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  • Nintendo Switch's game cartridges have been coated with a bitter tasting agent denatonium benzoate, to attempt anyone from accidentally ingesting them.

    Contributed By: 91210user.

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  • The name "Nintendo Switch" was officially unveiled during a 3-minute "teaser trailer" first debuting the console on October 20th, 2016. Prior to the unveiling, the system went under the developmental code name "Nintendo NX".

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  • Two of the first games confirmed to be in development for the Switch were Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI, both confirmed by Square Enix in July of 2015.

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  • The Switch used to have a special easter egg that let players play the NES version of Golf on July 11th by doing a special hand gesture. Fans saw this as a touching tribute to Satoru Iwata, one of Golf's original programmers, who passed away on July 11th, 2015. However, the 4.0.0 firmware update removed the ability to play Golf in this way, suggesting it might have been snuck into the code unsanctioned.

    Contributed By: Shotgunnova.

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  • Back when Nintendo was developing the Nintendo Switch, they actually planned the Joy-cons to attach to the console by magnets! But they thought it would mess up the hardware inside. But that's why the Nintendo Switch snap sound effect sounds like how it does today!

    Contributed By: PlushUmaru-chan.

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  • During the development of the Joy-Con controllers, the use of the controllers' color was emphasized by Nintendo's past consoles, such as the multi-colored buttons found on the Nintendo GameCube and Super Famicom controllers. This has inspired the neon red and neon blue Joy-Con controllers, whereas the gray design was made to appeal a core gamer who is looking for something more sleek as an alternative preference.

    Contributed By: Edge5520.

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  • The Nintendo Switch Pro controller features an interesting message found on the controller's motherboard, "THX2 ALLGAMEFANS!". This is located just above the Right stick; under the transparent plastic in the surrounding socket while the stick is being held down.

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  • Since the Nintendo Switch comes bundled with two Joy-Con controllers where one can be shared with another person for local two-player gaming out of the box, it hearkens back to how the NES came bundled with two controllers itself, making the Nintendo Switch the first home console to come packaged with two controllers since the Super NES. In fact, when held sideways, each Joy-Con is essentially a small SNES controller, with the SL/SR shoulder buttons being hidden when attached to the system.

    Contributed By: Edge5520.

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