What do the numbers in the inventory for clothes and weapons mean?

  1. im a bit confused with the numbering system for clothes and weapons in the game for strength. An example is when you go into your inventory there are numbers in the corner of all the clothes and weapons and then when you select it you see 2 more numbers and the effect of the clothes or wepon if there is an effect. What do all the numbers mean? Which one is strength? And are the rest buffs? The game doesn't really explain this. If anyone knows what it means for clothes and weapons let me know please :)

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    Locke_54 - 4 years ago

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  1. For weapons, the number is it's attack power. For armor, the number means its better with its defense and will protect you better. When theres two numbers next to each other, the left number is the attack power of your current weapon, whereas the right number is the new weapon's attack power. Bigger numbers are better. Hope this clears it up!

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  1. Weapons: The number is their Base Power. Generally, higher power is better, but you have to remember how fast certain weapon types can attack. Longswords/Axes usually have higher power than other weapons, but they are slow to swing, and only hit twice per combo. Spears are weaker, but his very fast 5~6 times. The symbols next to the Power tell you if it has a passive ability or not. A Diamond means it's Durability is higher than normal. A Sword means the attack power of the weapon is higher than normal. The Crossed Swords is a Critical trait: the last hit in a combo with that weapon will always do 2x damage. A curved Arrow means you can Throw the weapon farther than you can normally. Some Bows have a small x2/3 next to them, like Lyonel's Bow. This means they shoot multiple arrows in one shot (they still only use one arrow though, so don't worry about Ammo)

    Armor: The numbers are their defensive rating. More defense means less damage when you get hit. Again, the symbols are their Passive ability. Zig-zags means it gives you a boost to Stealth. Wavy Lines increases your Swimming Speed. A Mountain increases your Climbing Speed. A symbol that looks like a Map Stamp means it reduces the damage you take from Guardians. A Sun/Snowflake increases your resistance to Heat/Cold areas.

    Most of these are actually listed in the description of the items themselves what they do, so the game DOES explain it. For the weapon abilities, you just have to look at the weapon in your Inventory Screen to see what the symbols mean, they are written right next to them.

    2 numbers side-by-side is comparison. The left one is your current Power or Defense (depending if you are swapping Weapon or Armor) and the Right number is what it will be when you change the equipment.

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    ChaseArni (Expert) - 4 years ago 121   14
  2. Weapons: Number is the damage per hit and extra damage bonuses on the weapon combined
    Shields: Defence level
    Armour: Defence strength

    Btw keep in mind potion effects/ food

    User Info: Samon-urai

    Samon-urai - 1 year ago 12   6
  3. Attack power, sometimes a Weapon will have a bonus like critical hit every time you finish a combo.. Or durability up(my personal favorite)

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    Pkmplayer - 1 year ago 4   4
  4. Attack damage and defense rating

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    King_Rhoam - 9 months ago 2   2
  5. Basically it is the amount of power that the armor set or weapon has

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    QueenZelda - 1 year ago 7   12
  6. Please try not to bump questions from years ago which have long been answered successfully

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