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Enemy/Boss Help Answers Last Answer
How do I beat the mini-guardian at the Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine? 1 2 years ago

Item Location Help Answers Last Answer
What is a good MicroSd Card? 2 1 year ago

Level Help Answers Last Answer
Magnesis rune? 1 4 months ago
Haunter to Gengar Trade? 1 5 months ago

Technical Help Answers Last Answer
My switch wont turn on? 5 1 month ago
Account question? 2 1 month ago
My Nintendo Switch battery indicator displays random percentage. Is there a way to fix it? 1 1 month ago
Nintendo switch Puzzle Bobble 2- 2 player mode?? 1 2 months ago
My right joy con only drifts when I'm online? 3 2 months ago
Making a second account? 2 2 months ago
What will happen if I remove the Micro SD Card to non-archive games? 1 2 months ago
Will I lose save data if I remove the Micro SD Card? 1 2 months ago
Joy stick is not connecting to console? 2 2 months ago
Can't play breath of the wild with my gamepad wireless? 1 2 months ago
I know this is a stupid questio but? Answer ASAP 1 3 months ago
Are all Wii U Eshop games available on Switch? 2 3 months ago
Why does my joycons go in different directions then the button I press? 2 3 months ago
I had a download code for MArio Kart 8 and i put it on a Switch account but i accidentaly deleted that Account? 2 3 months ago
factory reset, and now the game is gone from my Splatoon bundle switch? 2 3 months ago
Nintendo Switch Warframe Issue? 1 3 months ago
Forgot email address? 1 3 months ago
The game seems stuck in Demo mode? 1 3 months ago
Joy cons don't connect whatsoever when detached?? 2 3 months ago
Error everytime when booting up system? 1 3 months ago
Battery overheating? 3 4 months ago
Technical Hardware With USB Type-C??? 1 4 months ago
Few questions about the battery? 2 4 months ago
Which version of Minecraft Console is best? 1 4 months ago
Left joycon controller won't connect at all? 4 4 months ago
Do I need a TV? 2 4 months ago
Possibly buying used console, questions? 1 4 months ago
Can someone please trade me a bellsprout and pinsir? 1 4 months ago
White stuff around joy con rail screws? 2 4 months ago
Error code 2011-0301? 2 5 months ago
Earplug doesn't fit? 2 5 months ago
Chinese Pinyin Input possible? 1 5 months ago
Joycon came with console. Does it have 12 month or 3 month warranty? 2 5 months ago
Right joycon bumper button wiggly. Help? 1 5 months ago
How Can I Fix My Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? 1 5 months ago
There's something wrong with my controller? 3 5 months ago
Buttons don't work on left Joycon? 2 5 months ago
Will my official GCN Controller adapter work on Smash Ultimate? 1 5 months ago
Transfer between SD cards? 1 5 months ago
Joy con help?? 2 5 months ago
Would an inverter work to charge system? 1 5 months ago
How to keep the controller synced on the mayflash ns adapter? 1 5 months ago
Switch name on router? 1 5 months ago
What are the two recesses at the top of the console for? 1 5 months ago
Will there be sound if I'm playing in docked mode and the switch is connected to a monitor without speakers? 1 5 months ago
GameCube controller stick stuck on switch? 1 6 months ago
Warranty? 2 6 months ago
Can you play local co-op on classic super Mario bros (and others) for switch online? 1 6 months ago
Excessive Joy-Con Drifting? 1 6 months ago
Switch News Glitch? 1 6 months ago
how can I get video and image captures off the switch without using twitter/facebook share? 1 6 months ago
How to access web browser on switch october 2018? 1 6 months ago
Left joycon not connecting or when detached acts like right joycon? 1 6 months ago
Can anyone please share me friend code for NES online? 1 6 months ago
