Why does my switch not have US time zones?

  1. The time zones do not have utc-5 for Eastern Time Zone. VastPhysician38 - 1 year ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. This will be quite hard for me to answer but I'll try to anyways. (mainly because I'm in school while answering this and my mom nor dad won't let me use it)

    For me when I got my switch I used hat I know of time so depend on where you live like me I live in Texas so I use Chicago time usually you can search up time zones on google to figure it out. but for me I just used my memory. Hopefully this helped.
    hyrulelynel - 1 year ago - report 4   1
  2. You should be focusing on school my guy MJSM37 - 1 year ago - report
  3. I know but I like multitasking hyrulelynel - 1 year ago - report
  4. Just because you like to do something, or can (and have the means to) do something "just because", even if you know you don't really need to do a thing but decide to do so anyhow, doesn't mean that you should. That's how financial woes, and unhealthy behaviours potentially indicative of early signs of addiction, can develop.

    As you're already here, however, before you leave, consider taking this advice from one who is themselves a multitasker amongst multitaskers:

    Use that like of multitasking of yours to find a method of multitasking that allows you to do as much of the coursework from each of the different general education-mandated disciplines (STEM and HASS nowadays) at the exact same time, though be careful and not to bite off more than you can chew.

    Also reflect and consider whether multitasking is right for you. It's pointless to actually attempt to multitask if your brain is not hard-wired to connect that way. Most people cannot multitask - they are, at best, quickly shifting attentional priorities to urgent tasks, but the majority of these tasks are tasks in which the likelihood of mental exhaustion and cognitive burnout ever truly occurring is rather small. This is because a portion of an individual's memory processes can (and most often does) start to develop, like a tree starting growth at its roots and eventually, if routinely cared for and nourished, constantly branching outwards until it eventually is able to connect with nature and the other trees with relative ease. After that repetition, that routine, that rhythm is performed long enough, it becomes a point in where it's systematically and automatically adhering what's been learned autonomic-ally, parasympathetic-ally, and sympathetic-ally, responding to the various contents and signals it needs to to keep us living - yet it does so without responding - on the conscious level, about our states of awareness of which we go blissfully unaware and ignoramatic-ally static.
    Slimjimbiscuits - 1 year ago - report

Other Answers

  1. Pick any city in your timezone, regardless of its country or continent. darkdeity9 (Expert) - 1 year ago - report 0   0
  2. For me, it's Chicago. I live in Texas darkdeity9 - 1 year ago - report
  3. Yeah I live in Texas also so that's what I use hyrulelynel - 1 year ago - report
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