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Can't connect switch to tv? 5
Switch battery not charging? 1
How to fix sticky/clicking buttons? 1
Switch won't connect to the internet!? 2
How do I connect my Switch to my imac? 1
Left Joy-Con analog stick broken??? 1
Stuck on "New User" screen? 1
How to download games to internal memory when a micro sd card is inserted? 1
Do Nintendo eshop cards work in any region? 1
Buy nintendo games israel?!?! 4
Recent Questions Answers
Switch News Glitch? 1
Left joycon not connecting or when detached acts like right joycon? 1
Excessive Joy-Con Drifting? 1
Accidently deleted digital game, can't redownload it? 1
Warranty? 2
Chinese Pinyin Input possible? 0
Can you play local co-op on classic super Mario bros (and others) for switch online? 1
White stuff around joy con rail screws? 0
How to keep the controller synced on the mayflash ns adapter? 0
how do you turn off the CRT filter ? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Pro Controller won't connect to PC (no response?) 1
Joy-con lock jammed..? 5
Why cant i connect to certain wireless routers? 3
Does Anyone Know What You Can Do With The Itachi And Sasuke Theme On The Nintendo Switch? 3
Error code 2011-0301? 1
Why can't i use my iPhone's hotspot on my Switch?? 1
I can't play purchased digital game? 1
Error code 2124-8060 - Trying to Link and Account? 1
My Nintendo Switch Joy-Con packaging didn't have barcode sticker on the bags? 2
Can't make GameCube adaptor work. Help? 2

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