The rubber flap under the joycon stick broken. Still under warranty? 1 7 months ago
Language change on Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy? 3 7 months ago
Switch profile linking? 1 7 months ago
Nintendo Switch reads SD card but everything shows up as 0.0MB? 1 7 months ago
Brand new Pro controller why do I have to calibrate to fix small drift??? 2 8 months ago
Switch's "users you've played with Tab" incomplete(?) 1 8 months ago
USB 2.0 to USB 3.0? 1 8 months ago
Left joycon stick does not move up fast enough. Help? 1 8 months ago
Why cant i connect to certain wireless routers? 3 9 months ago
Nintendo Switch Mario Kart - Do you have already experienced cheaters? 1 9 months ago
Does the AC Adapter need to be plugged in when using the switch? 1 9 months ago
Any tips on fixing cracked casing? 2 9 months ago
Video capture function just records 7s instead of 30s? 2 9 months ago
Does anybody have errors when starting a game (2002-4535 or different)? 1 9 months ago
Help transfer switch games from one Nintendo account to another? 1 9 months ago
Software closes while starting up? 1 9 months ago
Can't seem to buy anything on the Nintendo Eshop with my Nintendo Switch? 3 10 months ago
Micro sd card? 2 10 months ago
Nintendo Switch Loud Fan? 2 11 months ago
Question about Changing Nintendo account and Nintendo Network ID from Canada to USA? 2 11 months ago
Two Players with one joycon each is cancer. How do I fix this? 1 11 months ago
Nintendo switch card error read? 1 11 months ago
Nintendo Switch SD card error? 1 11 months ago
Can a Corrupted Save File Ruin your Switch? 1 11 months ago
Eshop Regions? 3 11 months ago
My joycon controllers were stolen? 2 11 months ago
how do i delete a nintendo switch account without unlinking it? 1 11 months ago
Error code 2124-8060 - Trying to Link and Account? 1 11 months ago
Im i the only one who has the switch shock problem? 1 11 months ago
Japanese games cartridges playable in English? 1 1 year ago
Why can't i use my iPhone's hotspot on my Switch?? 1 1 year ago
Will a game save transfer to another cartridge? 1 1 year ago
need help with the dlc? 1 1 year ago
Bayonneta alfheim stay in the air 1 glitched? 1 1 year ago
Rewired X-Box Controller Not working, is it possible? 1 1 year ago
Switch Battery care? 1 1 year ago
Gamecube Wiimote controller to USB for Switch? 1 1 year ago
Why does my sound drop out randomly? 7 1 year ago
save file copy? 2 1 year ago
Error code 2306-0332; help!? 2 1 year ago
Black lines after something fell on console? 2 1 year ago
My paraglider won't equip. How can I fix this? 3 1 year ago
Compatibility of the MAGIC-NS Wireless Controller Adapter? 1 1 year ago
Refund for unusable game? (Nintendo eShop) 1 1 year ago
I can't play purchased digital game? 1 1 year ago
Pro Controller won't connect to PC (no response?) 1 1 year ago
Pls help with this? 1 1 year ago
My Right Joy-Con....aint working properly? 1 1 year ago
Green horizontal light on bottom of screen? 1 1 year ago
Nintendo Switch Boot Loop! Any fixes? 3 1 year ago
Can't make GameCube adaptor work. Help? 2 1 year ago
Perfect 3rd party controller by J&TOP?? 2 1 year ago
How do you find the game manuals? 2 1 year ago
Nintendo Switch viable USB-C -> HDMI dock alternatives? 1 1 year ago
ZR taking me to home menu? 1 1 year ago
Good controller for switch? 2 1 year ago
Why can't I get my joysticks to work right? 1 1 year ago
Will save data transfer from a bought cartridge game to the downloaded version of the same game? 1 1 year ago
Why won't my Switch connect to a specific Wi-Fi network and why doesn't it connect to public online servers? 3 1 year ago
Online Lag and General Unresponsiveness? 3 1 year ago
