Heart/Stamina Container help?

  1. Could you max out hearts and stamina?Or you need a special strategy on how to use the spirit orbs ?

    User Info: CalinRa

    CalinRa - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There is 120 shrines, Each completed Shrine awards 1 Orb
    4 Orbs = 1 Upgrade. (You can choose to upgrade hearts or stamina but only once per 4 shrines completed)
    120/4 = 30 Upgrades

    Upgrades can be turned in at any Shrine Prayer Statue. There is one located at the quest turn in after completing your first 4 shrines. It is located inside the Temple of Time. There are more Statues for upgrades that you will find as you venture through the game, mostly located in or near Towns/Landmarks.

    -So in conclusion, I'm not sure if theres a limit to each, but my theory would be that you can choose your own outcome, but possibly with a max of 20 in 1 type.
    What I personally am aiming for is 20 heart upgrades and 10 stamina upgrades.

    User Info: ativos

    ativos - 2 years ago 0   0

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