Most efficient way to get bomb arrows?

  1. I know you can get them from shops, though I am not all for blowing all my money on them (they are really not cheap),
    also farming them from the Bokoblins in Akkala is not that good after 1.1.2. Anyone know any other good way?

    User Info: KonoRinku

    KonoRinku - 3 years ago

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  1. West of skull lake there will be a camp of
    Bokoblins. Wait until it is raining then make them notice you. Avoid the arrows while picking them up. When no arrows can be collected save then reload. Repeat until you are satisfied.

    User Info: connor4532

    connor4532 - 3 years ago 15   3


  1. If you visit the island to the west of the Lost Woods at night while it is raining you should be able to pick up quite a few there.

    User Info: dineme81

    dineme81 - 3 years ago 9   3
  2. I buy them any chance I get. Sell your luminous stones or cook some meals then sell those to get quick cash.

    User Info: Gemslime

    Gemslime - 9 months ago 2   2
  3. Is you don't mind kind of cheating find an interactive map like the one on Zelda dungeon and search up bomb arrows and you will see that there are a lot of chests with bomb arrows.

    User Info: LeonWhitmore07

    LeonWhitmore07 - 3 years ago 6   8
  4. This game is very good at apportioning certain arrows in various places around the world. Enemies who use bomb arrows against you are likely to yield them on their defeat, most successfully from camps and towers. It's a good idea not to rely on any particular type of elemental arrow, however, as they are not infinitely available for free and there are many ways to "skin a cat" so to speak.
    The most available are shock arrows and are particularly effective in the rain and when enemies are wet otherwise. I managed to get through the game without having to buy any arrows other than the basic ones and lab ones. The challenge is a reasonable one, so I recommend trying to avoid "farming" anything artificially and just enjoy the adventure from place to place as your quests allow. You could equip the sensor to detect whatever you've pictured, so it may help you to detect chests and a lot will provide different arrows.

    User Info: Super_cube

    Super_cube - 3 years ago 5   25

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