Can you delete individual files for a game off the sd card? 1 1 year ago
Do I have to use Nintendo's ac adapter?? 2 1 year ago
How do I fix Bluetooth input lag with Pro controller on Android? 3 1 year ago
Can't appear online on Nintendo switch? 3 1 year ago
Sky and water doesn't look blue. Looks an aqua colour? 1 1 year ago
is it possible to download games directly to sd card? 2 1 year ago
Why won't my pro controller work on certain games even though they are compatible? 1 1 year ago
How do I redeem mynintendo gold points for digital software? 2 1 year ago
Left Joy-Con analog stick broken??? 1 1 year ago
How do I pre order stuff off of the eshop? 1 1 year ago
How to move save files? 1 1 year ago
Digital Game data transfer? 1 1 year ago
Can I transfer my game progress from Physical to Digital? 1 1 year ago
Ac adaptor working then not working. Help ? 1 1 year ago
Possible internet browser? 2 1 year ago
Update question? 1 1 year ago
Problems with japan Eshop - Doesn't accept Credit Card, neither PayPal? 1 1 year ago
Turning on or waking the Switch from sleep mode no longer turns on TV? 1 1 year ago
Do joycons have to be charged when connected to the switch? 1 1 year ago
Nintendo Switch Online App: Can't connect my account?! 1 1 year ago
Android mobile hotspot? 1 1 year ago
Before i buy this i have a few questions? 1 1 year ago
Can't change my region to the U.S? 2 1 year ago
"Your Nintendo Account must Be linked to a Nintendo Switch Console" message on the new Switch online app.? 1 1 year ago
How to download games to internal memory when a micro sd card is inserted? 1 1 year ago
Bypassing the dock? 1 1 year ago
Nintendo switch wants me to format sd card will I lose game data? 1 1 year ago
TKIP to AES? 1 1 year ago
my switch died and now isn't turning on what do I do? 2 1 year ago
Nintendo Child Account: How can I remove it from my parent's account? 1 1 year ago
Is it works if Apple USB-C to USB adapter + LAN adapter for handheld mode? 1 1 year ago
Can I download game to other languages? 1 1 year ago
Am I able to re-download eshop games on the Switch previously purchased from on Wii U? 1 1 year ago
Switch controllers connecting to switch while undocked? 3 1 year ago
Is this charger safe for my Nintendo Switch? Also why doesn't it charge it well? 1 1 year ago
Stuck on "New User" screen? 1 1 year ago
Stuck on Nat type d on my switch ? 1 1 year ago
Adjust Screen Size not working. Help? 1 1 year ago
What does the Nintendo Switch smell like? 2 1 year ago
Is it normal for the Switch to get extremely hot after a short gameplay? 1 1 year ago
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for PC over cable? 1 1 year ago
How to fix sticky/clicking buttons? 1 1 year ago
Will leaving tablet in dock harm it overtime? 1 1 year ago
Pro Controller Gyroscope not working, any ideas? 1 1 year ago
Why does the botw look better on portable than tv mode? 1 1 year ago
Charging concern? 3 1 year ago
Problems with my left Joycon? Character won't move or will move without me making him. 2 1 year ago
My Nintendo switch will not connect to the wifi? 2 1 year ago
Cant connect with wired internet? 1 1 year ago
Switch has a dark tint when using TV? 1 2 years ago
The system update is so slow, and it says it'll take 900-something minutes. Normal? 2 2 years ago
Battery's percentage is dropping like hell ? 1 2 years ago
Is the DLC region free? 2 2 years ago
Joycon battery? 1 2 years ago
Switch won't connect to the internet!? 2 2 years ago
My Nintendo Switch flat out refuses to display my Wifi connection? 3 2 years ago
My joycons won't charge. Need help!? 5 2 years ago
Can I use my speaker system with the Docked Nintendo Switch console or monitor? 2 2 years ago
Hardware notes.. Just me? 1 2 years ago
I dropped the left joy con? 1 2 years ago
