Question regarding the Master Sword?

  1. I've been informed multiple times that when the Master Sword's true power has been "awakened", it's damage is doubled, and it becomes unbreakable for the time being. Despite this, it broke, or rather, "ran out of energy" during my battle with Fireblight Ganon. Could someone elaborate, please?

    User Info: Cham

    Cham - 2 years ago

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  1. It doesn't become unbreakable when it's glowing (awakened) and at double damaged. Rather, it becomes more durable- lasts for longer. But it is most definitely still capable of running of energy while in that state.

    User Info: Syd_CB

    Syd_CB - 2 years ago 4   0


  1. When the blade is awakened (glowing) the power goes from 30 to 60, and it's durability skyrockets. I don't know the exact value though. I was able to go through the full Blight Rush in Hyrule Castle (if you don't finish any of the Divine Beasts, their respective Blight has to be fought before you face Calamity Ganon, boss rush style) and Ganon with just the Master Sword and regular arrows and the Master Sword never ran out of energy, so the cap is very high.

    User Info: ChaseArni

    ChaseArni (Expert) - 2 years ago 0   0
  2. The Master Sword glows blue when near a Calamity-type enemy. This includes all overworld Guardians, as well as inside of the Divine Beasts and Hyrule Castle. During this time, the damage increases from 30 to 60 and durability increases greatly. However, it is not unbreakable and can still run out of energy.

    User Info: Thrasher7170

    Thrasher7170 - 2 years ago 0   1

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