'll soon be going up against Vah Rudania, which is my second Divine Beast to beat after Vah Ruta

    User Info: Joozhuah

    Joozhuah - 3 years ago
  2. BTW ... where are you planning to BUY a bow with all those rupees? Fighting enemies is the ONLY way to gather bows other than obtaining them from a chest.

    User Info: odd-lady

    odd-lady - 1 year ago
  3. U could kill some monsters that have bows

    User Info: GrumpyAnimist82

    GrumpyAnimist82 - 6 months ago

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  1. only get 500 for a diamond whereas you will get 700 for selling the stones, so it's only worthwhile the first time when he gives you two! If you actually need diamonds, then that's a different matter.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube - 3 years ago 8   1
  2. I'm pretty sure luminous stones sell for 70 not 700

    User Info: DaBigPig

    DaBigPig - 1 year ago
  3. Yeah but you need 10 Luminous to trade for 1 diamond.

    User Info: rigadoog

    rigadoog - 1 year ago
  4. Kill a Lynel.. and problem solved...

    User Info: Pkmplayer

    Pkmplayer - 1 year ago


  1. Enemy camps are the best way to get bows efficiently and quickly. Another good place to find bows is at towns or ruins, where you can find weapons laying around. If you want to get the best bows, fight lynels. They will drop some serious bows. Another method is fighting hinoxes, as they will wear weapons as necklaces. Or you can even fight yiga soldiers, as some carry bows. Moldugas can carry chests inside them that, when killed, can contain bows. These are all (mostly) easy ways to find bows. Or guardian scouts in shrines. Just fight enemies and mini-bosses whenever possible, and you are sure to find plenty of bows. Never pass up a good fight. If you are struggling to find enemy camps, travel more on foot or on horseback.

    User Info: CrustaceanLord

    CrustaceanLord - 3 years ago 11   6
  2. To be fair though, when facing a Lynel just to get a bow, try to find a weaker one. As for Moldugas... I can see why you said mostly, sinde I have over half the max hearts and that thing would have one-shot me without Mipha's Grace.

    User Info: ZRt

    ZRt - 1 year ago
  3. Well, the best way to get rupees is to sell luminous gems and you only need bombs to get those. So, apart from actually beating enemies with decent bows, you could hunt down spots for the luminous stones and any others along the way. There is definitely no need to grind anything as if you vary your gameplay enough, you will come across many ways to make money, such as selling food even. The Divine Beasts are not essential to get done as early as possible either...there are plenty of other quests to do also. Soon you will get used to using swords and melee weapons to get enemies just as easily as bows...don't back out of a fight unless you know you won't win it yet. You have plenty of saving opportunities to retry any failures.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube - 3 years ago 12   8
  4. There is a respawnable royal bow in a ruin right by the gerudo tower go open this chest a couple of times using the blood moons and you'll have more then enough bows to last you till they start dropping every 10 seconds.

    User Info: Draxare

    Draxare - 3 years ago 11   8
  5. If you are good at fighting than every blood moon just target enemy camps which tend to have lots of watchmen because they carry bows. if you are looking for better bows like royal bows you could sneak one off a sleeping hinox. The stealth armour is good for this. A trick is to crouch on its hand so when it goes to scratch its belly you plop right on there and get the bow and your out of there. You could also kill the dude but idk what stuff you have and you usually need bows to kill hinoxes anyway which is missing the point. Once you get at a stage where i am you can farm the best bows in the game by killing all the lynels but thats basically when you reach the 200 hour mark of playtime on this game. If you have an amiibo which gives you bows then use that. I can't really think of other ways to get bows as I don't have bow problems but what helps is upgrading the bow inventory with korok seeds so you can hold more and so less often you run out of bows.

    User Info: Shadow_Dedede

    Shadow_Dedede - 1 year ago 2   0
  6. I think the best way to go about it is to just invest time in gathering bows from enemy camps in areas you have already explored (go for the ones within your fighting range). Earning rupees is fine and all but it can be a bit time consuming unless you're willing to do side questions for gems and luminous stones in anyways.

    User Info: naz_bee

    naz_bee - 3 years ago 3   2
  7. Find them at enemy camps :)

    User Info: G33k_Girl

    G33k_Girl - 3 years ago 2   1
  8. I have played this game in reg mode and master mode with over 400 hours playing time. My thoughts are you have to fight the Lynels. A 5 shot bow and a 108 Lynel crusher will cause some easy work on the rest of them. Once you get that, money is not a problem anymore. Lynels drop all kind of goodies. I love a blood moon because you get to go back and do it all over again.

    User Info: OldMan65

    OldMan65 - 1 year ago 3   2
  9. There is a chest in Gerudo town that gives you a golden bow. After that, there is one available after every blood moon(I'm guessing, whenever I've gone back, there is always another bow) in the room where the warriors practice. This bow is short lived, but very accurate for long distances, much like the phrenic bow. I try to keep two at all times in my slots.

    User Info: superfleurs

    superfleurs - 1 year ago 1   0
  10. I mean just explore. You'll find them in enemy camps and shrines quite often. You'll start to find good ones often as you progress through the game. Oh and it's a lot easier to get a lot of rupees from selling gems cause they're worth much more than meat, don't really have any use to you so it's easy to part with them, and you can just use bombs which you've got an unlimited amount of.