How do I connect my Switch to my imac? 1 2 years ago
The Nintendo Switch can't connect to wifi? 2 2 years ago
Why does Switch on PC monitor appear washed out even when using Full RGB? 1 2 years ago
Is it only me or is the right joycon slightly loose? 1 2 years ago
Volume Buttons defect ? 1 2 years ago
Switch battery issue? 1 2 years ago
Charging with iPad Mini 4 charger? 1 2 years ago
My joycon wrist strap is stuck, how can I get it out? 3 2 years ago
Joycon Grip is stuck how do I get it off? 1 2 years ago

Other Help Answers Last Answer
How long do you have to wait before entering a code? *new* 1 4 days ago
Pokemon lets go need to trade with someone? 1 6 days ago
Can I use a different Game Card? 1 1 week ago
Need a Sandshrew to complete my Pokedex. Help? Please 1 1 week ago
Can I buy dlc from other account and play it on my main account? 2 3 weeks ago
Switch Bluetooth Adapters? 1 1 month ago
Does the pro controller have a drifting issue like the Joy-Cons? 1 2 months ago
Can someone help me evolve my kadabra looking to trade and trade back? 1 2 months ago
Japanese audio in Lacrimosa of Dana? 1 2 months ago
Why is gamestop selling pre orders of animal crossing for switch? 1 2 months ago
Transferring between micro SD cards? 2 2 months ago
Need help evolving my haunter? 2 3 months ago
looking For somebody to trade me some exclusives from Let's go eevee? 2 3 months ago
Dirt under Nintendo Switch Joy Con Analog Stick? 1 3 months ago
Nintendo eshop cards and credit cards? 1 3 months ago
Handheld multiplayer? 3 3 months ago
What colors are availble in Mii Maker for eyes and hair? 1 4 months ago
Question about Mii Maker? 2 4 months ago
How can I connect my Nintendo Switch to a lapton (to use it as a monitor)? 1 4 months ago
RGB/Composite adapter? 1 4 months ago
I need to evolve Kadabra. Would anyone be willing to help? 1 4 months ago
How can I delete redownload list on e-shop? 1 4 months ago
Why is my joycon acting like I'm holding down? 2 5 months ago
Anyone pre-order from GameStop online and have issues with email/order history? 1 5 months ago
Vulpix for sandshrew/oddish/growlith? 1 5 months ago
Plug converter? 1 5 months ago
Can you only have a free trial once per account? 1 5 months ago
how do you turn off the CRT filter ? 1 5 months ago
Will We Get Xenosaga HD? 1 6 months ago
Accidently deleted digital game, can't redownload it? 1 6 months ago
What Micro SD Card should I get??? 5 6 months ago
Switch or Wii U for BOTW? 1 7 months ago
Does Anyone Know What You Can Do With The Itachi And Sasuke Theme On The Nintendo Switch? 3 7 months ago
Brown Stain on Right Joy-Con??? 1 7 months ago
Is the switch cooling system working? 1 8 months ago
What plug converter should I use for my Nintendo Switch? 2 8 months ago
When I use a debit card does nintendo eshop charge towards credit? 1 8 months ago
Are there any great fighting games and open world games that are not BOTW or SMO? 1 8 months ago
Should I buy this console or the 2DS? 1 8 months ago
How do you pay for switch online when it comes out? 1 9 months ago
Should I sell my Limited Edition Yoshi 3DS XL +games to buy a Switch? 2 9 months ago
How do you open the sd card kickstand? 2 9 months ago
Micro SD card help?? 1 9 months ago
How to transfer a game on Nintendo Switch from psychical to digital? 1 9 months ago
Left JoyCon joystick being wierd? Help? 2 9 months ago
NFC Cards? 1 9 months ago
Shovel Knight or Minecraft? 1 9 months ago
Nintendo Switch or Mediocre Laptop? 1 9 months ago
How to tell if your friend request on Switch has been denied? 1 9 months ago
If I connect headphones to the Switch which is in the dock, will the audio work? 2 9 months ago
Joy-con lock jammed..? 5 11 months ago
