Can I use an american eshop card on a japanese store?

  1. I have two Nintendo accounts, one American, one Japanese so I can get region exclusive games. However I was wondering if I could go to my local game store get a card and put it in my switch will my card still work if I wanted to buy stuff from the Japanese store, or do I need Japanese eshop cards? DreTheNeko - 4 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. No, i'm not sure how ElytraMaster got an American eShop card to work on a Japanese eShop. While the Switch itself isn't region locked, the eShop cards are (since they work with the Wii U and 3DS as well). You're gonna need a Japanese eShop card. YumeDorme - 4 years ago - report 3   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. No, it can't. You have to use a Japanese eShop card to do it, the eShop cards are region locked. Megalodon966 - 4 years ago - report 1   0
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