    User Info: SharKing1008

    SharKing1008 - 3 years ago 4   4
  11. The thieves camp in the gerudo desert go their and fight the assassins their bows are aws9me and their fairly weary to kill with readily timed dark souls dodge rolls

    User Info: Q23rout20

    Q23rout20 - 3 years ago 1   1
  12. Stab a buncha lizaflos.
    They've got decent bows, lmao

    User Info: Samon-urai

    Samon-urai - 1 year ago 1   1
  13. I would suggest getting the revaluation amiibo as it can get you falcon bows which are quick fire, 20 damage and snipers, but if you buying stuff then just get amiibo cards, many amiibo will give you royal weapons, plus you could get eponA and exclusive weapons

    User Info: King_Rhoam

    King_Rhoam - 11 months ago 0   0
  14. yiga archers have decent ones too

    User Info: AngryNacho

    AngryNacho - 7 months ago 0   0
  15. Rito Village has some swallow bows. You may wanna save them, and get flint and a diamond. You can get a better version of the Swallow Bow, the "Great Eagle Bow" if you have completed Divine Beast Vah Medoh. To replace it, you need a swallow bow.

    User Info: rizwangenius55

    rizwangenius55 - 7 months ago 0   0
  16. If you are planning on getting an amiibo, you can use the Archer Link or Revali amiibos to get bows and arrows, too.

    User Info: SunnyStag

    SunnyStag - 2 months ago 0   0
  17. One of the best ways to earn rupees is the bowling game in the mountains.
    Build up Link by completing shrines, choose hearts first then stamina vessels.

    User Info: 666dog

    666dog - 3 years ago 2   3
  18. My journey to 190,000 rupees went like this. At the early stages I was poor like most people are when they start the game and then i discovered the great plateau stone talus and every blood moon i teleported to the shrine of ressurection and flew down to kill it. Every stone talus i came across i stamped the location of so every blood moon i would go to all of those locations and get all of the ores by killing them. It was quite tedious and once i bought all the important things like armour i stopped killing the stone taluses (but kept the stamps just cause). Lots of time passed and silver enemies started appearing and i was at a stage where even the silver enemies are really easy to deal with and 90% of enemy camps had at least one silver enemy and about 10% had 2 silver enemies and probably 0.1% had 3 or more. Every monster camp i came across i killed and silver enemies drop ores so all of that stuff adds up and if you sell all of the ores then you get rich. Then i got really over powered and regularly killed the silver lynels which not only get you lots of over powered bows but lots of ores and shock arrows. I actually reached 999 shock arrows at one point and then i started using my bow more often and now its only at 400 :( also they very rarely drop star fragments which is really good because you need those to upgrade lots of the armour in the game. Once you kill one silver lynel it all of a sudden becomes really easy to kill the rest because now you got some good weapons. Freeing divine beast naboris is a good idea (but unfortunatly its the hardest divine beast mainly because of the boss at the end) but doing so gets you urbosa fury which is over powered because one of those can instantly kill an entire monster camp but also using all 3 against a lynel deals 1500 damage to the 6000 health along with all the damage from riding the lynel and hitting the back of its head. use your strongest weapon for this and you can do serious damage. If you have a savage lynel crusher than you can use that and deal about 280 damage so for all the urbosa furys thats about 600 extra damage... It aint much but lets just say you had a 108 damage savage lynel crusher than you deal like 500 damage so times 3 and thats 1500 plus 1500 from fury and thats 3000 so thats half of the lynels health gone and then when he throws you off you shoot the back of his head so thats like 100 damage and then you use stasis and then you charge attack the crusher which stuns the lynel from the stasis hit and then you move the opposite direction of the spinning direction and then you deal heaps of damage about 1500 extra damage and then he runs away and roars and then you shoot his face which is about 100 damage and then ride him and hit him so thats like another 500 damage and that all adds up to about 6000 so you kill the lynel and then you get his good weapon and bow and arrows and ores and potential star fragment. Also selling lynel guts can get you quite a bit of money too but i dont do that because 1 im too rich so it would be a waste and 2 i want to reach 999 thats the ultimate challenge for me. And yeah im 470 hours into the game now and i have 190,000 rupees and i calculated that selling all of my current ores would get me another 60,000 which is pretty cool but i might not sell the diamonds cos they are special. Anyway I reached the character limit which kinda sucks.

    User Info: Shadow_Dedede

    Shadow_Dedede - 1 year ago
  19. the hell, thank you master

    User Info: UnsightlyAgent8

    UnsightlyAgent8 - 5 months ago
  20. Enemy camps should have some bows! Shrines and Divine Beasts might too! Just explore :P

    User Info: NintendoDillan

    NintendoDillan - 3 years ago 1   4
  21. Instead of selling your luminous stones collect 10 and go to Zora's domain and near the entrance there will be a guy who will give you a diamond (two if its your first time) you can do this as many times as you'd like. its way more efficient.

    User Info: domthegreatest

    domthegreatest - 3 years ago 3   8
  22. 10 luminous stones sell for 700 rupees. One diamond sells for 500 rupees. After the first time you are losing money every time you trade for a diamond.

    User Info: danzam40

    danzam40 - 1 year ago

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