Why do the cartridges taste like acetaminophen? (not trolling) 1 11 months ago
If I delete an account on my Nintendo Switch, will I still have those games? 3 11 months ago
Us eshop card on a canadian account? 1 1 year ago
My Switch is Dying! Is Corruption the Cause? 1 1 year ago
Help with the supported controllers..? 1 1 year ago
Nyko Nintendo Switch docking set or Kacosata Switch Mini dock, which to buy? 6 1 year ago
Is it safe to leave the game card inside? 2 1 year ago
Xenoblade pro controller or OG pro controller? 1 1 year ago
about charging ? 1 1 year ago
How much moisture can the switch handle? 1 1 year ago
should I merge my funds? 1 1 year ago
What's on your Nintendo Switch? 1 1 year ago
Off level joycon? 1 1 year ago
Can I use an american eshop card on a japanese store? 4 1 year ago
Can I use windows to record my nintendo switch? 1 1 year ago
Which is better mario kart 8 deluxe or splatoon 2 ? 1 1 year ago
question about eshop card? 1 1 year ago
Left Joy Con completely dead? 1 1 year ago
Can somebody help me pick ? 4 1 year ago
How do i connect my switch to my speakers? 1 1 year ago
Should I get a Switch? 2 1 year ago
Should I buy Super Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2? 1 1 year ago
Any Nintendo games to play one handend? 1 1 year ago
Not connecting to wifi? 4 1 year ago
Code in Album? 2 1 year ago
thinking of buying a switch in japan? 2 1 year ago
Discoloration on my Nintendo Switch? 2 1 year ago
My Nintendo Switch Joy-Con packaging didn't have barcode sticker on the bags? 2 1 year ago
Can the Nintendo Switch and games be modded? 1 1 year ago
What Jap only games are worth getting? 1 1 year ago
What Happened To Epona? 3 1 year ago
3Ds or switch? 3 1 year ago
Best villain of all time? 2 1 year ago
Is the switch worth it for someone who already has PC? 1 1 year ago
Will US Switch work in Europe? 1 1 year ago
Is nintendo switch region locked? 3 1 year ago
What is the best and effective way to clean your Nintendo Switch's screen? 2 1 year ago
Is it possible to change the language between users? 1 1 year ago
Paid online access? 2 1 year ago
Will plastic polishing products remove scratches? 1 1 year ago
Do i need to download the software update that it prompts you to do after putting a physical game in? 1 1 year ago
Delivery? 1 1 year ago
Do you need Nintendo Switch Online paid service to play online? 1 1 year ago
Stylus for the switch? 1 1 year ago
Back of Switch Scratched? 1 1 year ago
What is the divot behind charging port? 1 1 year ago
Can I download eshop games from America when I live in Europe? 1 1 year ago
Buy nintendo games israel?!?! 4 1 year ago
Do Nintendo eshop cards work in any region? 1 1 year ago
Why can't I access online functionality? 1 1 year ago
What are the covert art dimensions of Switch games? 1 1 year ago
Splatoon 2 and Arms file size? 1 1 year ago
Nintendo Switch Should Totally get Final Fantasy XI and XIV, right? 1 1 year ago
Why does my Switch turn itself on when docked or plugged directly to the power cord? 2 1 year ago
What are the pros/cons of the nintendo switch? 2 1 year ago
Joycon grip? 1 1 year ago
Can't connect switch to tv? 5 2 years ago
Switch battery not charging? 1 2 years ago
Are digital Nintendo Switch games tied to the system that they are bought on? 1 2 years ago
Amibo works how? 1 2 years ago
ordering from play asia Status: waiting for payment? 1 2 years ago
If you guys preordered from Gamestop, did you guys get your Switch yet? 2 2 years ago
I dont have a place on my tv to plug in my hdmi cable.. help? 3 2 years ago
Nintendo Switch or Xbox One? 2 2 years ago
NNID links? 1 2 years ago
Are NA and EU versions of the Nintendo Switch identical? 2 2 years ago

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