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Can't connect switch to tv? 5 1 year ago
Switch battery not charging? 1 1 year ago
How to fix sticky/clicking buttons? 1 1 year ago
Switch won't connect to the internet!? 2 1 year ago
How do I connect my Switch to my imac? 1 2 years ago
Left Joy-Con analog stick broken??? 1 1 year ago
is it possible to download games directly to sd card? 2 1 year ago
How to download games to internal memory when a micro sd card is inserted? 1 1 year ago
Do Nintendo eshop cards work in any region? 1 1 year ago
Stuck on "New User" screen? 1 1 year ago
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My Nintendo Switch battery indicator displays random percentage. Is there a way to fix it? 1 2 weeks ago
Switch Bluetooth Adapters? 1 6 days ago
Can I buy dlc from other account and play it on my main account? 1 6 days ago
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Unresolved Questions Answers Last Answer
Error code 2011-0301? 2 4 months ago
Error code 2124-8060 - Trying to Link and Account? 1 10 months ago
Is it possible to get a shiny gold medal with no damage taken in Time Trials using Funky Kong? 1 10 months ago
Can't play breath of the wild with my gamepad wireless? 1 4 months ago
How to activate Flying icon in Cat Quest on Switch? 1 4 months ago
White stuff around joy con rail screws? 2 3 months ago
Would an inverter work to charge system? 1 4 months ago
How to keep the controller synced on the mayflash ns adapter? 1 4 months ago
  • Total Unresolved Questions: 8

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